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Cascadeo puts the Cloud to work for your business. Our team works with you to understand your requirements and your goals, in order to design and build the right Cloud infrastructure to support your applications and services.

Continuous Integration, Deployment, Automation

Deploying quickly and reliably requires automation tailored to your unique workflow. Our DevOps engineers streamline the path from idea to launch for your application developers.

Managed Services

Cascadeo keeps your Cloud deployment secure and running, 24x7. Our round-the-clock Managed Services lets you focus on your business while we take care of the operations.

One Cloud does not fit all. Whether public, private, or a hybrid, we work closely with you to find the best solution that fits your objectives.

Cascadeo will help with:

  • Deploying a new service or product to the Cloud
  • Migrating an existing service or product to the Cloud
  • Optimizing an existing Cloud implementation
  • Cloud to Cloud Migration
  • Managing your Cloud deployment

Our Approach

  1. 1. Advise
  2. 2. Design
  3. 3. Build
  4. 4. Automate
  5. 5. Manage

We always work with the current and future needs of your business, including:


Your infrastructure should grow as your business demands. Cascadeo will set up your Cloud to expand to accommodate your customers when you need it most, and save money and resources when you don’t need to carry extra capacity.

Durability & Availability

Your applications should be robust and ensure data integrity. Cascadeo can help you use the Cloud to balance your workload between services, resources, or regions. We can make sure your data is backed up and available, for you and your customers to access when needed.

Security & Compliance

Your data needs to be safe in the Cloud. Cascadeo can help you keep your infrastructure up-to-date with PCI or HIPAA standards, encryption, upgrades and patches to ensure auditable compliance.


Cascadeo strives to work closely with our Cloud Partners, while maintaining an independent and objective view for our clients. We work hard to know our Partners’ technologies, maintain Partner certifications, and help our Partners understand our clients’ needs, in order to deliver the best Cloud solutions to every customer.

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