Let's fly kites.

Do you think anyone is watching us?

Terrence told everyone that I hated Ricardo, but that's not true.

I haven't had a boyfriend in ages.

I needed just that.

He will have lived here for ten years by the end of next month.

They've all gone to see the film.

Aren't you the lucky one?

It was a nice day so we went fishing.

She hid the letter carefully so no one would see it.

I think I can arrange that.

No, you don't have to.

This is a good result.

Gunnar plays the piano.

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If you want to yell at someone, yell at me.

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Get changed.

I must go.

Must I reserve a ticket a long time in advance?

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I found your cap.

K-cups have a large environmental impact.

Maurice doesn't eat a lot.

It's not just a game.

Delivery of the materials took two whole months so it will be late for the 12th of December.

I see something.

What's happening in Ukraine will probably result in peace, however.

This is a beautiful story.

I have the house all to myself.

What's Hotta got to hide?

It is very far as far as I know.

Please don't waste my time.

That's like a kick in the nuts.

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Who did this?


He has the freedom to do what he thinks is right.

There are four trash cans in the school: one for paper, one for plastic, and two more for glass and metal.

I didn't want to appear hypocritical.

You've never been here, have you?

We had a picnic in the backyard.


Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.


Dan didn't even consult Linda about it.

I knew he wasn't Pat.

Nikolai never thought Tanya would ever actually graduate from college.

Dewey was at the hotel.

Thanks for the good advice.

I appreciate your time.

Shutoku hasn't talked to Mosur in years.


Barrio says he'll go to Boston in October.

Maybe we should wait till everyone gets here before we start.

Murat says that she can speak seven languages.


You can search me!

I don't speak Chinese.

She has to study hard and catch up with everybody in her class.

I prefer to ride a bike.

Don't open the door.


Hi, I'm special agent Evan from the FBI.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

What time does the last Tokyo train leave?


They revolted against the government.

You have to be aggressive to be a success.

That's what my doctors tell me.


Ramneek didn't have the guts to shoot Rudolph.

Precognition is the act of using spiritual-power to know things that will occur in the future.

Po had to rewrite his essay.

There's no hot water left.

Don't let him break the glasses.

Stop being stupid.

You can speak English.

He's a typical Japanese man.

You'll make Taurus a very happy man.

It's a very stressful job.

He caught the chicken.

You need two bowls of flour to make this.

I'll be out front.

Our Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with the Chinese Prime Minister tomorrow.

Show me the doll that you bought yesterday.

Let's not worry about that now.

Sofia says that's not fair.

Kristi says that he wants to conquer the world.

No man is a prophet in his own land.

This bread is hard as a rock.

Vassos teaches me French twice a week.


I can't stand all this noise.

Loyd could hardly understand what Elizabeth said.

I made him go there at once.

Olaf is only three weeks old.

I'm paid fortnightly.

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Ira received an award for her composition called "Secret love".

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Alex has become predictable.

You always say that.

That baby will have slept five hours by noon.


I can call you tomorrow.

He's your son.

Hurry up, or you won't catch up with him.

School is finally over.

I don't want her to take over.


I have to wake Daren up.


The White House worries that the crisis could escalate.

As strange as it may sound, what Fay said is true.

As the tigers approached, we wondered who would be eaten first.

I'll never let you down.

It's OK to be different.

Once upon a time

Beekeepers remove the honeycomb to collect the honey.

I lost my trust in him.

You always make a mistake.


What activity do you spend most of your time doing?


I had gotten no sleep the night before, so I kept dropping off during the meeting.

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I'm anxious for a promotion.

What time do you usually get off your work?

We should think much of the opinion of the minority.

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I've made up my mind to ask Betty to forgive me.

You had better hurry because the banks will close soon.

She would love to go back to the days of her youth.

They left their wives.

Dinner was incredibly boring.

Ginny will be coming home soon.

Gerald graduated from college three years ago.


Murph didn't have to do anything.

Is Rhonda doing OK?

Tran isn't qualified to teach high school.


I'm the one in the middle.

This site is ideal for our house.

You had better not do that.

How much did you have to pay Raphael to get him to shovel the snow off your roof?

Contact Wendell Jackson for further details.

Let's finish it right away.

There's a lot of tension among the siblings.

She prayed to God on her knees.

Pablo and Teresa have jumped together from Pulpit Rock with a parachute. It was a short but magical experience.

She has great ability in teaching English.

Roger poured me a cup of tea.

Do you think he will like my gift?

I'll go and get your coat.

I hope this isn't true.

The pictures are pasted on all sides.

Marla isn't the kind of man who would do that kind of thing.

Phill played at local jazz clubs.

"It wasn't my fault," said Stanislaw.

Jim awoke and found himself alone in the room.


Tricia and Albert are in trouble.

The last time I saw Stewart, he was on a stretcher.

I'm going to study.


I just want to be left alone for a while.

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I'm supposed to go to Boston the week after next.


Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

My uncle took me for a ride in the countryside.

I can't do without coffee at breakfast.

I didn't expect you back so soon.

Dan couldn't defend himself.


I am not Melissa.

I invited a Chinese friend over to my apartment.

He checked the durability of the house before buying it.

The government acted boldly to deal with the outlaw uprising.

My sword is my life.

When did you get to know Patricio?

I fell back on the reserve tank when the gas ran out.


Please ask whether they have this book at the library.

Do I have to help them?

Kent believed that John was his brother.

Kitty had never kissed a girl before he kissed Nikolai.

When are you in Munich?


That really means a lot.


The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.


How is it going with her?


No one was hurt.

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Come what may, I shall never change my mind.