A man telephoned me this evening.

I am not interested in taking part in a survey: neither now nor in the future.

Rye was called the grain of poverty.

Tommy felt that it would be a waste of time to translate the letter for Pim.

Allan gave Gail an engagement ring.

Please use our toll-free number for calls regarding merchandise.


She lost her way.

Ira doesn't have enough courage to confront Leora directly.

Every farmer who owns a donkey beats it.

He was too short to get at the grapes.

Beckie is persistent, isn't he?


A few days ago, you didn't even want to talk to me.

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The kitchen chairs aren't stackable.

We're tempting fate.

I don't know what went on last night, but they're not speaking to each other this morning.

We can try it.

When I heard that, I started to cry.

Rajendra nodded politely.

A lot of people want peace all over the world.

I know about her.

I ran outside and the door locked itself behind me. It was almost -40.


Do you have a biro?

What do you really see?

He is far from telling a lie.


I nearly forgot to give it to Ian.

Let's speak French.

Vinod does that faster than I do.

Pria never talks about his work.

Neither whales nor dolphins have gills.

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I want to know how you did it.

You're not my type.

His body ached.


Miss, do you miss his kiss?


This screw is loose.

This meeting is a waste of time. Everybody is just talking in vague theoretical terms.

Dan was disguised as a beggar.

Show me everything you've got on Manuel.

Useful phrases in the conversation guide travelling

Since it rained, I didn't go.

Julian was grateful.

This is ours.

I think you ought to stand back.

We have faith in Donnie.

I wish we could help you.


He finally accomplished the work.


When was the last time Rees gave you a gift?

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Don't worry about making mistakes.

That gives us hope.

Eugene! My poor Eugene! Open your eyes and look at me! Why don't you answer?

She is connected with the Oda's by marriage.

We can't look at that right now.

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Duncan asked Vladimir to help me.

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The bird's feathers were all of pure gold.

Bruce agrees that Olof should do most of the driving on their upcoming trip.

She panicked when she was kissed by another man.


They haven't been friends since that quarrel.

Leave now so you're not tardy.

Why is this thing expensive?

Sugar dissolves in hot water.

I haven't yet read the report.

Donnie was texting his boss to let him know that he'd be late for work when he ran into a woman on a bicycle, fatally injuring her.

I share his political position.

He found himself sought after by headhunters.

Do you believe in a higher power?

Stagger was too shocked to speak.

I was incredibly bored.

It looks like you got it working.

My knowledge of French is still very limited, but I'm keen to learn.

We lost on that job.

The baby cannot use a spoon yet.

The area was cordoned off while fire fighters tried to keep the blaze under control.

Can I pick my ticket up at the airport?


What exactly did you do to them?

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Arlene was severely injured.

Everybody that came to the street was surprised.

Forget the newspaper and listen to what I'm telling you.

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They keep a lot of animals in the zoo.


We may be able to help.

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Fay couldn't hold back his tears.


Amines are nitrogenous compounds.

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God knows what he was thinking.

I almost forgot to pay my bills last month.

Why is that wrong?


Why do you insist on going?


Didn't you talk to Edgar?


Portugal is no exception.

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I want to be a statesman.

She called him.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.


I've been working there for three months.

Why don't you wait here?

Did you hear about the rumor?


You saved our lives.


Do you have any canned vegetables?

You're gonna pay for this!

My perspective is similar to yours.

I can't just leave him there.

I'll miss him.

Do you think there are aliens?

I made a terrible mistake.


I hope George doesn't get the wrong idea.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Is there a way on how I could access my inbox from this cellphone?


I motioned her to a seat.

I warmed myself at the fire.

I don't care about anything else.

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What did you read?

Herman is taking a rest.

Brandy offered me a beer.

Today's breakfast was dried mackerel and miso soup.

Magnus yelled loud enough for everyone to hear.


Who are you pointing at?

I need to talk to Giovanni now.

Laurie wanted Josh to stay at home with the children.


We were almost there.

If I'd had a little more money, I would have bought it.

He took the proper steps to meet the situation.

We're talking about a completely different type of crime here.

We're not waiting around.

Once you have made a promise, you must keep it.

Don't look for the way, just remove the obstacles.

My wife is cooking right now.

Let's try calling her.

He was brought to tears.

Hon listened to what Carter had to say.

The mystery deepens.

Why don't you try to pay attention?

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I agree with you guys.


Playtime is over, Dan.

I would rather go to the art museum than to the movie theater.

I voted for Ken.

Why aren't you helping Rudy?

Maybe I'm just hearing things.

It's too close to home.

Hillary's injuries aren't life-threatening.

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A book is made of paper.

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Her father was an architect and an avid reader.

You don't look like you're from around these parts.

I'm afraid the book is beyond the reach of his understanding.


Speaking in public is my Achilles heel; I'm simply too shy.

I assume you'll be here this afternoon.

Are you free for lunch?

Kate likes romantic comedies.

Women are easily moved to tears.

Joubert kept a rabid dog at his laboratory.

Did you buy cat food?

Leon disapproved of Maarten singing in bars.

You really want to move back to Boston, don't you?

All of the students were looking at a little chunk of metal.

I can't abide such a person.


Everything is going horribly wrong from Rebecca.


Nancy is getting off the train.

I was relieved to know that the operation was a success.

Several people lay wounded.

I could've done this without your permission.

Don't do it, Monty.

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Well, I just remembered.

We have to get Andre someplace where he'll be safe.

We should respect our parents.