May I ask how old you are?

The bridge is being repainted.


You asked for my advice, so I'm giving it to you.


I'll call back as soon as I can.

You're really quite stupid.

He is researching the problem.

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I don't remind them of their debts.


You know how the system works.

She helped her daughter get dressed.

I don't understand Hungarian, sorry.

Your job isn't easy.

She will kill herself if she doesn't see her child.

Watch out! He's coming right at you!

He never came back.

It's something they always wanted to do.

When he got up to make his speech, Hotta's mind went completely blank and all he could do was stand there with his mouth open.

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Charleen translated the French letter into English for his boss.

I laugh at people, while there's snot at my nose.

Luis doesn't really love Pam.

Why is everyone staring at us?

What caused the war?

This is the fruit of your imagination.

People are protesting in Hong Kong.

Giles lied about how much money he spent.

Are you all cold?

French is no longer as relevant in the modern world as it used to be a few centuries ago.

I'm not very busy right now.


We saw you.

Have you already met?

The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies who love everybody and serve anybody and don't care about becoming a somebody.


You gave a bad example.

You have put everything out of order.

There's dust on the table.

The district attorney wasn't content with a two-year sentence.

Did you buy the pomegranate juice?

We've been told not to do that.

The student ordered the book from New York.


Please put an end to this quarreling.

He was passing by on his bicycle when he heard a cry for help.

We bought a new washer.

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Benjamin likes this game.

Margaret doesn't seem to have much of anything.

What are you going to do with it anyway?


Michelle seems irresponsible.

Might this restaurant have pulao?

Lenora is a microbiologist.


Whatever you say, dear.

D-drat! I didn't mean to let that slip..

Someone spiked her drink.

A century ago, spittoons were still used.

I think we can get everything we need.

I'm not the one hurting him.

To love someone means to see him as God intended him.

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Our ship touched at Marseilles.

We didn't look very long.

She does her homework on Fridays to save herself from the drudgery of having to do it during the weekend.


I'm going to go get some help.

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Mr Smith has gone out to lunch.

Whoever wants to come to my party may come.

War is the father of all.

I bought a pair of boots.

Do you think your feeling of malaise is related to your job?

His answer made me wild.

How come you've never been here before?

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We are soul friends.

For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die.

Kristian has over three million dollars in assets.


Vernon and Christian discussed their future plans together.

What results do you anticipate?

She is not what she used to be ten years ago.

Lila retired earlier this year.

Mixture of the three primary colors creates black.

Doug was trampled by a wild hippopotamus.

You're smooth, I'll give you that.

When the ball was over, the princess drove away in her carriage at full speed, for she wished to get home in time to change her ball dress into the bear's skin, and the carriage into the wheel-barrow, before anyone discovered who she was.

The party puts everyone in high spirits.

Let me see that again, Brandi.

Don't let them do that again.

We will run short of oil some day.

She went to the market to buy fresh vegetables.

How should this sentence be interpreted?

The man is elegant.

The land became a slum.

She borrowed his hoodie.

Her wish is a command for me.

Alexis's two mates died in an accident, and he himself is slowly going to his death.

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How on earth did I get so jaded?

Her son was killed in the accident.

Will you give me something cold to drink?

I am interested in creating my own website.

How many hours a day do you sleep?


I'm trying to figure out how it happened.


Good, I will do my best.

He has as many books as his father does.

It's my turn to do laundry.


The girl hops.


Maybe it was an alarming situation, but in the end it was a realisitic thing to say.

He's quick-witted.

We'll need more than that.

Shadow is at the bar nursing a drink.

Where can I find it?

You can't take away these books.

Van was asleep in his room.


I want to buy an automobile.

I have no money with me now.

I see a light.


If you can't make it, call us as soon as possible.

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You're not allowed to do that.

The leopard can't change its spots.

Something has changed this time.


I wish the world would change so people did not have to work.


They must be waiting for you.


Pitawas didn't mean to be so late.

The basket was empty.

What is it you want from me?


Fix the watch.

Wes doesn't seem very warm.

I liked your friends.

Trent got in the boat.

A tall building was built next to my house.

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Send us your detailed CV at [e-mail].


Guillermo embezzled more than a million dollars from his company.

He knows Philippe.

We'd really love it if you could be there.

Maybe Adam had to work late.

Can you come tomorrow?

You cannot go any farther.

What does that feel like?

Yes, she'll be with you in a minute.

I fly into a rage easily.

He joined the opposing team.

Lorien left Tricia and John alone together.

Can we talk about this later?

Gilles looked over to his shoulder.

I don't like either watch.

Mid-Autumn Day is a traditional holiday in China.


You're better off not getting in his way!


Can you make out the hummingbird by that bush?

Brandon didn't want to be sent to Boston.

Charlie has done the best he can.

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I miss that car.

This will only take a minute.

Daniele likes to have a large dollop of cream with his cheesecake.

I didn't know what to do after that.

Does somebody feel unwell?

I made Tanya an offer he couldn't refuse.

Tor didn't realize where the money had come from.

I don't think Meeks should go back to Boston.

Did it come with cords?


Did you see what happened yesterday?

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We had lunch earlier than usual and went out at twelve thirty.

The novelist talked to a large audience.

Everyone likes pizza.

We have a lot of work left to do.

The helicopter gently touched down.

George Harrison was a gentleman all his life!

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

My grandfather will have read the Bible ten times if he reads it again.

Please help yourselves to something to eat.


There are a lot of fish in that lake.

We fell into the hands of the enemy.

That was a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

Surrounded by burning candles, she dips herself into a bubble bath.

You are a professor.