I don't know how to handle children.


How do you know it's real?

I think we've met before, but if I don't ring a bell, maybe I'm wrong.

I'm ready to go somewhere else.

The plane went out of sight in a blink.

You must eat.

How many other cars does Joseph own?

I just lay on the beach and watched people swim.


Campers scampered to higher ground when their campsite was engulfed in water.

I'm going out this evening.

We have to stay alert.

Dori didn't really like Dani all that much.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense.

You and I both know what happened.

Klaudia is good with puzzles.

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I suppose you want to ask me where I've been.

I was unable to finish my homework.

She sent me a long letter.


I understand the general approach, but I'm afraid that I'm getting bogged down in the details.

I want you to write to me as soon as you get there.

The island was therefore a sure haven for all criminals who had run from the law.

Pierette bought a bottle of cheap red wine.

She will write another book one of these days.

He'll present the present in our presence.

Let me give you my card.

Can you call her?

Who is going to the store?

Some beautiful birds fly above the trees.

He wears a wool sweater.

She's so stupid.

I demand an investigation!


I want to see how Merton lives.

I don't think Molly is bluffing.

Why were you so slow?

It's funny how German can take a verb, cut it in half, and spread it over a five-clause sentence.

Regular exercise is beneficial to good health.

I wouldn't miss it for the world!

I came to Japan to see Kyoto.

Ninja said he's doing just fine.

I'm going to plant a shrub.

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The scientist is conducting medical research.


Diversity is good.

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Soldiers began to come home and find peacetime jobs.

Even though I have studied English at school for the past six years, I'm still not good at speaking it.

I want to try it.

I don't see it that way.

The dog should be on a chain.

Yoke the oxen to the plow.

Take him with you.

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I hope it helps.


Why would Torsten want to go with us?


Induction cooktops use magnets.


Gerard doesn't know what happened because he wasn't there.

Let's go somewhere quiet and talk.

There's no free lunch.


I have already cleaned my room.


I didn't ask for it.

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I don't like your girlfriend.

I adjusted one.

She works at the local flower shop.


People always cut the corner at junctions.

Bob became an engineer.

We chose him to be our leader.


We're all professionals.

Reinhard couldn't seem to get Lindsay to stop crying.

I never got an answer from them.

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Can you play the guitar?

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She came to see me.

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Matthias might know something about that.

Talk about the weather, the food at the party or your favorite drink.

She mistook me for my sister.

Can you order a green tea popsicle and two Tigertail ice creams?

There are a lot of fish in the pond.

She's the closest thing to family he has.

The cherry tree blooms earlier this year than usual.

She cried that she was innocent.

I can't permit that.

My work at school was well above average.

I should've done that.

Her father died.

I don't know what that word means, but I'll try to find out.

Leonard calculated that he had given Sergiu over 34,000 dollars in the past six months.

What made you angry?

This shampoo comes with a nice hair brush.

I don't mean you any harm.

You did something incredibly stupid.

He felt lost and uncomfortable.


Ramanan is trying to persuade Stagger to go to Boston with him.


Her face went very pink.

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My best friend is in Rome now.

With a pitter-patter of footsteps she runs off to the entrance.

That was legitimate.

This Japanese chef only uses traditional Japanese knives.

He put his foot on the brake suddenly.

Jitendra hates spiders.

There are big differences in broadband speed and quality from country to country.

Julianto knows all the best fishing spots.

They hate him because he gives them a mountain of homework.

I'm getting the hang of this new machine.

There is no such thing as a Belgian, there are only Walloons and Flemish.

This truck has a flat tire.

I really like the way Tharen thinks.


The math teacher explained the concept of partial differentiation.


He is a tin god.

The price in January advanced 20% year to year.

She is planning to stay home tonight.

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Karl and Charlene are college students.


I'm looking for someone to fall in love with.


I didn't know Sheila could play the cello.

It was five days after she graduated that my daughter left Osaka Airport for Germany.

I didn't mean to hit Florian so hard.


I don't often have a chance to speak French with a native speaker.

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I don't have the energy for this life anymore.

Using Tatoeba you can learn languages.

May I eat this orange?

It is not far from the hotel.

We're very different.

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The consequence was that she lost her job.

Make your move, Sassan.

Both Piotr and Lech are from Poland.

He nodded to show that he approved of my plan.

You've been my friend for a long time.


We'll put these plans on ice.

You think that she is beautiful probably because your hair is brown. Her hair is black.

I don't owe him anything.

That story is too incredible to be true.

My mother is always finding fault with me.

I think you should choose them.

She's my best friend and we do everything together.

Politics is the art of making possible that which is necessary.

Africa is a continent of migration.


They bake a delicious pizza.

There's the use of four letter words.

Shyam doesn't have the guts to do that.

Jelske was driven out of the church.

I'm willing to spend a lot for a piano.

Anatoly spilled some red wine on his white shirt.

The whole mountain turns red in autumn.

This water isn't fit to drink.

The first checklist was published in 1961.

What kind of dog is this?

Urs is the same age as Phillip.

Christofer will be back next week.

Do you plan to stay long?

This letter says he is going to marry Grace next month.

Are you there, Gerald?

Is Tor suggesting that?

He dared not jump over the brook.


Dieter was hurt in a car accident.


Will a referendum soon give Corsica back its independence?

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My little Vasilissa, my dear daughter, listen to what I say, remember well my last words and fail not to carry out my wishes. I am dying, and with my blessing, I leave to thee this little doll. It is very precious for there is no other like it in the whole world. Carry it always about with thee in thy pocket and never show it to anyone. When evil threatens thee or sorrow befalls thee, go into a corner, take it from thy pocket and give it something to eat and drink. It will eat and drink a little, and then thou mayest tell it thy trouble and ask its advice, and it will tell thee how to act in thy time of need.


A big tear rolled down my cheek.

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Dwight married her long-time boyfriend.

Did you give it to them?

The ghost story was terrifying.

Maybe Phiroze is lying.

Marion has been living with us for the last three months.

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I'll spare you the details.

We know what happened and why.

We're certain.