I knew Bret was going to do that.


Where's my uniform?

If you had studied harder, you would have passed the examination.

That girl is really shy.

He wants to live in the city.

I look forward to hearing from you.


She showed me which dress to wear.

I enjoy talking with him.

Tears fell down her cheeks.


I ran like the wind.

I'll meet you later.

The view from the summit is very nice.

We don't control anything.

He hid his emotions and pretended enthusiasm.

They counted on monotonously to fifty.

She kissed me all of a sudden.

You can't prevent him from drinking.

The volcano may erupt at any moment.

I've been asked to give you a message.

Is something troubling you?

Nobody's as fast as you.

Rick told me to go home.

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This is an unusually long sentence.

What am I going to say?

I just spotted a panther.

Deirdre has been collecting stamps since he was a kid.

I don't know what I have.

Fiji is called "Viti" in Fijian.

This rule does not apply.


The teenager insisted she was innocent of cheating.

Chuck was looking at Jakob.

We associate Egypt with the Nile.


Jos can't get enough of it.


It's been pretty bad around here since it happened.

The mountain attracts many climbers.

We shouldn't be fighting with each other.

At the premiere, Shai met with fans and signed autographs.

How did you like the film?

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Make it brief, Caroline.

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Henry looks furious.

She'll be up and around this afternoon.

It's a bad time.

He promised me that he would be more careful in the future.

Lana eventually broke down and confessed.


Is there any mail for me today?

His success is the result of many years of perseverance.

Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I never regret my sudden decisions.

The elevator is out of order today.

There's no substitute.


I cannot drill the door. This is Ken's job.

I want to eat a fried egg and croissant.

How long have you been here?


We were all so proud of you.

Michael was seen to leave by the side door.

In contrast to the dog, the cat has become domesticated only in recent times.

Most of the leaves have fallen.

I learnt Catalan very quickly.

Narendra is really handsome.

People left a lot of stupid comments on your blog today.

Don't watch too much TV.

He was lucky to find his keys.

A small border dispute ballooned into a major international incident.

You must take their ideas into account.

He lives in a poor district of London.

He is quite a gentleman.


Sharan claimed that he didn't know his beach house was being used for illegal activities.

He spent the evening reading.

Does it taste okay?

There's no cause for concern.

It's a sop to Cerberus.


The Milky Way is a faint river of light that stretches across the sky.


I bought a cat at this shop.


I urge that you all read carefully.

He was born into a noble family.

That's all wrong.

Owen likes soccer.

Did I do something to make Van angry?

Aid agencies find themselves dealing with a potentially huge humanitarian disaster and are struggling to cope with the unprecedented crisis.

My parents threw me out of the house when I was 16.

With his wife dead, Dan stood to inherit half a million dollars.

These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Place a charge on the door to blow it up.

He flirted with me.

Are they going to kill him?

Perhaps we should ask Claudio to join us.

How could it have happened?

He is eager for fame.

I think it's very romantic.

Indra was kept in hospital overnight for observation.

You'd better come out here.

We didn't play that well.

Jochen is making faces at me.

We have five classes every day except Saturday.


She is not being careful.

We missed our train.

Do you plan on going home anytime soon?


It's a story about a man who dies without ever finding true love.

Lee almost opened the wrong door.

I got a swarf in my eye.

Sergei likes to watch TV.

Time is the most precious thing in the world.


Kerry was home all night.

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I'm not at all afraid.

Corn yields in the U.S. have increased fivefold over the past seventy years, thanks to advances in agricultural technology.

The law requires that you be 18 years old to vote.


The work wasn't finished at 11:00 p.m. Friday, so they decided to carry it over to the following Monday.

Jared always seems to be complaining about something.

The ice is two inches thick.

Once you enter a company, you have to work for the company, whether you want to or not.

How many hours a day do you swim?

Honesty is a great virtue.

They believed Janos.


Cyrus has done OK.

You came here because you wanted to know the truth.

Ralph went into his room and closed the door.

We need a response.

We'd better leave him alone.

I just barely managed to pass the test.

Don't quarrel with your bread and butter.

Janos met Mott at the top of the stairs.

I am in charge here.


I can't believe I said that.

That's my line.

Our principal made a long speech.

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He who makes no mistake, does nothing.

Umbrellas sell well.

I'm continuing to drink more than I should.

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Our parents are so proud.

It might snow tonight.

What makes you so displeased?

He still rings me from time to time.

He went so far as to call you a fool.


For the safety of our children, please do not enter porn sites.

I am insured for the car.

Emily will tell it to Melanie.

That information isn't correct.

I really appreciate your kindness.

Pim is agoraphobic.

Perhaps it's because the web is slow.

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What should I eat?

This liquor has a taste all of its own.

Should you run into trouble, I'll help, and so will my father.

We're as good as ruined.

There is something wrong with my car.

I told Izchak to tell you that.

They are wasting time.


Should we tell Willie he doesn't need to do that?

I give up. What do an Irish priest and Congolese witch doctor have in common?

I always wondered what was in your attic.

More than 40 percent of the students go on to university.

It was getting late.

We visited the hippodrome. We visited the horse racecourse.

There's water in the classroom.

"You really overthink things."

You didn't see them, did you?


I want to eat some Korean food that isn't spicy.

He turned up an hour later.

Stephen can swim as fast as Manolis.


We came here to build a new town.

The meeting will take place no matter what the weather is like.

Tao focused on his work.

He saw a film last night.

Seeing the face of his wife covered in green spots, he had a heart attack. Yet another victim of the killer cucumber!


What is the advantage to this technology?


They're like one big happy family.

I guess I'm a country boy at heart.

I'll make up my own mind.