Gale said he had some personal problems to take care of.


Do you think that everything that happens to us is predestined?

I can't do it either.

I didn't get much.

I can't stand to live alone.

Unfortunately I was not in time for his speech.

Why did you paint the bench red?

Your sister is beautiful as ever.

I'd like to forget the whole thing.

Last year's pop hit was set off by a serial TV drama.

I have things to attend to elsewhere.

They are tears of joy.

I don't see anything strange.

It's punctured.

Do you find her attractive?

I'm seeing double.


I'll hurry.


If I'd had just a little more money, I could've bought that camera I wanted.


We have nobody to blame but ourselves.


Six to five for the viewers!

Why didn't you tell me you were Canadian?

Steve had to shell out $50.00 for the speeding ticket he got last week.


That toy is made of wood.

Helen didn't reveal his real identity to anyone.

There's a new exhibit at the museum that I'd love to go see.

They cut down many trees to build the boats.

You told me it wouldn't rain today, so I didn't bring an umbrella.

Where's this place?

Don't worry. There'll be plenty to go around.

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Is the Ginza the busiest street in Japan?


In the late 1940s, George Gamow, a Russian-American physicist, conceived of the Big Bang theory as we know it today. He and his colleagues proposed that if a big bang had occurred, it would have left an afterglow, traces of background radiation that would still be present.

What happened or is happening?

We did have some good times.

How long will it take me to get there by bus?

She knows many proverbs.


I've already told him everything.

We have serious problems.

Nancy is afraid of dogs.


Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius, doesn't it?

You have already seen his father.

Shankar and his team worked around the clock to get the job finished.


You're killing me.

Ross didn't let me do that.

It wouldn't hurt to tell Dave.


Manjeri tore the letter to bits.

I studied really hard in order to pass the exam.

When to set off is a difficult problem.


How do you count to ten in French?

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I thought Saul would go on a road trip.

We need to have a contract.

The weather promises to clear up.

Eugene did much better on this week's test.

Elliott has a bubbly personality.


They thought that he was an accomplice.

What are Americans overlooking?

The pigs are not in the pen.

Chicken meat is white, whereas that of an ox is red.

That's not very nice, is it?


I have a son and a daughter. My son is in New York, and my daughter is in London.


This smokestack is releasing greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

Deb never gave in to temptation.

The mother has generated a new existence, making the world more and more alive.

You're running a big risk in trusting him.

I guess this is goodbye.


He went out in spite of the storm.

The next question is for you.

How does he go to school?

This building was named in his honor.

He made a lot of money in New York and went back to the small town where he was born.

List broke the window pane.

Nguyen stood alone.

May I have a signature?

I have a key.

Please answer the phone.

It is cool after the rain.


Dan set fire to the cabin in an attempt to kill Linda.

I know it's going to happen soon.

With that big nose, he finishes the air around.


Hirotoshi took off his shoes, put them into his backpack and entered the mosque.

Panos has poisoned himself.

Bryan only allowed Alf to watch three hours of television a week.

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It's the best turkey I've ever tasted.

You're gross!

Jamie isn't creative.

I still need to go to Pudong at 12:30.

I'm still just a kid.

I have a test tomorrow.

It's not necessary to put him in the hospital.


She dismissed a gardener.


I wonder if Cory has already thought of that.


He looked at her from head to foot.


She adores it.


You've already explained that.


Did I wake her up?


I suppose you want to use my office.

I know its a wee while off but here are a few suggestions for where to meet.

What's in this box could be worth a fortune.

Can't you also use this website sort of like Twitter?

The explanation of the event was omitted for lack of space.


No one knew what to do.


You've got to let me get a message to Eddie.

We must make allowance for his age.

You aren't bleeding.


Ernie says he will do it whether it's legal or not.

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I have a loving family.

Language is an indispensable instrument of human society.

You should have worked harder.

You don't have any money.

Here at Tatoeba, we have documented Matt's life from cradle to grave in meticulous detail.


Not only his son, but his daughter is famous as well.


We may be too late.


Dan climbed on top of a train.

You have such good friends.

Where do you want me to go? To a desert island?

I enjoy talking with you.

Which one do you think Dieter is going to buy?

It was Sunday and I wasn't about to get up early.

I'm not doing it wholeheartedly.


Mongo started screaming for help.

The meat is not well enough cooked.

Are you going away this summer?

I'm afraid you've taken the wrong seat.

Jitendra vowed to do everything within his power to protect the local wildlife.


He went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

Mac helped Christofer escape from the kidnappers.

If a man is promoted ahead of a woman - it's called favoritism. If she gets promoted, in front of a man, it's called equality.

Above all, you must work now.

Is your home far away?

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Andreas did some terrible things.

I must tell him.

Her cheeks were red.

I actually agree with him.

Cary is the only man I've ever really loved.

I know why Julian didn't want to go to Boston with Leslie.

Before going to work in Paris I need to brush up my French.

Harris and Franklin exchange more than 200 text messages every day.

Everybody was surprised.

In 2024, there will be a robot in every home.

This waistcoat won't meet at the front.


You've got to speak up.

They will get these.

Join us.


Israel told Lin that he'd be late.

I heard about her.

Great buildings, like great mountains, are the work of centuries.

Kathy was sentenced to five months in prison.

We're cold.

Can you e-mail it?

John is two years older than I am.

Good. There you go.

He says he's busy one minute, and then says that he has nothing to do the next.

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I'm trying to remedy the problem.


The president's detractors conveniently omit from their criticism all the positive things he's done.


Frederic and Jayesh often play billiards.


Switching to Linux is a perfectly cromulent suggestion.