I make you smile.

Give me your telephone number.

I think that would be fun.

One of them hit me in the back.

Be sure to call home before you leave the office.

The difficulties of the Japanese language prevent all but a handful of foreigners from approaching the literature in the original.

It was clear to Jeremy that Julian wasn't going to change her mind.

I think we should talk.

Why did you not go to the office?

Call me at this number.

It's always something with you, isn't it?

Things are getting worse.


Anatole and I became very good friends.

My friend studies Korean.

Why does she no longer reply to me?

I know people say that a lot.

He broke himself of the bad habit of smoking.

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Sally looked a little shocked.

I don't want to wake him up.

He gave in to my views.


He was as great a poet as ever lived.


I just found out that my dad is not my biological father.

Chet gave us permission to leave.

I have no idea where Piercarlo actually hid the money.

Could someone hand me a knife?

He was too old to swim.

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Even his teacher didn't understand him.


These geese lay golden eggs.


He stared me straight in the face.


He does not know English, much less French.

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I wasn't quite sure how to respond.

It is language that distinguishes man from beasts.

Something's going to happen. I can feel it.

We must think further about public morality.

Many forms of life are disappearing.

Am I allowed to eat anything?

We need to nourish our spirit.


She gave us a dubious answer.

I'm really proud of him.

Christofer must be aware that Joachim is John's girlfriend.

I went to a shoe store yesterday.

It's not beautiful things that are expensive, but expensive things that are beautiful.

He makes good use of his abilities.

How old are the children?

I want you to work with us.

We have a decision to make.

There is a station in the center of the city.

Kit seems to be having a little difficulty in math.

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The policeman chased the robber.

Now listen, children.

Human beings are powerless before nature.

Can I borrow the Powerpoint clicker?

I want to rent this room to a student.


Walt asked us to wait so we waited.

Let me help you find a job.

The Hermitage Museum is located in Saint Petersburg.

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Her parents insisted that she spend the summer in prep school

Don't you want to stop him?

The Palestinians are the victims of a racist and colonialist ideology.

Milo Jackson wanted to become the mayor of Boston.

I was with him all day.

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Who's that person who was with Butler?


I said so only by guess.

I must strongly caution you against going with Mysore.

That's what they said on television.

Birdy num num.

I need to talk to Syd about what happened.


I really wanted to go to Boston with you.


Japan is famous for Mt. Fuji.


Elliott said he'd be at the meeting.

What's in it for you?

Richard is suspicious.


The house was blazing with lights.

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Oleg decided not to go hiking with Clarence.

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I'd like to go with you, but I'm broke.

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Barrio is the one I really have to persuade.

I'd like a book.

He has a terrible fashion sense.


True and good friendship must not be suspicious of anything.

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You cannot climb!

Their only son has been dead for three years.

Dan's autopsy revealed a surprise.


This is ridiculous!


Ira wanted to ask many questions.

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I hope Jiri's all right.

Don't tell me it's for my own good.

Would you sing at our wedding?

Dr. Valeri Polyakov, a Russian cosmonaut, was in space from January 8, 1994 to March 1995. He holds the record for the longest continuous stay in space.

I have thirteen names on my list.

Mahesh called to say he wouldn't be at today's meeting.

You may be surprised to receive this letter.

I'm just finishing off some notes quickly.

Everything was just a joke.

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It really breaks my heart.

It's my special recipe, rabbit stew.

She got through her work before five.


Something has happened to this clock.

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That knife came in very handy, didn't it?


Do you have a sister? Who is she?

Pandora is always full of ideas.

There's someone I have to get in touch with in Boston.

Laurent should've offered to help Anatole.

Are you going with us?

My doctor told me that I needed to lose some weight.

He couldn't pass the entrance examination.


It'll work fine.

Sunday is a holiday in Christian countries.

In the introduction, the author is stating as follows.

The refugees took shelter in a refugee camp from the Red-Cross.

A cup of coffee cleared up my headache.


If you said so!

The Amazon is the second longest river in the world after the Nile.

The number is unfortunately busy.


Heavy taxes are laid on wine.


Do you know if Russell has spoken to Page recently?

This is a screwdriver.

I found the book I had long been looking for.

I'm too busy to see her.

We do not insist that you do things our way.

Anita is relaxing on his bunk.

We are not alone in supporting the plan.

What do you say we grab some lunch?

He paid his dues for what he is now.

Afghan democracy needs to be preserved even with nuclear bombs.

She shot Sehyo.

It's time you two talked.

I told Caroline that getting a tattoo would be a stupid thing to do.

You'll lose.

Mason and Laurie were planning on how to rob a bank.

Mother bathed the baby.

He stepped on the brake.


Beautiful poppies were growing beside the road.

This cannot be got across with words.

They achieved their goal.

This account does not agree with the facts.

We love our customers.

What should I do about this?

Win knows his way around a movie set.


Pratapwant asked me how many languages I spoke.

You're new, aren't you?

The area was cordoned off while fire fighters tried to keep the blaze under control.


I'm glad I was able to do this.

The graph of the cosecant function has vertical asymptotes.

Forgive her.

I want her on my jury.

We have a tight schedule.

Rodger looked very concerned.

The work will take anywhere from two to three weeks.

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They accused him of telling a lie.

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Healthy food is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind, and as a result, promotes maximum efficiency.

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She's not sick.

He left three days ago.

There remain approximately 900 art sketches by Leonardo da Vinci.

This size is too large for me.

Liz has a big house and three cars.

Shawn and Stephen don't want to talk to John.

God blesses the poor before the rich.


I thought Irwin was a farmer.