My pastor and I don't see eye to eye on the question of the literal interpretation of the bible.

"Ignorance is slavery!" says the gigantic poster on the ministerial building.

Noemi spent a lot of time practicing the piano this afternoon.

We're safer here than we would be in a city.


"Do you know what floppy disks are?" "Of course I do!" "Have you ever used one?" "Nah, I haven't."

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Try to slice the meat with a different knife.

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He asked that we be silent.

In Japan there are 43 prefectures, 2 urban prefectures, 1 circuit and a metropolis.

Has Richard been released?

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I think I've had a little too much to eat.

Karl admitted that he was a thief.

The conversation at table is lively and interesting.

We have a good rapport.

I should've let them go fishing.


Dan had trouble with Linda's brother.


He was ahead of his time.

I guess I don't care much.

It is often said that nothing is more precious than time.


Do you think I don't know what I'm doing?


I need to know for sure.

Stanislaw has trouble waking up on time.

I touched him.

This is a non-smoking compartment.

It's foolish to read such a magazine.

It isn't worthwhile going there.

How long's Barrett been in Boston?

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That a girl, Marie!


The car turned to the left.

She was on verge of fainting.

I certainly am going to miss Boston.

Sandy doesn't know where Ravindranath studied French.

Caroline will keep us informed.

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Call me now and then.

This city has a public bike share program.

I hope this nice weather will last.

You said that you wanted to go.

Judge got Huashi to carry his suitcase.


He can't stop him.


We loaded our baggage into the car.

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Herve sent Mehrdad's letter back unopened.

We had an oral exam.

I like cheese, much more cheesecake.

I don't care for wealth and fame.

Fletcher will be coming back Monday.

My grandfather was a justice of the peace.

Entering the foe's camp is full of danger.

Mikael gave a five-minute presentation about the influence of the Vikings on world history.


He is watching TV in his room.

I fell in love with Graeme the first time I saw him.

Ima and Jarvis were tried separately.

It's the first time I laugh this much.

The fresh strawberries went like hot cakes.

I have an eating disorder.

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The freak show came to town!

Get my tool box.

Do you take me for an idiot?


We were unable to rescue Debbie.

Hillary's friends laughed at Corey's joke.

We're investigating the deaths of Milo and Vladimir.

He's jealous.

I felt kind of sorry for them.

We suspected him of lying.

Who likes getting things for free?

I'm practically an adult.

We have ample time to catch our train.

I visited him this day last week.

I don't want you to quit.


I have a husband.


Play out of doors on a fine day.

Myron prepared lunch for Hui.

Everett is the champion.


You're being watched.

No, but I like going to watch baseball.

Marsh jumped out of his seat.

I haven't had time to do the dishes for two days; they are in a pile in the kitchen sink.

It wasn't easy for Ross to tell Naren what she needed to hear.

They took to the field with all the panoply of modern warfare.

Rich comes from a big family.

My parents don't like my girlfriend. They think that she's not good enough for me.

My dog has a wonderful life.

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Danny and Matthias went to see a movie.


I just adopted this sentence, I didn't write it myself.

I'll be going now.

I like you very much!


Despite everything she said to me, I can't stop thinking about her.

I knew Roberto wouldn't have enough money.

It's not always cold in Boston.

There isn't any milk in the glass.

Please tell Philippe he can come back after lunch.

I'm glad you asked that question.

She was waving good-bye, with her eyes full of tears.

I thought it was the perfect time to leave.

Shane is really talented.

I got it right by accident.

Teruyuki rolled his eyes.

You can go skiing if you like, but for my part I prefer to stay at home and read a novel.

We can't fix this by selling stuff!


This book implements a new system of instruction.

We must select a suitable person for any post.

We had no choice but to go there.


My friend told me that this coming Monday an exhibition about Spanish history is opening.

These were the best years of my life.

Pradeep is the kind of person who is deeply conscious of how other people think of him.

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They are about your age.

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He lifted it up with all his might.

Win looked like he was prepared.

Do you want to come back to my office?


I am concerned for her safety.

I don't regret anything.

My youngest brother is still asleep.


Thanks for saving my hide.


I have something to tell you, I lied when I said I didn't know.

Avery says he's not feeling any better.

Father used to read me books in bed.

Never have I seen such a crowd of people.

I need French for my job.

I asked Michael to be here.

My business is picking up again.


I wasn't entirely sure myself.

Kathy couldn't be convinced.

The company exploited its workers with low pay.

Why hasn't this land been developed yet?

We could not help laughing at the joke.


They will keep their promise.

Karl was insane.

My experiences have taught me that the only rule in life is "every man for himself."

I don't know if she still lives there.

You should not have gone to such a dangerous place.

Why don't you tell us a little something about yourself?

I had to remove the panel in order to access the computer.


If there's anything I can do to help, please just ask.


Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.

I just heard that Gypsy and Edward are coming back to Boston for Christmas.

I told Niels I'd close the windows and lock up.

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What's your wife's maiden name?


Why won't you tell me your name?

Would you be ready to?

We must deal with this problem as soon as we can.

You looked at me.

You make an interesting argument.

Who dares?

I left her behind.


I didn't get much.


I don't even know where.

She wears the same watch as mine.

You are to blame for the accident.

Rising pollution levels contributed to the greenhouse effect that would lead to partially melting the polar ice caps.

The mere sight of a dog made her afraid.

It's such a nice day.

I can't pay my rent.

How many people are in your group?

You're doing it the wrong way.

I'll see if Klaus has enough money.

She stopped before the mirror to admire herself.

I learn Esperanto almost every day.

Giovanni has been tasered three times.

Take it from me, Pablo, you'll never find it.

Few people live on the island.

You have to help him, and quickly!

Do you want to leave?

I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself.

I just moved in so my room is still quite bland.