Ssi just had to accept things the way they were.

There's a river near my house.

I found the subject fascinating.

Even now, I occasionally think I'd like to see you. Not the you that you are today, but the you I remember from the past.

This is the final boarding call for Japan Airlines Flight 731.

His eye fell on the picture on the wall.

Google doesn't know everything.

You cook turkey with pears.

It was a silent night in winter.

Klaudia will be having dinner with Michel.

I saw your picture in the paper.

They always did what Hamilton told them to do.

Offending you wasn't my intention.

"How many dialects are there in the Chavacano language?" "The Chavacano language has six dialects."

I admit you've been a great help to me.

Ron is panicking.

I'll be meeting Thuan's parents tonight.

Wood burns.


I know it's heavy.

There's something I need you to do for me.

I won my six pack in the gym.

There are always options.

You may rely on him.

I thought you always won.

Tuna smashed Farouk's head against the wall until she was dead.

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My parents don't like my girlfriend. They say that she's a gold digger.

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Be generous; don't think only of his faults.

Boyd isn't hopeful.

Father wants me to study abroad while I am young.

Injuries are frequent.

I know you care about me, too.

How would you like to go to a dance?

Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though 'twere his own.


Maybe Guido can do it.

You said the message came directly from Brooke.

He is captain of the football team.

Would you like anything else?

He was promoted to general.

Your school is so kind to reimburse you for the return airfare.

You do like her, don't you?

Paulo, they spoke ill of you in school.

Get over here, Graeme.

I'm surprised that Andreas didn't enjoy the concert.

Nhan is very good at playing baseball.

We'll be OK.

I will show you some.

I think I've had a little too much to drink.

I still remember he loves cheese.

Could I have some help, please?

I miss Neil already.

The plot to assassinate the president was discovered just in time.

Sonja wasn't here this morning.

I don't want to be rude to her.

I just wish Irving wasn't leaving tomorrow.

Woody was late for class, as is often the case.

I'm surprised that you won the prize.

He has curly hair.

This design resembles his earlier work.

He is not your father.

It is not easy to write with chalk.

If you have a question, please raise your right hand.

Women love lies, men love lying.

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My mother says that the child's illnesses are phony.

Don't screw with me!

Stop! There's an old lady crossing the street!

I assume that Jerrie would like to go to Boston with us.

Why did you listen to him?

The train did not arrive on time.

Miltos gave Kikki a potted plant.

A good idea entered my mind.

Hubert thought that the amulet would protect him from harm.

She played that tune on her grand piano.

I should take them with me.

Now's the time to decide whether you really want to get married or not.

The ship went down to the bottom of the sea.

He was at a loss when to start.

I really can't refuse.

He has to be taller than me.

Did Rodney write that song for you?

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That shouldn't happen at all.

My name appears last in alphabetical order.

Ernest didn't like it.

Dannie and No look sad.

Ruth got the job done.

I don't want to talk about it here.

I'm not giving up on you.


They are fascinated by blood and violence.

Don't ever try to do this by yourself.

I had a pleasant dream last night.

Ned will return at 2:30.

That didn't take long.

Jagath said he intends to go to Australia next October.

Hanako really likes cake.

Emily needs my help.

Do I have to do it or not?

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Could you turn on the light please?

Pat didn't talk to Maarten.

I refuse to answer such a stupid question.

Mann said she wished I was more like Jochen.

Maybe I should give Skeeter a hand.

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I tried everything.


The newly hatched baby birds were way too feathery.

Everyone was disappointed.

I'm no better at cooking than my mother.

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India is a developing country.

We'll take lunch at noon.

Somehow or other I found his house.


Those twin brothers have similar faces.

I haven't made a decision yet.

Grace's explanation is completely nonsense.

They need not have called me.

The problem was so difficult that I could not solve it.

The last Tasmanian wolf died in 1936.

The distinction in usage between the two words is clear.


Irving doesn't think doing this is worth our time.


I still need to talk to Meeks.

My pet bear always sleeps on the floor by my bed, right under the portrait of Putin.

I am a member of the tennis club.


Nigel stood trial for armed robbery.


He tricked me.

Are you coming this evening?

With warmer, drier conditions, the trees are more likely to become infected with insects.

Do you live in the desert?

Kristian and three other crew members were injured in the accident.


The mother is certain, the father is not.

Every student was asked one question.

I'll ask around and see if I can find out if anyone has ideas on how to solve the problem.

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He was absent without leave.


Both men were shot.

I think I'd like to be a teacher.

This is a remarkable place.

Anderson has a goose-down pillow.

We ate potato soup.

May I ask who's speaking?

He can talk to the dead.

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I'll go change my clothes.

He overdosed on heroin.

Do you know where I can rent a boat?

There's somebody I want to talk to first.

I'd like to get together as soon as possible.

The pupils learned many poems by heart.

Look out for pickpockets.

She was determined to make the marriage work.

A menacing thunderstorm has appeared on radar.

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I'm going to North Korea to meet my dear little enemy.


I think Jitendra is in love with me.

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Lea is dozing on the sofa.

The lake is frozen solid.

You should've notified us.


When did he come over to see you?

Show me what you've done.

He has no less than three hundred books.


We'll be friends forever.

I wish you could've been there.

You scared the children.


Don't give it to him. Give it to me.

Meditation exercises help me detach for a certain period of time from the material world and connect to the calm of the spiritual world.

Their price is below ours.


Donna is coming over.

You have no idea what this is, do you?

Herzl waited in the dimly lit room. At times he would fidget restlessly in boredom.

Almost every tourist carries a camera with him.

I need to tell them.

Karl notices everything.

Teachers shouldn't fall back on their authority.

Can you tell us about them?

It's bound to happen sooner or later.

Could you tell me the way to the port?

I can't hear Pandora.

I'm on the starting blocks.

Let's think positive.

Its working properly here but not up there.

It is concerned with air pollution.