thumb 22499137 2126443227584226 3836785925917607008 oMessage from Mr. Joe Mallozzi, Producer/Writer:

All these years of yearning for more, the letter campaigns, the petitions – they all come down to this. Finally, for this short window, we have the studio’s full attention. SG-1 has saved the world on countless occasions. Now it’s time to return the favor by ensuring they, the Atlantis expedition, and the crew of the Destiny are not wiped from existence. Let’s not allow a full reboot to succeed where Baal’s time machine failed [Incidentally, was anyone keeping track of those clones because I personally lost count and now have the sneaking suspicion Baal could be behind this.]. It’s like Stargate: Continuum all over again except that, this time, YOU’RE the heroes!"

We’re only going to have one shot at this so let’s make it count!”

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