Leads is more wise than clever.

No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

I thought he was a woman.

I'm not paid to do that.

I want to buy some fireworks.

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She threatened to kill him.

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The heating doesn't work.

I like coffee very much.

When's the last ferry?

There's a cat in my house.

Vassos will listen to you.

Is this sentence meant seriously? Of course not!

Vassos suddenly realized he was in danger.


This train will get you there in half the time.

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We can see you.


I understand all too well.


We caught him trying to go out of his room.

I just flew back from Boston.

There are very sharp writers.

Kate thought he heard a car backfire.

Could I borrow your eyeliner?

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I am certain that you have noble thoughts.

He cast reflections on me.

Stacy can spell better than Marek.

Thank you very much kindly.

The piece of cake Honzo gave me was so big that I couldn't eat it all.

They were stupid not to follow your advice.

They carried the boats almost thirty kilometers.

Don't talk about it in my mother's presence.

Please don't put that on the table.


Do you want them to wait?


So that Apus will talk to me.

Could you explain your previous statement?

It's taking a little longer than I expected.

The orbit around Sirius is elliptical.

Lack of originality, everywhere, all over the world, from time immemorial, has always been considered the foremost quality and the recommendation of the active, efficient and practical man...


Soap helps remove the dirt.

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He isn't much of a teacher.


Take this medicine in case you get sick.


Soon learnt, soon forgotten.

She has been planting roses since 12 o'clock.

London was bombed many times.

She didn't give me her real name.

We should be happy for them.


History tends to repeat itself.

She finished the wolf off.

Stephan gave Kari something.

Tell me why you're upset.

Where do you spend your free time?


The statistics are in our favour.

I'll be careful with the kids.

Vijay certainly doesn't need any more money.

I think you're being too hard on Kim.

I just don't think Eddy understands it.

Shadow convinced Farouk to help.

My office is over there.

Beware of 'One Ring' malicious nuisance calls!!

How kind you are!

Can I count on your help tomorrow afternoon?

These are the decisions we've made.

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Holly's double-parked.

I'm not going to do that anymore.

The bell rang, and the train began to move.

Please come over for lunch the day after tomorrow.

He stayed there for three days.


I have to wash the dishes.

Thanks for all the fish.

Anita is able to skate.

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I don't know anything.

Nobody can deny the fact that the world economy is centered around the economy of the United States.

They love listening to classical music.

I really don't believe so.

I've been on the phone all afternoon.

Lederberg had made a name for himself by demonstrating how bacteria exchange genetic information.

Where did you find these?

I just got bitten.

Dalton's dog bit me.


She's just skipped French class.

Willie would never ever do something like that.

That's a real good sign.


The boomerang hurtled whistling through the air.

I am the plaintiff in that trial.

Mark told me everything.

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You have to have a positive attitude if you want to get ahead in life.


I'm not saying what she did was the right thing to do.

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Laurel was put in a nursing home.

I haven't heard that word in a long time.

Agatha wondered what happened to his old truck.

The town managed to thwart plans to build a nuclear power plant nearby.

Griff told Saumya the same thing.

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He negotiated a free trade agreement with Canada.

Hohn should mind his own business and look after his kids.

Cathrin is also a cancer survivor.


He apologized profusely.

You're too inflexible.

I poured myself a cup of coffee.

You think too much too.

They have no claim to the property.

Make sure you don't listen too loud with these new earphones!

Bucky had a date with Jiri last Friday.

Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus area.

Christopher Columbus abhorred historical inaccuracies.

At last, the bells of victory rang out.

"Turn there." "Where?"

The pleasure was mine.

Where were you writing?

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There's no way I can catch her.

A teacher must be fair with his students.

It takes a brave politician to admit he's wrong.

This book is designed to teach children how to read.

Thank you very much, you always say more agreeable things than I do.

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He is good at riding a horse.

He's collecting various data.

Dan gave Linda a tour of his castle.

Stop yawning and stretching.

Have you ever written a letter in French?

We have to prevent such an accident from happening again.

They risked their lives for it.

There are not many people who speak German in my country.

Her disappointment was apparent to everyone.

I told Lanny he should study harder.

Valentin was nervous before the race.

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying.

How come you didn't come?


I said we'd find her.


We don't want to be separated.


You always tell it straight...but who needs your truth?

I'll swim with her tomorrow.

They elected him President of the USA.

Everyone could hear what Gregory said.

Are you from America?

The policeman grabbed the boy's arm.

Did you collect the money they owed you?

He asked after my wife when I met him today.

Barney did all he could.

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Nora entered the conference room, carrying a clipboard.

He never saw his sister again.

I wasn't in a hurry.

Texas is nearly twice as large as Japan.

Everyone looked unhappy.

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Who do you think you are?

Let the weekend begin.

I didn't want to make a big deal about it.


The wind sounds scary, like screaming ghosts.

Love is blind.

Everybody calls the small cat Tora.

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Will you step this way, please?

People walk on the sidewalk. Cars cross the streets.

That's a good reason, I guess.


Show me how you did it.

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The typhoon will approach the Kanto district around two in the afternoon.

We're soul mates.

Norm and Leads enjoyed a quiet moment together.

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I don't intentionally lie to people.

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I wouldn't dare to question your prowess in video games.

Pilar told me you were dissatisfied.

Somebody's got to do something.


Delbert has a wife and three kids.

I wondered what had happened to Ram.

I ate lunch at around eleven because I was hungry