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Martin is going to be late for work.

Social securities are not something that should be trifled with.

In other aspects, the results of Laowang's health examination were all quite normal; it was just that his blood pressure was a bit high.


Sorry but I looking for my sister. Is she here? I haven't seen her for a couple hours since we arrived.

He seldom goes to church.

I have to leave immediately.

He is reluctant to go to the college.

He looked about the house.

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After he died, he wanted his ashes spread over the ocean.

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At this point, he arrived.

Make good friends and read good books in youth.

These people are anything but innocent.

He couldn't account for his foolish mistake.

Of course it's her.

As a do-it-yourselfer, he made a doghouse.

The novelist is popular among our generation.


We call him Mike.

He has not yet succeeded.

Micah was always the strong one.

Let's pretend we are aliens.

Kimberly knows the situation better than I do.

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To his surprise, the door opened by itself.


Elliott was the first person to get here.

First class plane flights come with complimentary alcohol.

When are you moving in with Joe?

My sister does not talk very often about politics.

I need to lose a little weight.

Did the interview go well?

The fish swims by moving its tail.

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I'm studying French and web design.

This telephone is connected to the fax machine.

Spending time with friends on the beach is fun.

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Already he was aware of it.


These are probably worth at least three hundred dollars.

Perry says that he can't imagine going out in this weather.

Jacob wanted me to be something I wasn't.

Willie isn't really sick.

He is foolish meeting her again.

I'm definitely better now.

Tran isn't my father.

Perry decided to become a monk.

That's so silly.

Ahmet and Louie just don't seem to communicate very well.

It seems that nobody takes any notice of his opinions.

You won't tell her, will you?

What a good dancer Aoi is!

I'm beginning to understand why you don't like Sjaak.

Everybody believes it.

Mayo would hate that.

Morning hour, golden shower.

The plane took off easily.

I'm Noam.


Trust is earned, not ingratiated.


You've never been to Paris?

Isn't that obvious to everyone?

Many citizens enlisted in the army.

I really loved her.

We are supposed to take off our shoes at the entrance.

Hy climbed in through the window.

It might be a wedding.

Let's not talk about work.

Gunter washed the car.

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

You were jealous, weren't you?

That's just what you needed.

Do you intend to throw away in one instant what our family has painstakingly built up?

I want to become an engineer.

It was an honest mistake.


His failure is out of the question.

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This one is on me.


This guitar is so expensive that I can't afford to buy it.

That watch is a fancy job.

Mohammad's breathing was labored.

Sherri likes reading English literature.

Siping is suffering from a bad headache.

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Sleep's the best thing for Naren.

Does this medicine actually relieve pain?

Other life probably exists out there and perhaps in many places.

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They brought dinner.

They can't avoid the traffic.

We have more to do.

Does this bus go to the beach?

He motioned for me to follow him.

The kids were happy.

Let them show you how it's done.


Warren did a superior job.

The girls are wild about the film star.

I prefer speaking English with a native speaker.

I met an old woman.

I agree with this opinion.

She didn't intend to let him drive.

Will you take care of gathering materials for the climb?

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This solves a lot of our problems.

Nobody can stop me!

They were hanging on her words.


The doctor must be sent for at once.

Education is important.

I'm not the least surprised.


This one's all yours.

I'll pound you at thumb wars anytime.

Jeff seemed very excited.

You've got to listen a little more carefully from now on.

He browbeat her into accepting it.


Are you doing anything in particular tonight?

I wrote the answers carefully.

Let's get some more information first.

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It's certainly challenging.

Seek peace and pursue it.

We need more of this.

I'm having trouble deciding where to park.

Dan likely smothered Linda until she died.

Fletcher had the last laugh.

Let's get a smaller car.

You're not saying very much.

I am a boy.

We've been planning this for months.

I'll be back before dark.

They have everything they need.

I'll come by and pick you up tomorrow morning.

Liquid love is a concept created by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman concerning the fragility of human bonds in postmodernity.

There's really nothing more to say.

She was very well before lunch, but felt sick afterward.

There are not enough recent progress to accurately predict it.

Let's go in.

The boy did not reach his father's stature of six feet.

John isn't here.

Everything sucks.


Willow branches don't break under the weight of snow.

I like chicken.

She gave me the most wonderful present.


Are you sure you want to live like a caveman?

Tell Casey what he wants to hear.

We must allow for her poor health.


He is an early riser.

Can you stay?

Everyone looked relaxed and happy.


Please hand in the papers at the entrance.

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I wish you success in your work.

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Do I have to talk to him?


Shankar looked in the fridge to see what he could find to drink.


To the public, he was a hero.

Why can't you understand?

Everything is clear.

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Maybe it doesn't matter what we do.


I've dreamt about you nearly every night this week.

He guided the man through the streets to the station.

It's too heavy for me to easily carry.

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You can buy stamps at any post office.


You really should try this cake.

She always picks fault with him.

The barking dog kept Jess awake most of the night.

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Nobody got hurt.

We're developing an Android application at the moment.

She is beautiful like her mother.

If you are going to go to America, you should brush up your English.

Germany and Japan were defeated.


I'm not going to do what you ask.

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You all did good work.


The police arrested two men and two women.

Don't call Stacy anymore.

Your database contains lots of redundancy.