Do you have a tie I can borrow?

Kelvin passed one test, but failed the other.

Dorothy knows her.

We keep late hours.


He wasted his time on gambling at the horse races.

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Put on your gloves.

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He sat reading a book.


They are fulfilling the commandment to host guests.


Would you stop staring at me?

Pratap is not only beautiful, she's smart, too.

It would be nice to meet again before long.

Kamel bought a fake Gucci handbag.

They both looked at him.

Peggy was the one who did that.

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.

Micky and I took turns driving.

We hope to win the championship.

I may not be able to go swimming with you this afternoon.

Eat it.


Mark cringed.

The old man died from hunger.

He is a tall boy.

I deeply admire Frida Kahlo's life and work.

Sharon was a very tough opponent.

I know a lot of languages.

You can call me this afternoon if you want.

Simon says: "Stand!"

They always sit up late doing their homework.

People who live in big cities have a tendency to suffer from lack of exercise.

This spoils all my plans.

I could be persuaded to help.

Jianyun put the glass on the table.

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Don't look down.

There's something happening here.

Andy lost confidence in himself.

The rest is easy.

We did what we could.

The cat dug its claws into my hand.

I doubt that Eddie was ever in any real danger.

Andries didn't tell me to do that.

Can we get copies of this?

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The people next door were annoyed with us for making so much noise last night.

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An efficient FBI agent does not make any bones about carrying out his duties.


I'll never be able to do that again.


Doyle was responsible.

Only in the second round the Communist Party told to the working class: "Do not vote the right wing".

Could we please talk about something else?

Dan gagged Linda and locked her up in a closet.

At first, I couldn't play the guitar.

Joyce was a little late.

I'm really sorry to make you wait.

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I like sandwiches.

The idea is of paramount importance.

My father cut wood with a saw.


Are you aware of the fact that you are not spoken well of?


That's the logical thing to do.

I have known George for a month.

It's not easy to understand his ideas.

Timothy is engaged to my older sister.

How long has Luis had a Volkswagen?

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Take a deep breath.

From childhood I dreamed of being a pastry cook.

Meehan scanned the list, but couldn't find his name.

She uses rude words.

You believe Cristi, don't you?

Are you able to close the door?

There was silence.


Please help me cook.

Don't turn the light off.

Now the ball is in your court!

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Be patient with me.


What are you guys up to?

A male friend of mine called on me yesterday.

King is respectful.

These are for us.

Kyrgyzstan is called "Kirgiziya" in Russian.

What country are you from?

The hotel was hard by the lake.


I'll be back at half six.

I don't have much appetite lately.

Oh, Maria! If I had known before, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you.

They were for the most part young girls.

Johan will catch up with us.

January is usually the coldest month.

I might have to go back home.


The law prescribes certain penalties for this offence.

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We can talk this thing out.

I just learned to play poker.

Mr Tatuya deals in grain.

When he finished running, he was happy.

I haven't slept in a while.

Juha noticed what was going on.

I still can't get her out of my head.

Please excuse me.

He is as intelligent as any student in the class.

Frank is the tallest in his class.

The papers blew off.


Just say whatever you want to say.


The event attracted more than 300 people.

It is difficult to speak Chinese well.

You had to join that project.

The best way to conceptualize looting is as similar to pollution, a byproduct of the economics of the antiquities trade.

Neither God nor Master.

Go now.

I want you to bring him.

Can I keep this?

Father is out, but Mother is at home.


I'm sick of listening to your complaints.

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Is this new model available on the market?

That's what I like to see.

It appears to me you are mistaken.

I don't think Tollefsen should do that.

Let me show you how Albert does it.

Some furniture is put together with glue.

My sister has been sick.


Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

I shouldn't have believed her.

Anatole and Edgar thought that the police would never catch them if they spoke only German.

Good bye and thanks a lot, Little Venusian says.

She was ahead of her time.

Damon thinks he can trust Bonnie not to do something stupid.

Toft threw a rock at one of my dogs.

They must have found out about what happened.

He threw the jacket over his shoulder.

I answer for his honesty.

They don't want us.

She needed five stitches.

Hungry puppies are barking on the street.

Is that what happened?

Does that suggest something to you?

I am still in two minds about buying this car.

I knew Hillary didn't have enough money to buy the car he wanted.


When Kee gets back, tell him to come to my office.

My name is Irakli.

I have to leave immediately.


I wonder what I should get you for your birthday.

Why don't you ask Jeffery if you can borrow his bicycle?

If you can't afford travel insurance, then you can't afford to travel.

Please refrain from smoking until the sign is turned off.

We had to yield to their request.

Good luck with that.

Educational reforms still have a long way to go.

My sister is cooking in the kitchen.

They guard their families from poverty.


Are you in favor of the new law?


That shirt doesn't go with the pants.

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I don't want to offend him.

He is my boss's friend and confidant.

Does that mean that we won?

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Sriram said he'd be at the meeting.

She asked about you.

I think these attitudes are behind the times.

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Shari had to wear a dunce cap.

Celeste will win for sure.

Who's that person who was with Andreas?


Believe more in your strength than in your luck.

My home is yours.

Even if the sun were to rise in the west, I would not change my mind.

Today I studied Chinese for two hours.

You can't possibly win.


Ram'll find out.


Are we going anywhere this evening?

When the bus swerved to miss a cat, the driver said, "That was close."

A drop of sweat ran down his neck.