Maurice didn't need our help.


I never get tired of it.

When I was a little boy, my father and I went to Boston to visit my great-grandfather.

He came on this bicycle.

Matti is likely to die this week.

When the boss checks our expenses it can be pretty dicey. He knows how to read between the lines.


I will care for your kitten during your absence.

He has bad handwriting.

Don't you want to meet him?

I mean it.

I'm not in a mood to go out.

How many people still speak your language?

He's very sloppy in his dress.

He's a selfish little snot.

This fish is inexpensive but nourishing.

Get your shit together!

Also, I can fly.


Hotta never spoke to Gale.

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They sell many types of food and grocery products.

Why are people afraid of Lloyd?

His old-fashioned ideas are not suited to the world.

I'm sure Ricardo didn't know about that.

My e-mail address will be as follows effective April 1.

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You didn't tell him, did you?


He is now looking for a bigger house to live in.

They like the beautiful stars and moon.

He has reached the end of his patience.

I wanted to ask Eduardo how long he had lived in India.

There's just one problem. I can't find anybody to help me.


After six hours' climbing, we finally succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain.

Show me what you've done.

I said be quiet!

How long have you been standing here?

Michel is a journalist.

This section of your dissertation has to be rewritten.

You know, sometimes you need to hear it.

Hwa looks a little green.

We want to expand.

I wish that Heinrich would get struck by lightning and die.

I suppose we could try to find Pierette ourselves.

The only time Harvey seems to be happy is when he's with Beverly.

I'm not planting their trees.

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Larger pirates often preyed on unarmed merchant ships.

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Terrance needs clothes.

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Lynn found the door locked.

Val knows that I used to live in Boston.

Dennis ate all that he wanted to eat.

The people of Sydney ought to be afraid of the sharks, but for some reason they do not seem to be.

I forgot what a handsome guy Maarten is.

I scanned the room.

That's reassuring.

If anything should be wrong with my car, I would go to by bus.

I translated the poem the best I could.


Stop complaining about the weather.

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Nicolette painted the fence with the help of his friends.


Winston mucks out the stable almost every day.

I have much work today.

They found a job.

What separates Guangdong from Guangxi?

I read a book on my iPad while I was eating.

Isidore is influential.

I forgot my jacket.

I can't imagine what life would be like without you.

I like bargaining.

I am not good at mathematics.

Come home before it gets dark.


Please call me Joe.


Are you all right?

We must not wake a sleeping cat.

If he had attended the party, they would have been encouraged.

Olaf isn't supposed to be doing that.

How much do you like Vice?

It starts around 8:30.

The crowd is cheering.

The game ended at nine o'clock.

We enjoyed singing songs together.

Does that mean I'm in trouble?

I didn't say I was scared.


You're not the only one who bought one of these.


Dominick asked Vicki for John's telephone number.

I'm asking you to reconsider.

Adrian is still pretty young.

She kept silent all day.

You just want to get Barton.

He wears a bow tie every day.

Kylo noticed Frank wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

I must give Barrett that.

Please give Hienz something to eat.

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You were just here last week.

Can you make us some breakfast?

Soap can clean grime.

Is that why you called?

We can't let Dannie practice piano so late at night.

Ken's really a chip off the old block.

You should give Sonny another chance.

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The sun is rising above the horizon.

I guess it's best I try to do this.

Cindie felt overwhelmed.

One who has no goals in life, lives only to die.

Malcolm eats only white meat.

Why did Shawn change?

I think he is from Australia, but I'm not sure.

That was strange.

I bought a magazine in a store.

He went to the hospital yesterday.

Svante is going to do fine.


What is it that Joubert wants to eat?

We must get off at the next stop.

I've got something in the oven.

We've got a pool.

The stars were twinkling in the sky.

I told her what happened.

Skef picked up takeout on his way home.

We still have things we have to do.

My father is usually at home on Sunday.


Jackie Chan is a star of Hong Kong cinema.

Daniele shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to live.

They call me lairy Billy.

The letter was written in code.

Paul's family spends the summer at the coast every year.

I don't know where it was.

I was born in Osaka, but I was brought up in Tokyo.

Tommy kept walking.

He soon betrayed his ignorance.


It's too early to really tell.

We're giving a dinner for her.

Is it true that Midori plays the violin very well?


I really thought Seymour was a doctor.

This table is just as large as ours.

I don't like your sense of humor.

I must find the answer.

I got dumped.

The question was much discussed.

She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she still did it.

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I have one more favor to ask.


Ted wondered what Milner meant.


It is said that he is a billionaire.

The assembly line brings efficiencies through the division of labour, but the supervisor decides from day to day about the assignment of jobs.

It could be a trap. Don't let your guard down.


He hurt his left hand with a knife.


I write to Erwan Le Bourdonnec.

Draw a straight line here.

In the house of his father, every prince is great.

David had no idea why Kate didn't want to go out with him.

Vicki is a stay-at-home mom.

You're a very lucky woman.

You must talk to her in person.

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I'm not a politician.

Walt came into the kitchen carrying two grocery bags.

I tried to save him.


Let's go do something fun.

He burned the croutons.

Frogs are such marvelous creatures.


Y'all must stay.

You have a right to be happy.

Will I miss out on anything if I don't read this book?

Nicolas is the one I deal with.

What are your favorite ingredients to put into Miso soup?

They came in spite of the rain.

I'll drive you to school.

The problem was too difficult for me to solve.

He was forced to sign the document.


Jem came back an hour later.


He tried to banish his anxiety.

The rule does not apply in our case.

I didn't know you were expecting anyone.