Just a Little Reflection

Wow I would have never imagined a year ago that I would be sitting in my own place in Chattanooga, TN. The last few months have been filled with many changes and me starting to learn more about myself. I thought I had a great understanding of myself by this time in my life but I have learned so much this year. So I have been sharing a lot on Facebook since my move to Chattanooga, TN but checkout my blog on my birthday or maybe sooner about how it all happened and how my life change from one of my many road trips.

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So I was looking at my wonder blog that I started back in November 2006 and I realized that I have left it up and not wrote anything since 2011. I know most of them are about my crazy concert trips and some are actually from my lengthy two years of unemployment.

Actually the entry prior to this one is about me looking going to an interview at my current employer SAIC. So I actually did not get a job then but I went back a few times for several different jobs. I started working there at the end of May 2012. I worked one desk for a couple of months and it was not really my thing so I got moved to another desk and I have been there since August 2012. So the really cool thing is that I was made a full time employee from a temporary back in June so it took a year but it is nice to feel little stability at work.

As for the rest of my life I decided after my 35th birthday that I need to make a few changes in my life. If you have been following me on twitter @frankaveli actually the feed is to the right in case you missed it or on Facebook. I’ve been spending my weekends hanging out with friends and doing some other new things. My 35th did not go as I originally planned mostly because I threw together last minute plans. Despite that it  still worked out great because I got to reunite with Sam who I had not seen since middle school. Sam is great artist and if you have not seen his work you need to checkout his (410) 432-1785 page.  Also being invited I went to an event I never thought I would go to a Poetry Slam and I will be making that a regular event on my calendar.

So things are going all right for me. There is some other things going on with me that I might come up in a future blog entry.


Happy Fourth

So today I think I am on like a big twitter fest but I figure I can get more out by updating the world through my blog. I am still unemployed for all those wondering but looking hard while I am doing my freelance work when I can find it.  I had two interviews at a company in Oak Ridge but have only heard back about not getting one still waiting on the second person to give me a yes or no.

As for school I finished the introduction class and working on my first class which I should be done with in about a week or two. My first class is to help me earn  my CIW Web Foundations Certification. It actually covers many topics that I already know except for the site building part of it which is the part that I think I will gain the most knowledge from out of the three parts of it. My next two classes will involve the A++ certification and hopefully both of these will help out my resume to get me a new Help Desk or IT related job.

I  went to my best friends birthday last Saturday. I was great seeing all his family and friends most of them I have not seen in like ten years. Also I wanted to mention my friend who started a blog of her own so if you like reading about other people check out (217) 368-6922. If anyone else has a blog that I never knew you had please shoot me a comment here or on 2675798006.  If you did not notice my blog is now just frankaveli.com to simply it and maybe help it out in search engines.  Check out my resume and if  you think of anything to improve it email: Daschagga.


It has almost been a full year since I left Elavon (Nova) and I have been doing a little bit of freelance work and working on Microsoft Certifications. I got my first certification on Thursday.



This was rather easy for me since I have been using  Access for a long time got an 800/1000. This certification I think will mostly help out with the freelance thing but who knows there might be people out there looking for someone like me with this certification. My next certification I will be testing for hopefully before the end of this month will be Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  SQL Server 2008 Database Development.   This certification should help me get a job as a database developer or administrator.

So far I planned to see two concert but plans changed and did not attend either of them.  I plan to go back to school and get a database engineering degree of information technology degree once I find a regular job or my freelancing picks up. I am a big geek so of course I am happy the Iphone is going to Verizon but I decided since I short in the money department to want until my AT & T Iphone contract runs out in July of this year. I got an inserting thing from AT & T today about a device 3gMicrocell which will help me get a better AT & T signal for my phone (Fingers Crossed). I am going to go pick it up and maybe tell you what I think in my nice blog entry. Are blogs written by losers I think NOT I just think its for people who like to write and hopefully have someone read what they write.

