The couple is on the dance floor.

It is a term used to describe the warming of the earth due to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

I spent all I had in order to buy it, but I never regretted doing so.

Does anybody have any laundry they want me to do?

My best friend is Welsh.

Confessions obtained by torture are generally worthless.

This was to teach me to think methodically.


He crossed the street.

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The price of this tie is too high.

That's not entirely true.

The line is busy now. Please hold the line.

His house is near the subway.

We don't swim at night.

His brother is a famous soccer player.

You can't read French, can you?


Is Micah absent today?

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We made the boy our guide.

Let's wait for Deirdre and the others to return.

His bad health is a great disadvantage to him.


His novels are too deep for me.

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I couldn't be sure that Pierette would come.

Kyu taught me a lot.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

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I shouldn't have to ever come back here.

It's very difficult to carry out that project.

Do you want Horst to help?


I knew Shawn was a Canadian.


I was never a very good athlete.

What a disappointment you are!

A long queue had formed in front of the shop.


I had to put the trip on hold for the moment.

Take evasive action.

I've loved her ever since I met her.

Who are your enemies?

I've reserved a double.

I'm not shy.

As far as I know, he is the shortest student in this school.

Just as Uri predicted, our team lost.

She wants to be more independent.

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This company was established in 1930.


I think Steen is self-centered.

I'm glad we made some progress.

You answer questions so well.

After the trial, they freed the prisoners.

Who are your neighbors?

I thought you were going to kill me.

Merlin was a wizard.

I don't like cold weather.

Women want to have sex too.


Please give us a call now if you want to participate in the workshop!


Tobias put some roasted pecans into her salad.


I think that I want to apply for the job in the advertisement.


I love you more than anything.

You are mistaken!

Save a piece of cake for me.

I'll tell them to contact you.

If I should be late, start dinner without me.

Did they say anything?

Can't you hear it?

I feel horrible.

We need you to get here ASAP.

The white boat went down the stream.

Do you have anything for a cold?

Is that black briefcase yours?

A severe typhoon has done much damage to property.

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Sridhar has lived in Boston for three years.

I suggest you keep your voices down.

Kerri is almost never wrong.

There are two or three persons with two cars.

I get very uncomfortable when I catch him staring at me.


The speaker was so famous as to need no introduction.

They don't build them like they used to.

Dan planned to build a resort on that island.


The gun went off while he was cleaning it, and the bullet almost struck his wife.


Everybody was staring at her.

At one time it was thought impracticable for man to fly.

Do you offer any day tours?

Smile, you're on candid camera!

Didn't you take precautions?


He hadn't prepared for the test; still he passed it.

I run like a hamster in a wheel.

I wash my hands because they're dirty.


The new plan was accounted practicable.

I'll save it for a quieter decade.

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.

Did you see what password I entered?

I'm only joking.


There are sentences which everybody knows.

This doesn't concern us.

I had my whole life ahead of me.

I don't see why I need to do this.

My mother doesn't like the heat of summer.

Some children broke the window, which made Mother very angry.

She is acting from some selfish motive.


The narration is written in the first person singular, because it is fictionally taken from the man's everyday journal.

This is a very difficult test.

Alfred's a bully, just like John is.

The notice in the park said "Keep off the grass".

Hurry up, the summer is almost over...


I arrived in Boston at 2:30.

Can I give you a ride?

The train arrived on schedule.

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Bilal went to school.

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We wish to remain what we are.

Les's yawning and stretching.

He isn't able to understand it.


I lost a lot of blood.

Will you place your call again later?

What was it you asked him?


Alf was afraid he'd lost his key.

If you can understand this sentence then you need to have sex with someone.

Max explained to Julie why he could not go to her farewell party.

I'm interested in improving my French.

He was very confusing.

That did occur to me.

Harris, what's wrong? Are you in some kind of trouble?

My efforts have been futile thus far.

"Give me a sandwich with sauerkraut," said Cicero.

Sehyo moved to Boston.

Novo doesn't like traveling by air.

Nicolette didn't get Merat's phone number.

He turned his tail and ran.

He has not less than ten dictionaries.

I wanted to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.


Let's pod peas.

Wolfgang has come back from Australia.

Leave them with me.


Take a seat.

May I kiss you?

Dan stuck to his story.


I told him I'd help.


I was thinking maybe I should go to Boston next summer.

She held my arm firmly.

Let me go alone.

The education system needs to be more flexible.

Can you take his place, Leo?


If you're tired, then go to bed!

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We must give hope to those left behind in a globalized world.

Takayuki isn't my son.

Mikael didn't even look at the letter Robbin wrote to him.

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I have been robbed of my cellphone twice.


Don't spill the soup.

Don't you like parties?

That's why I don't approve of your plan.

Investment in education is undoubtedly the only effective way to bring a country out of poverty.

I've always wanted to travel through Europe.

Jem looks just like his brother.

I can't find my glasses.


The accused spoke equivocally and didn't want to talk turkey.

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OK!! Bro!! I don't want to hear any more!

Clarissa is well-spoken.

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Israel got mad at Mahmoud.

Alf put together a neighborhood basketball team.

He had a copy made of this key.

I can't stand the pain any more.


Xavier is a young student studying economics at the University of Paris.

Damone and Plastic were stealing glances and smiling at each other.

The flat is on fire.