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There are many technology companies, but few who have the added benefit of real, hands-on business experience spanning over two decades. At TechCtrl we are pleased to offer both; technology expertise and the business proficiency to go with it.

TechCtrl provides our clients with Business and Technology services and consulting without the overhead of a full time employee. We do this using a well qualified individual with loads of business and technology experience. Along the way we build a relationship that earns your trust and makes you glad you called us.

Because we believe your success is our success, we work for our clients as if their business was our business.

TechCtrl can handle any of your Business and Information Technology (IT) needs with an experienced, executive level professional businessman who treats your business as if it were their own, accomplishing what needs to get done, when you need it and in the manner you need it without a bunch of hand holding.

You can see our 502-469-3179 by viewing our Line Card.  To learn more about TechCtrl and our experience level, please visit our About Page.

TechCtrl provides modern solutions with an old school hand shake. In today’s world this may seem naive, but we like to believe people still operate in good faith.

There are no gimmicks.  No long term contracts.  No upfront payments.  All modesty aside, our work speaks for itself and generates return business over and over.  Our clients want to work with TechCtrl again because our service was outstanding, not because they are locked into a contract.

Because TechCtrl has a strong business background, we understand customer service. In fact, it is the most important service we offer. We firmly believe in doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. Our guarantee says it all!

100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our Reputation Depends On It.
If you are not completely satisfied, we will keep at it until you are.
No excuses and no technobabble!

The best part is TechCtrl offers a free one hour consultation on just about anything you want to discuss. We know every business is different and we listen carefully to learn about yours. TechCtrl thinks of problems as opportunities masked as challenges. We love challenges and look forward to helping you with with yours! 418-804-8069, or if you are ready to get started 4439247087.