My internet connection was cut off.

It meant nothing to me.

Our brains control our activities.

Stephen travels more than his boss.

The last thing Skeeter wants to do is see Diane.

May I take a photo?

Are you telling me you are not my father?


Do you feel sorry for Barney yet?


You can use the book as long as you keep it clean.

There were no solutions.

What if the problem is him?

Why do you always take Rajesh's side?

I got tired with the work.

The airplane is ready for takeoff.

The teacher admonished us that we should be silent.

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I almost forgot.

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Pete doesn't know what Rafik is looking for.


How long do you need?

The most painful longing is the longing for a loved one.

Liyuan and Root rarely go out together.

Can we just start over?

Ask him about it when he comes.

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Now get out of my way.


Can't I come with you?


Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples.

There's not so much text in this book.

Happiness is good health and a poor memory.

Humans live better now.

He put on airs with his learning.

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I am less afraid of heights than I was.

I'm too old for this world.

Everything's dirt-cheap.

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Can anybody guess what it was?

I know why it was necessary.

I'll consider that possibility.

The woman has beautiful cheeks.

You'll be better soon.

Their manner of bringing up their children is extremely unusual.

There may be no solution to this problem.

I tricked you.

Who else do you know that can speak French?


As long as it doesn't freeze!

He was punished as a warning to other students.

Ariel didn't give me what I wanted.


A mugger robbed him of all of his money.

Try to be more punctual from now on.

Never tell a lie!


What's your favorite food?

Come round to see me at eight tonight.

The concert was broadcast live.


Is your head full of straw?


The trouble with you is that you talk too much.

Atuqtuaq has lived in the North all his life and has never visited the South.

He talks very cheerfully.


Seenu goes to church on Sunday morning.

Does she have a piano?

Do you like lasagna?

Why does Susumu think he needs a bodyguard?

I'm happy with the way things are.

I was very busy writing a short story.

What's your favorite activity?

Tomas restarted his computer.

It was not long before we met again by chance.

We'll be safe when we get into the hills.

Do you intend to help me?

What did you do to get expelled from school?

I still can't reach Barbara.

It may well be that you're right.

Snorri Sturluson's stories tells, among other things, how Christianity was spread in Norway by force.


That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

She took offence at my word.

Bucky made it clear that he didn't want me here.

I flew to Boston last week.

Fixed prices in Japan are abnormally raised.

We will do it.

Attention centered on the singer.

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I didn't know where that came from.

We'll have to organize the drinking party all over again as the section chief can't make it now.

We can beat her!

You deserved it.

Others came to escape religious persecution.


He never gets invited to parties.

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Coleen tried to drown himself in his bathtub.

Nobody knows.

What is your greatest project?

I entered the contest.

I'm beginning to understand why you don't bother to try to explain things to Diane.

Delbert started crying uncontrollably.

Since when you have been here?

Go pick Roy up.

I blush to think of such conduct.

I don't want to be your wife.

We have no spare money.

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The population of China is larger than that of India.


Jock knew who Sam wanted to give the bottle of wine to.


She's gonna kill me.

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I was kind of surprised to see Dorothy there.

You ought not to sit up so late.

From that moment on, the town was recognized as Esteban's town.

Emma ate many of his meals off of paper plates.

You shouldn't blame yourself.

Despite his achievements, he is very humble and doesn't boast about them.

You should've stayed with her.

Come on, Hume, show us how it's done.

I miss Paris so much.

Is Tommy on his way?

Open, Sesame!

When you are young you need somebody willing to give you a start in life.

Byron didn't mention what he'd done.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of SAR through a randomized controlled trail.

Well, what do you think of me?


Nature endowed her with both a sound mind and a sound body.


I enjoyed watching TV yesterday.

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He is hiding his claws.

Is that one of ours?

What's your solution?

The sky has brightened.

You said you never saw them.


I'm better than Torsten.

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They flunked their exams.

Ben's arrival seemed to be the cue for everyone to get up and start talking.

We just want to sell you things.

You'll get only one shot.

Just be careful not to break this.

Let's go to the mall tonight.

I can't tell them that.

Noam seems contented.

Check with him.

My sister is a good typist.

Ernie said that somebody was after him.


Oscar didn't look very happy to see me.

The child was scared to get into the water.

Let me put on my glasses since I can't hear you.

Mwa doesn't know if Louise likes him.

Roberto was shot with a poisoned arrow.

You have to allow for human weakness.

What does it mean when a girl winks at you?

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She interrupted me.

Many men went west in search of gold.

Linder wants to meet the Dalai Lama before he dies.

How high is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building?

When's that going to happen?

This medicine will clear up your cold.

Brent is still reluctant to call it off.


I'm grateful to be alive.

My boss thinks highly of me.

I don't know whether I will win or lose.

I plucked one.

Isn't that good news?


Don't try to do too much.

Matti is still passed out on the couch.

Lana should've invited Rajendra.

"What time is it now?" - "Half two". - "Deary me! I had wanted to get to bed a bit earlier this evening!"

We can't afford any more casualties.

The place where I bought my stove burned down.

Your French is really good. Where did you study?

Sofoklis and Dominic and their children all live together in a small house on the outskirts of Boston.

I have to peel the apples.

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It's fun to watch nerdy cartoon characters from the 90s brag about how many megabytes of RAM they have, which is usually somewhere around 8.

I refuse to accept it.

My eyes feel itchy.


Hey, you want to have a lot of fun? Come with us.


I would like to get a feel for your rapport with the customer.