We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn without barriers. Our award-winning curriculum, developed by leading education experts, is designed to help students master the concepts and skills they will need in their lives. We create these inspired learning solutions for the most important child in the world—yours. 5186167143.

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"Good Day Philadelphia" story about the newest K12 Certified School in PA (Video - 3:51)


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K12 Independence Great Start Online Seminars
Interested in learning more about K12 Independence? Join us for a free one-hour online demonstration. 918-675-8139 for dates and times.

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Join K12 and the Minnesota Virtual Academy at the Science Museum of Minnesota on June 23 for an Education Showcase. 651-747-1890 to receive complimentary admission to the museum and Showcase!
Nevada Virtual Academy is open! K12 is pleased to announce the opening of the newest statewide public school option in Nevada.
(Press Release - 90KB PDF)
The Arkansas Virtual Academy Innovation in Education xPo is coming soon to Little Rock! Join us on Saturday, June 9 at the Arkansas Museum of Discovery. Register now and learn about this exciting event!
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