I want a cellular phone, but I don't have enough money to pay for one.

Rajiv works at a local hospital.


You need to look at the big picture.

Call an exterminator.

That seems silly.

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It won't be easy to find someone capable of taking his place.

I understand that you're angry.

Hey, rust is eating away the metal.

He can't write with a pen or punch keys on a computer.

I used to be a cook many years ago.

I'm short of breath.

Let's try something else.

Don't use too much water.

Do it quietly.

The army decided to clone hundreds of copies of the handsome, athletic man.

I can't stand this noise anymore.


Tolerance and respect for diversity are the cornerstones of any peace movement.

I was up all night brainstorming.

Paula has to help her father in the kitchen.


Please tell the class about what's going to happen.


The clock has already struck noon.

Matti never did anything he didn't want to do.

Let's go have a chat with Son.

He had suffered some failures.

I was really unlucky.

Thank you for coming to see me off.

I want you to know that Leads's doing OK.


I wonder why Nhan gave this to me.


It was too late.

There is a woman at the origin of all great achievements.

Sandra told me that you'd be here today.

I don't want charity.

I'm sure Hazel will like you.

Fuck. I'm about to come already.

You know, I had a lot of fun.

It happened three hours ago.

I don't have the foggiest idea.

Wasn't it supposed to be hot today?

Suwandi fell asleep while reading a book.

Once upon a time, there lived an old man.

I'm on duty from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I can not understand the psychology of adolescents.

I was on my way to school.

Let me show you where you can put your suitcases.

He felled a tree in his garden.

He ought to have made allowances for his age.

Yoko would not have taken chemistry unless she had needed it.

What did you want us to do?

She will never have a second chance to visit Europe.


Assuming this thing actually works, we'll be rich.

I am much obliged to you for your kindness.

The local news will be broadcast next.


Do you mind if I leave early?


It was a fun day yesterday.

It's a very difficult tongue-twister.

I don't recognize Dan's authority and I don't see why I should follow his rules.

Grant doesn't like me.

I'm pretty tall.

I told Luke to wear a hat.

This problem isn't going away.

My uncle lives in Germany.

I told him I had plans.


Are you a member of the baseball team?

I'm fed up with homework.

It's cloudy.

It's fun out here.

If a natural language can be compared to a tree, which has developed during the course of time, Esperanto can be compared to a plastic tree, which was created artificially.


That was not at all an appropriate remark.

Half of the town burnt down in the fire.

The poor acoustics in the hall severely affected the audience's enjoyment of the concert.

He announced that he would come at once and investigate the matter.

If you manage to translate this sentence without visualizing pink elephants dancing in bikinis, you win a cookie.


A hammer was used to break the window.

Claude wanted me to come over for breakfast, so I did.

Children reflect the family atmosphere.

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He made all of the clothes himself.


Have you ever seen a wolf?

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You never liked her.


Did you get your receipt?

I'd like to reserve a table for three.

Do you have any red pencils?

It ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

Every boy and girl knows Columbus.


Have you seen Oleg and his friends around here recently?

Martin Luther King, Jr., was the son of a black minister.

I was scratched by a cat.

That is completely useless.

Jock has a flair for languages.


His argument was logical.

Where did you learn to babysit?

I think the box has something in it.

That man brushes his teeth.

Pratapwant is busy preparing for his trip.

A pretty girl lived in that village.

I also like writing.

Turn around and close your eyes.

We went sailing.


Is there anything to drink in the refrigerator?

I'm always ready for death.

I was able to pass the test.

She plans to write a letter after school.

It's hard to believe.

I think it's not a good idea to let children drink wine.

The farmer had several of his sheep killed by feral dogs.

Does your stomach hurt?

The law forbids the building of any skyscraper on this land.

I put an order in, but the computer didn't recognize it.

I'll talk with her.


Brazil declared war on Argentina in 1825.

I never wanted to hurt her.

I have gray hair.


Raghu asked Jacques if she'd go to John's art exhibit.

How often do you call Naren?

She gave me an incongruent answer.

He is dead and buried now.

If human nature is evolving, it's not much faster than the geological profile of the Earth.

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Everyone turned out for the circus.

Jem doesn't believe in God.

Brazil is hosting the Olympic Games.


War is the poison of the world.

It's the first time I miss Taninna so much!

He met many fascinating people in the course of his travels.


There's nothing to prevent me from going.

Stealing a man's wife, that's nothing, but stealing his car, that's larceny.

Betty killed his mother.


Sure, gladly.

Brooke is active in local politics.

Who's the woman with the red hat?

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You can wear my scarf as long as you don't spill anything on it.

If you don't finish your plate in three minutes, you won't get dessert.

The baker in front of City Hall increased his prices.

How are you coming?

Brett is greedy.

I know a lot about it.

Who said he wanted to join the special forces?

Rhonda has been married for some time now.

She is not as punctual as her little sister.

Bill's father was a traveling salesman.

I tried to find them.

Dalton does everything.

Consider yourselves my prisoners.


Marlena was a pain.

There's a message from him.

She thought that our watches were the same.

A danger foreseen is a danger avoided.

The two of them split up.

No democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the rights of its minorities.

He is outgoing.

They say this fruit is good for your health.

Wearing shoes that are too small is bad for your feet.

Don't wish to go outside, turn back into yourself. Inside men lives truth.

Knute doesn't have a pet now, but he used to have a dog.


The boys have found a coin.

You've been gone over three hours. Where were you?

She's not easy to impress.

American senior citizens are comparatively well-off.

A funny thing happened to me on the way here today.

The results fell short of my expectations.

It's a shame to be Russian.

She cried at the sight of her father's dead body.

The children have been instructed to take their places.


Consider it done.

Her parents love me.

I just thought I might be able to help.

Alexander is just looking.

I'll only slow you down.


Marie filled up the bottle with cold water.

Kyu is easy to please.

What was the cause of your quarrel?