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How’s it going, I wanted to write a quick post about confidence and self esteem. They are not easy to achieve for some. For others, it comes naturally while other others feign it pretty well but hide their true feelings inside.

Depression isn’t fun either, I’ve dealt with it in the past and so many people live with it every day. I pretty much gained all of my weight because of it and loneliness. It was a vicious cycle. Back at the end of 2008 I decided I was done with being depressed and unhappy and I wanted to make 2009 The Year of the Edgar. I haven’t updated either of these blogs in quite some time and that’s because sarcologist… more on that later.

Anyway, with my decision to make the year my own, I also decided I wasn’t going to be down on myself anymore. This is kinda why I own bobbleheads of myself. Confidence booster. I also had them make it how I wanted to become physically. Skinnier, etc. This is how I wanted to see myself.

I’ve decided I need a Confidence Playlist but I need help filling it out. I want fun happy songs that possibly Kanye West would listen to. He’s definitely someone with this kind of music because he thinks so highly of himself and that is what I am looking for. I want to feel good. I want anthems anyone can listen to and feel like it is about them. I have added the few that I tend to listen to now on occasion. They pump me up. I haven’t decided on other songs, I know owse and I might add it later but I am looking for upbeat songs. If you notice, I added remixed and house versions of some songs because they flow better with the rest of the music. I need to come up with the arrangement, perhaps start with Beautiful and ramp up from there. Right now I just want candidate music I can add to this list. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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I got my April, Dragon-themed, Loot Crate in the mail. I thought I would unbox it since it is a “thing.”

Thanks goes to my sister, Yesenia for such an awesome present. She is simply one of two awesome sisters I have, Yoselin is the other.

This year I celebrated my birthday with my loved ones. I did not “do” anything like I usually do. Dinner with my immediate family is all I needed.

I hope you enjoy my video!

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