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A powerful and highly customizable platform for service delivery!

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Simple Interface

Unlike most CRMs and Ticketing Systems, our platform is designed for non-technical users. No steep learning curves or endless configuration prompts - just clear and efficient pages, with only the information you need to manage your business.

Extensive Customization

We realize that one size doesn't fit all. So, we engineered our platform to be as flexibile as possible, including custom fields for Clients, Contacts, and Tickets, and even the option to change the words you use to describe those entities.

Cloud Hosted

Downtime is not an option for most businesses. To make sure your critical business data is always accessible, we've architected our platform to be cloud-optimized from the ground-up, without sacrificing security or performance in the process.

Client Management

Through custom categories, payment terms, tax statuses, ratings, account managers, acquisition dates, and referral sources, every detail of your clients can be documented in our platform.

Contact Management

Centralize your contacts' phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media handles, and more, while empowering them to log into our platform with their own secure credentials.

Issue Tracking

From basic status, priority, and assignee tracking, to complete communication logging, our platform helps ensure that your clients' issues are handled promptly and don't slip through the cracks.

File Sharing

Securely upload and share files with your clients, or enable them to share files with you, including rapid image previews and large file handling for multiple file types.

Report Generation

Generate custom reports on clients, contacts, or tickets, including sorting and filtering preferences, with multiple export options, even incorporating the custom fields you've defined.

Mobile Accessibility

Our platform is designed to be fully accessible on-the-go, including responsive optimization for phone and tablet environments across multiple browsers and operating systems.

E-mail Integration

COMING SOON! Our platform will handle all of your inbound and outbound e-mail traffic, automatically converting client communication into actionable tickets and status updates.

Payment Processing

COMING SOON! Our platform will integrate with RaptorPay™, permitting you to bill your clients for both one-time and recurring transactions directly through our interface.

Quote Management

COMING SOON! Our platform will integrate with Quote It Out™, empowering you to generate, submit, and track quotes and proposals for your clients in our centralized console.

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