November Updates

First of all I want to say that I was not really getting the whole selling merchant account thing so that stopped in August. I am currently enrolled at Kaplan working on my Microsoft Certification in Database Development (MCITP: Database Developer SQL Server 2008). This requires me to take two test the first one will actually make me certified with an MCTS Certification. The first level should be enough to help me get a job developing database or being a database administrator. I have been doing a little research database either developer or administrator make pretty good money and are in high demand. I am looking at ways to return to school to actually get an Information Technology Degree or a Database Engineering Degree.

Being unemployed was great in the beginning but now its just boring and I am getting tried of looking for a job. I have signed up with a few sites to try to find freelance work doing customer service, technical support, or even some database developing with Access. I want everyone to know if you hate your job stick with it and try to find a way to get a new job or advance in your career while your still have a job. I also now realize how important an education can be to get a great job. Not working has bad side effects like making me lazier then normal and no wanting to do anything since I really do not have the money to do things.

I have been looking into my family gemology but this is a new hobby and the most I have done with it is contain Sises through Facebook. My dad has a friend that lives down the road from us that I got a little information from on where I need to look to help me out looking into my family history. I have meet some of the Sises from the northeast and from North Carolina.

So my new hobby and my new quest to get Microsoft Certified might make things a little better for me. I write this a million times but maybe I need to write more to blog because sometimes I feel I have a lot to say to the world. I can tell my life is getting boring is that I stayed up late to watch both the coverage of the miners being rescued from Chile and the election results this past Tuesday.

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I think I am not geek enough to use the WordPress app on my iPhone. Actually I was just having a problem with it because something was not setup correctly. I fixed it so now I can retain my geek title. I am writing a lot because I am sitting on one of the stools they have on both sides of the I guess it’s the club thing. The first band was Skytown Riot they were ok. Next band up is Abused Romance and Nick is already giving a thumbs down. Abused Romance needs a lot of work. They tried to work the coward up but that was really did not work out. This band performance is the performance that never ends. Another band and then Nonpoint. I can tell these opening bands are really boring if I am already working on my blog entry. The next band is up is Egypt Central there video on You Tube was pretty cool so maybe give a little life to the small coward that should get bigger when Nonpoint starts. It is a weekday and some people have jobs that require them to get up early. Egypt Central is a little better then the first two. Were in the last break waiting on Nonpoint.

That was a great performance by Nonpoint. I enjoyed it like always and it was nice seeing my friend from Georgia. I also meet some people that came to see the concert from Cherokee, NC. I will eventually go through the pics and video i took and post them here but do not hold your breath that it will be soon. I might be going to see another concert next week. Later today I might try to get an entry in about how life is going as I start my 33rd year of my life.

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 All right so I guess rumors do not flow around my prior employer as much as I thought. So in the middle of Feb I and Elavon decided to end our relationship. Wow that is a weird way of putting what happen but hey it’s my blog and I like it. I started looking for another job but things are really slow in the job market I can say this now from experience.

 I just recently started my new job at another credit card processor as an Account Executive that is just the professional way of saying a sales rep. This is a big change of pace for me I job where I am out on my own because my manager is in Florida and I work for home and not stuck on the phone fixing people’s problems, which I did not mind doing, but it can get old after it has been the majority of my job in my adult lifetime. My website hosting company is still in my life but business is slow and I just recently tried some advertising that did not help me out.

Things are going well for me. I miss working at Elavon but I guess now it’s time for me to get in the mindset of my new job and actually I have already signed up my first merchant. I mention on face book that I was going to put in my New Year’s resolution it might be April but I have really in some way been working on them.

One thing I wanted a major change in my life and that happen a little quicker then I wanted it too. Devoting my time and effort to Sitesforu.com (started that by redesigning the site).  I will try to spend more time with friends and family (working on that). Also trying to write more to my blog and start a podcast.

