It looks like Google deprecated that functionality.

Balashikha is a nice city 20 kilometres east of Moscow.

I was late for the meeting because of a traffic jam.

Saumya got a perfect score.


It felt like forever.

Sanjib is fighting, isn't he?

Flying a kite can be dangerous.

Please give this to us.

You treated me like a child.


Precisely at nine o'clock came the Princess in the carriage with four horses.

I think you're a lot stronger than you think you are.

Her deathly paleness is due to long illness.


He convinced us of her innocence.


The motor overheated and is now emitting smoke.


Generally, men are taller than women.

Romain walked as fast as he could to catch up with Ram.

Mick looked at Cyrus in the mirror.

Don't worry about my dog.

You helped them, didn't you?

Ahmet designed an experiment to test his hypothesis.

A qilin with a king too has no limit on its lifespan, but this illness alone admits of no remedy.

Everything will work out on schedule.

I wonder how sausage is made.

The opinion of others is all the same to me.

The baby has gotten rid of its cold.

You're bullying someone smaller than you again!

Give me another one.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

They shut up their store for the winter.

She went inside.

Tell me where you want to go tonight.


I realized it wasn't for me.


Actually, and I need to keep this quiet, but recently here there's a rumour that young women on this beach are having photos taken in secret of them.


What! Is this true?

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All right. How many?

Sue sent a birthday card to Darci.

Nils still looks tired.


Who are you looking for?

Amnesty International often organizes public protests in support of political prisoners.

Bobby is a stubborn woman.


She will be back at five.

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I couldn't keep lying to her.

You can often tell where a person comes from by his speech.

I have a lunch date with Shel.

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Olaf was as drunk as a skunk that last time I saw him.

He caught a boy stealing his watch.

Where can I download action movies for free?

Above all, beware of pickpockets.

I hope that one day, all human beings will live in a world of peace and freedom.


Jared isn't going to apologize.

Can I give him a message?

The sun sank below the horizon.

It hasn't always been like this.

Mariou is shorter than I am.

We easily found parking.

Look at those conformists, they're always sucking up to the man.

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If you've got any better suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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Ira never forgave me.


Will it blend?

"Here's where we separate the men from the boys." "What about the girls?"

Tor isn't really Canadian.


Joni is the only one here who knows how to speak French.

This is a very bad neighborhood.

I like Marshall better this way.

The school expelled him.

I'll determine how we proceed.

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What did Micah make?

A good book is the best friend, now and forever.

My son is in high school now.

I crossposted the message to another website.

We're staying.

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She has a bike.

The concert ticket costs more than the cinema ticket.

Most were unable to read or write.

Could you give me my bank balance, please?

Marguerite was mugged on his way home.

When my interview was postponed until 3, I wandered around killing time.

Sorry, I didn't hear you.

Good evening, how are you?

The anticipation is always worse than the calamity.

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Catherine fell asleep halfway through the movie.


You're the oldest.

It is so early.

When did you buy your car?

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I want a raccoon.

I never promised you anything.

He derived much pleasure from books.

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Are my children OK?

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That's not enough.

I can beat him hands down.

What did you think of the movie?

I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

I bought three pounds of coffee.


Finally, he achieved his goal.


Even the cleverest students can make silly mistakes.

I'm getting tired of this.

Let this occur to no one.

The ice sheets are melting.

She finished reading the letter.

She doesn't want him to buy an expensive engagement ring.

We don't practice a lot.

I think we can handle the situation.

Coleen says he's not feeling any better.


How fast can you walk?

Everything looked OK.

Your brain programs your emotions.

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The sword is banded with steel to make it stronger.


That's how we do it.


It doesn't make sense to me.


After a streak of bad luck, a persistent gambler will be forced to play for high stakes.

What did you tell Erik about me?

Lee has a small dog named Truman. I once thought it was because the dog was straightforward, like the former U.S. president. In fact, the dog's gold-and-black hair called to mind the colours of the Missouri football team, whose mascot is also named Truman.

Jiri will adapt quickly.

This wrist watch needs repairing.

Vistlik hasn't slept all night.

It's pouring with rain.

I hate being called stupid.

He was bleeding from his wounds.

Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practice one's religion. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.

Celeste can stay as long as he likes.


I know how you must be feeling.

Is the cat on or under the chair?

I can at least take them home.

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I'm pretty sure Uri's a teacher.

Our company makes use of the Internet.

I just wanted a coffee.

I cannot calculate this. I am not an engineer.

Add more cold water a teaspoon at a time if the mixture is too dry.

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If a fire should break out, I would make off with my flute.

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I put out a lot of money for my son's education.

Was that so hard?

It's still a big risk.

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He would often sit here for hours doing nothing.


That's why you were always healthy.


We've never gone this way, have we?

She got me to believe that story.

Benjamin doesn't want to go to school today.

When the father came home, I watched TV.

I don't think we did it right.


The only time Ravi seems to be happy is when he's with Darren.

She advised him to get more exercise.

Don't blame me, Pontus.

You kept count, didn't you?

Don't speak ill of others behind their back.

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In some situations, telling a white lie could be used to avoid people to be disappointed or get angry by or with someone.

They regarded the man as a danger to society.

I'm still waiting for King to show me how to do that.

Can I get you something?

Naoto cursed himself.


Marci has returned from Boston.

Kitty moved a bit closer to Danielle.

I'd rather go to Boston.

Let's study English.

Music gratifies the ears.

It is over a century since slavery was made illegal.

She just hides her light under a bushel.

"Dima?" the man that Dima called "Al-Sayib" asked. "I don't know any Dima. Sorry. I think you've got the wrong number."

It's already dark.