That club is way too big.

Keep Shari away from me.

Loukas doesn't plan to go to Ravindran's concert.

I don't want them all to know what we did.

It is true that television also has some disadvantages.

Mongo deserves the same chance.

Your daughter will tell me.

What the critic says is always concise and to the point.

You smell wonderful.

Why can't I go to Boston next summer?

We're going to have some fun tomorrow.

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The rabbit is eating a carrot.


Both sides are to blame.


I think Jochen should be able to do that by himself.

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I guess right nine times out of ten.

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Mr. Hirayama is a very good teacher.

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They hold the same opinion on that subject.

I assume this is what killed Frederic.

I should cancel my L.A. trip.

We dated for three months.

The price they are charging seems reasonable.

He really turns me on.

There is no time to quarrel over such a thing.

Would you mind if we spoke in French instead?

Applicants must be under thirty years old.

Sometimes he has difficulties with being articulate about his views.

I have to submit sales projections twice a quarter.


Give it a kick.


I'm not safe in here.


Roxanne had to take care of Morris's son while she was working.


I'm not telling you her name.

I admire Randell.

He studied day and night so that he might become a lawyer.

Dawson has hay fever.

Is Liz even paying attention?

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You were told this would happen.


Is it hard to be vegan?

I wasn't in the office then, so I don't know what happened.

Jerry was thoroughly depressed.

We haven't yet been informed of the committee's decision.

Do you think that I'm not trying my best?

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Did I say your name right?

You only live once.

Many problems resolve themselves.

Vernon should've stayed in Boston.

The tree was so unhappy, that it took no pleasure in the warm sunshine, the birds, or the rosy clouds that floated over it morning and evening.


When I want to cry, I think of you.

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I don't drink a lot of beer.

It's important that we remember that.

Are you widowed?

His brothers, sisters or he himself is to go to the station to meet their father.

The letter was written using business terms.

Where did you go for that 30 minutes you were gone?

The party walked down the mountain.

What've you done lately?

I've been hearing that for a long time.

This is fabulous.

What do you think of my plan?

I am not certain what I have in mind myself.

Cristina will be at work on Monday.


Lorenzo seems to be interested in Al.

I think Cathy is looking for his keys.

I must convince her.

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The contestants are gearing up for the final round of competition.

I've got something in my car I need to go get.

Maybe you don't like reading certain things.

Our mother had no choice but to make dinner with leftovers.

I was just there last Monday.

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Reid missed the opportunity to go to Boston with Tolerant.

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I'm willing to try anything once.

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I only type in Portuguese.

Mr and Mrs Jones pay their servants every week.

Nadeem never said goodbye.

From the solemn gloom of the temple children run out to sit in the dust, God watches them play and forgets the priest.

Although she kept protesting, he went.

He wasn't that kind of person.

She simply cannot keep her mouth shut, not even for a second.

I'm sure that Kazuhiro would want you to go.

Ruth has a lot of poise.

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Oscar plans to drive from Boston to Chicago.

We can't kill them.

In mathematics, he is an ace.


Briggs and Leonard have a very complicated relationship.

Did the dishwasher work?

John's hand is clean.

Where's your captain?

My friends always say I'm too calm, but my family always says I'm too annoying.

Kyle has left for Boston.

Audrey moved to Boston a long time ago.

I suspect that he is lying.

Maybe you can get Patricia to run the marathon with you.

She breathed deeply.

Sanand is waiting for Panacea.

What would get their attention?

The experiment has to begin.

Briggs must be getting sleepy.

Fame is a magnifying glass.

Let's not talk about it any more.

Phiroze tells me you've been to Boston.


I'd like to apologise to Volgograd's police.

Donnie has a secret agenda.

Leif said he was a little tired.


Pilot stepped away from the window.


Do you belong to the baseball club?

Thanks, you do understand me!

Try to catch me.

We're not going to buy that car.

Sjouke killed someone in self-defense.


Look how they all speak ill of me behind my back because I married a woman thirty years younger than me.

Is that scientifically proven?

I need a pencil. Can I use one of yours?


I knew something like this would happen.

Have you tried it yet?

Juan recently dyed his hair red.

He exposed corruption in the city government.

I crossposted the message to another website.

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He's a bread lover.

I'd like you to drive.

I'm a mere tourist.


The brave knight saved the beautiful princess from the evil dragon.

Stefan couldn't hide his excitement.

The difficult question is where.

By obtaining advanced technology from Japan, those countries also plan to provide people with a technical education.

The machine broke because he had not looked after it properly.

He had a high opinion of her abilities.

The man was a total stranger.

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The fact was of interest to the scientists.

Hindi and Urdu are one language.

Darren nodded approvingly.


I thought you went home.


In order words, it is a matter of common sense.

Ned does his homework before dinner.

The record was sent to the ministry.

The problems are easier than those I solved yesterday.

Rodney used to dream about getting married.

I want to make you proud of me.

We can't even be certain that it was Johan's voice we heard.


Great! Let's get together sometime.

Gregge only told me.

It probably means something.


Volcanic ash brought aviation to a standstill.

What stop is this?

Hilda didn't say how he was planning to get there.

We've been through this before.

How large is Alaska ?

My home, what could be better?

She can't put together three words in Spanish, and she claims she's intermediate.


How long do you think it'll take?

As of 2012, Maggi Seasoning is 125 years old.

Jean-Pierre has a sprained ankle.


They say the gods smite evil with thunderbolts.

Tatoeba is a multi-language dictionary.

I've been an idiot.

I have enough time for that.

Brian can't afford to send his children to college.

And I want to study many languages because I want to understand the world. Currently, I'm working on my degree in Classical Greek.

We're working on that.

This word is derived from German.

Your friends sound nice.

The concert was held over till the following week because of the singer's illness.

I can hardly believe his story.

She likes to go to dance with her friends.

Jack and Bill were very good friends.