November 2009 Updates (Could not think of a better title)

I went through my blog here and did a little grammar checking and fixing a few entries to make a little more sense. I need to find all the media and get it together for these entries. First of all overtediously my website hosting company was incorporated in September, but still in need of redesigning the site. Second, a couple of weeks ago I have my shift switch to 4am-1pm still Monday through Friday. I know some people say 4am but hey I get off at 1pm and have a whole day to devote to my business or anything else I need to get done during the day. In case anyone who reads this is into the whole follow people on twitter thing you can calodemon. I will send out tweets on mostly progress on my business which might help encourage me to work a little harder getting it up and going since I have people keeping up on my progress with it.

Around June of this year I finally broke down and got an Iphone and yes there as great as everyone says but AT & T does not have the greatest wireless coverage. It will help me keep up on all my social networking myspace, twitter, facebook, and even creating new entries. The really is an app for everything on it.

I also would like to say this time of the year can get really stressful with the holidays but make sure to take a little time out from everything for you. Stress and I speak from my own experience can wear you down and tone down your immune system (Just a thought). November 23 (Megadeth one of Josh’s favorites) I am going to go see a concert with my friend Josh in Charlotte, NC and of course you about my experience as always here on my great blog.

I would also like to mention that I would like to say Microsoft may have finally come up with a descent operating system this is my thumbs up for Windows 7. It is a little painful to upgrade from Windows XP but there some great information on upgrading on for those of you non geeks. So listen up I am working on my business (if you want to help you can email me frankie@sitesforu.com) and eventually go back to school, and try to help myself and everyone who actually reads my blog to keep a positive outlook on life.

I was about to wrap up this entry so I could go to bed but I just thought of something to add about to my last statement. I have recently gotten to listen to audio books on my Iphone. A good place to buy audio versions of your favorites books for your MP3 players including your Iphone or Ipod is Amazon Store, or for you Iphone/Ipod/Itouch users you can find many audio versions of books on Itunes. A few books I have listen to or are listening too are Real Life by Dr. Phil (yes I am a Dr. Phil fan), The Funny Thing Is by Ellen Degeneres, and The Summons by John Grisham just to name a few of them. Actually writing this entry was kind of therapeutic so I think you may see less time between entries so subscribe if you don’t already or check back here every so often.


All right due to some minor maintenance to the CRV that cost me a lot of money and the weather I did not make it to my concert in Corbin, KY that is why this is title my last day of vacation and not trip to Corbin, KY. So let me give you the deal on what is going on with me since this is supposed to be the place to do that on the web. After working on year on the help desk as of Feb 2009 I and one of my coworkers switch shifts so I am back on the graveyard shift but its not so bad because its five eight hours days Monday-Friday. I make more money l have less people to deal with on the phone and I get other things done for the help desk that are easier to do at night. School is currently not happening and my business Sitesforu.com is just waiting to be incorporated or put aside for the future. I am still planning doing a podcast because I have always wanted to do my own talk show so this is going to be my way of doing that. I want my podcast to let me talk about current events along with highlights from my road trips and whatever else I can create for them. If anyone wants to comments, suggestions, or add a segment to it just shoot me an email at Podcast@frankaveli.comt (815) 840-1727


It has been a long time since I have wrote an entry here but I have not seen a concert since October and even though I have had a lot of things I can write about I have just been too lazy to write. This concert was in Evansville, IN at Roberts Stadium. I think I have only been to a few concerts where I actually like or even heard of the opening bands. The second band really toned down considering Disturbed is the band their opening for tonight. I meant to say I will be coming up with another entry on my upcoming podcast and more about what is going on with me before this week of vacation is over. Three bands and now for the third time I will be seeing one of my top three favorite bands. The road trip and surviving the opening is complete. The concert was great the trip home took forever because they decided to do paving work on I-40 E near the Cumberland Plateau. As always some of the video should be posted here once i sort through it because the audio quality is not always so great. I think the two greatest parts of the concert were they performed Remember great Disturbed song that is one of their not so crazy and loud actually it was the first song I ever heard from them. The second was David performed the final song Indestructible on a stage sort of like a small tower on the opposite end on the floor from the stage. So I was really tried from the trip up and the concert so that is why you did not get instant after the concert blog update but you have it now after i got some sleep. Tomorrow is a trip to Corbin, KY to see 412-272-0963nothing like Disturbed