Please help me find a job.

From the doctor's grim expression, it was clear he had somber news for the patient.

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I was thinking of the same thing.

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This is the biggest bookstore in town.


The ship sank with all her crew on board.

Where did you have your picture taken?

I know that there are many racists here, but you don't have to change your name.

She had something of the assurance of a famous actress.

Were my letters sent?


My scars have your name.


Joseph sent me back to help.

I make it a rule to jog early in the morning.

She was born just a generation past slavery. A time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky, when someone like her couldn't vote for two reasons: because she was a woman, and because of the color of her skin.

This should be corrected.

Watching the football game on television was fun.

Clayton is scared to talk to me.

My parents read books and magazines, but I read more.

I can't borrow any more money.

Don't worry, you're perfectly normal.

Takeuchi doesn't know what Jesper wants to do.

I'll do it anyway.

Let's not waste time discussing things we can't change.

Could you tell me where I can put my coat?


"Shakil, what's your dream for the future?" "I want to become a stay-at-home dad."


I'm really old.


Who's the father?

Seize this brigand! Prevent him from escaping!

I'd be happy to tell you.

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Let's just say I'm here to stay.

Just remember, never walk on your garden.

Send me a postcard.


She never managed to pay the bill on time.


This makes me feel old.


Soon it will be Christmas.

I would like to know as well.

Tobias told Andrea he wasn't busy.

Blayne is very angry with you.

I don't care much for his music.

All my neighbors are very friendly.

Are you a twin?

I'm not happy with this situation.

You thought about everything.


Turning to the right, you will find the city hall in front of you.

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You don't need to answer that letter.


How soon the summer holiday is over.

It is really marvelous of you to remember my birthday.

I don't study as much as I should.

He became financially independent.

There was a moment of silence.

No more questions, please.

We spent a lot of time on our lessons.

I'm being sensible.

I thought you liked him.

Are you sure there's nothing else to eat?

I can't tell how bad the damage is.

Maybe Luc can help you.

Be at the train station at eleven sharp.

He has been intent on learning French.

His humanness is not to be compared with yours.

Let's look at the positive side of things.

Communism will never be reached in my lifetime.

He cannot be such a monster.

Vadim said he'd love to go to Boston with us in October.

Do you still want me to come over?

They're not freaks.

Instead of giving each other Christmas presents this year, we donated the amount we would have spent on presents to a charity.

Please give me something to kill the pain.

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I didn't kill them.

In case of emergency, call the police.

Do you subscribe to any monthly magazine?

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Without a wife, a man is worth nothing.

If I'd been lucky, that wouldn't have happened.

The lumberjack had a variety of axes for different jobs.

You'll never make a Sherlock Holmes out of me.

Matthew is the one you should be talking to.

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Hazel didn't realize Ramadoss was so tired.

From nine in the morning to three in the afternoon

Tell them to hurry up.

He built his son a new house.

Alcohol consumption is increasing every year.

When do you go to work?

Reid never called me.


That may be an understatement.

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It's time to get down to business.


In this semester, students study and apply statistical sampling techniques.


How long ago did you move here?

Education should not be a burden on the parents as well as on the children.

Take it out!

I think what we just heard was Richard's voice.

Nobody is to blame for the accident.

Rik accepted the invitation to attend Dick's party.

Don and Vladimir are going to be here in ten minutes.

He likes not only baseball but football as well.

Why are you carrying a gun?

Even a child can understand it.

I liked Ronni better before he got married.


I have attached a Microsoft Excel file.

I'm ready to fight.

I love it.


I don't give a damn about it.

I'm important.

I was meaning to ask you about that.


I never stopped loving you.

She was afraid the letter might fall into the wrong hands.

He was born in Rome.

Don't put that in the bag.

Hey you! What do you have in that green bag?


Jim was charged with embezzling money from the city.

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Have you paid the bill yet?


Mr. White went to Canada.

Where is the ticket-selling window?

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Brazil lost a major politician.

He stood up and reached for his hat on the table.

The way of the samurai is found in death.

The more you earn, the more you spend.

He recovered his sanity.

Many migrants travel from Greece, through the Balkans, to Western Europe.

He got angry with us.

I thought we were supposed to eat lunch together.

In spite of the rain, the game was not cancelled.

I wanted to stay in Boston a couple of extra days.

Rajeev and I are great friends.

Jisheng treated himself to a large dish of ice cream.


Rise and shine!

Christopher sent flowers to his mother.

The public was shocked.

Hold out your hands.

I'll help you look for Francisco.

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Election returns were what we had expected.

What exactly are you trying to prove?

I'm going to help him.


I really like the way your hair looks.

Nothing can be gained without effort.

He loves rain and snow.

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It's up to you.


Maybe we should keep looking.

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On the other side of the street.

The ice is melting.

Youth comes but once in life.


You are so lazy!


Will you go to the dance with me?


He made nothing of the fact and failed.

Hirofumi made a very big mistake, didn't he?

He said he could swim well.

This is the door. I expect you to use it.

The phone keeps ringing today!

I couldn't even see one meter in front of me!

I don't like it when Mah stays out late at night.


There's nothing you can do to help Eva.

Can you swim as fast as he can?

How do you know so much about me?

Bring me the menu, please.

Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork.

I could kill you for what you've done.

I have to fire them.


We're hoping Ji's still alive.

You don't know that for sure, do you?

This type of thing never used to happen here.


Don't forget that we have homework.