I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

This won't make the matter any easier.


It took her a while to realize the situation.

The mechanism of this machine is complicated.

Lance gave Rupert his heart.


Experience without learning is better than learning without experience.

The Students' Union runs a bar on campus.

Come and see me soon.


Miriam Jackson's new novel is very well written and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

Why should I pay you that much?

I had a shower.

We're not sure what's going on.

He is five feet tall.

The zombie apocalypse is nigh!

We can't lie to Joanne.


He seems to be happy.

He has a good sense of humor.

At night, she gazed at the moon.

Hopefully he has learned from the incident.

I love that machine. It still works perfectly.

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Does it please you?

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Carolyn turned on the right blinker.


It's a group effort.

Herman got evaluated.

Tracey is a good man.

His face was twisted with pain.

It'll happen, but just not anytime soon.

His complaints never cease.

I've already fed the children.

My father is a good man.

Kurt was not interested in her.


Does he really want it?


I fell sound asleep because I was very tired.

I'm not supposed to talk to Rob.

I'm here to help Norbert get ready for the party.

What if somebody saw this?

The meeting is taking place on Friday.

This might be a mistake.

Come on, Finnish isn't that hard.

The bullet penetrated him.

Come here, give me a hug.

Do you have some time?

Bad manners shade imperceptibly into crime: both have their roots in an absence of concern for others.

Geoff danced in the forest in the moonlight.

I'm fat.

This film was surprisingly interesting.

I really have nothing else to say.

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I'm not satisfied with it.

This job is kind of boring.

Is there any leisure in China?

I didn't tell him you were coming.

Carol's dog is a mutt.


To be, or not to be?

Fish swim in the water.

Saiid may have been injured.


Once selected to join the astronaut corps, training begins at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Here's a problem for you.

She keeps on asking me for money.

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Do you believe it at all?


Kristi has a huge collection of Star Trek DVDs.


I'd rather get a divorce.

You may come to regret having told him about your plan.

Dannie could be diabetic.

We want to help them.

I couldn't bear it.

The best way to do this is to have all the presents collected in one place until everyone has arrived.

What is the good of having a car if you don't drive?


We've looked everywhere and can't find Tahsin.

I sent her away.

We went to the beach and swam all day.

They walked a great amount without drinking water.

I lifted my daughter up so she could put the star on top of the Christmas tree.

With 19 cases of death forming over 20% of the whole, the grave reality of overwork-deaths has been thrown into relief.

Let's make believe that we are cowboys.

Vaughn bought the whole nine yards.

I can't believe Claudio made such a stupid mistake.

Where is the closest train station?

I'm dying to see you.


Tai has a special place in my heart.

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You can call me anytime you like.

Has he not been feeling well for months now?

At night he goes out in the city to drink something.


Thank you, Doctor.

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He can talk to the dead.

Jayesh didn't know Cristina was dating John.

Everyone looks scared but Barney.

Everyone will know.

Would that Orestes were near.

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Did Sherman ever ask about Major?

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I'm an adult.

It's monkey meat.

How could you do this?


Has anyone ever told you you're amazing?

Tell me to leave and I'll leave.

What are you here for?

I'm not sure what we can do about that.

The humidity is very high.

I saw the look on Denis's face.

I am not writing a letter.

He decided to become an author.

Saad's horse reared suddenly and threw him.


She baked her husband an apple pie.

When was the last time you received a letter from Louis?

Takao said you needed a haircut.


He contorts himself to advance and grow.

What are then the deeds of men in the face of eternity?

Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.

How much is it per box?

What to do!


I'm quite sure of her success.

A defect was found in the water-cooling circuit.

The piano is expensive.

Nothing else has worked.

Kate made an apple pie.


I took it for granted that Lori could speak French.

I'd feel better if you'd wait for me.

The escaped prisoner is still at large.

Rain is forecast for this evening.

He's always busy.

I've lost a lot of weight since I've been on a diet.

It was foggy, so it was hard to make out the figures of people walking.

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Emily is a high school student.

You can buy the ticket from the vending machine too.

If you knew how important a decision that was, you wouldn't make it so lightly.

Joshua took off his shirt.

The research director had the department do a thorough job in testing the new product.

We will pay you according to the amount of work you do.

Teresa was happy to hear Alain's voice over the phone.

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The war had entered its final stage.

What can you give us, Skip?

What time do you go home?


I often buy bread from the bakery next to the post office.

In five minutes I want to see you on the balcony.

I'll raise my hand as a signal.

Gerard regained consciousness.

It is dusty.


You remember her, don't you?

This can be easily proven.

She had lived in Hiroshima until she was ten.

His eyes redeem his face from sternness.

Here are two pencils: one is hard, and the other soft.


Hurry up, the summer is almost over...

I am adding salt to my food.

Anderson will probably be there.

I wish you'd stop telling people that.

But we know his intentions are good.

Patricia said he was a little tired.

She is engaged in writing a book.


Who called me?


Turn the TV down, please.

My hobby is skiing.

Scot fell off of the motorcycle.

Help! Police! Help!

I know I shouldn't be vulgar, but your arrogance puts me off.


And even Scotland is ours!

Now that Petr is unemployed, he has quite a bit of free time.

I didn't tell anyone about it.

We went whitewater rafting over the weekend.

I don't want to marry Lanny.

I thought we weren't supposed to talk about Daniel.

There's something mysterious about him.

I deserved that.

I'm not a racist. I just don't like those people.

It's easier for me to wear this dress now that I'm thin.

Did you do what I asked you to do?