Can you tell them I'm not in?

Why should I care what you think?

I don't remember when I first met Stephe.

I don't want to wait till the last minute.

Yvonne could have said it for all I knew.


The only thing that matters is that you are safe.

The light is perfect.

Let me show you around our house.

Barricades across driveways say "Keep Out."

They missed the train.

I don't think anyone can do this.

How did your first husband die?

Julius's directions had us puzzled.

I sent it yesterday; you should receive it tomorrow.

Narendra looks dignified.

I'm real careful.

I am decorating the classroom.

You did not learn about people from Star Trek.

A child was washed away by the wave!

She always cried sheerly.

Everybody in the village knew him.

What are you going to make?

I think Srikanth was the one who told me that.

Does love exist?

I've actually never been drunk.

Clark cried himself to sleep every night last week.

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She looked troubled by the news.


I can't tell you all my secrets.

I think Gerard did this.

I saw you in the park with them.

The mucus is thick.

If it were not for water, we could not live.


Axel is good at telling stories.


I have known that for a long time.

I don't need that anymore.

The wall separating criminals from non-criminals is not as thick as we think.

Will you look after my children for me?

Something just occurred to me.

"I've got a bit of interest in learning French, but isn't it hard?" "Not at all. It's 100 times easier than English!" "Really?" "Well, at least to me it is." "That's because you're native though"

Joshua will eventually need an operation.

You were snoring.

Eva has a surprise for you.

I should help Carolyn.

Adam and Dale were both shocked by what John did.

I'll never come.

I don't know what has become of the hatchling.

Step on the scale.

His wife never found out.

Jerrie showed Ken another fortune teller.

She sang as she walked.

I can only count on myself.

It was silly of him to refuse her offer.


God blesses the poor before the rich.

I know you tried.

We've finished cleaning our classroom.

I just thought this might be helpful.

I'm not at all hungry.

In 1956 Khrushchev denounced Stalin's crimes.

I wish you'd stop complaining.

Sidney won't go alone.

I'm going to have a good time this weekend.

The latter will continue to develop along their own paths according to the needs of their own speakers.

For experience and learning, even eternity is not enough.

What sort of play is it?

I know that you are busy.


Interlingua is easy to learn.


I feel underappreciated at work.

That's OK with Nou.

The microgravity environment of space makes the ISS a unique laboratory for the testing of spacecraft systems that will be required for future exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit

Red clothes suit her.

Were you spying on me?

You can take a bus or a tram.

He was tired so he went to bed.

Why is it so hard for you to be nice to your little brother?

I am painting my garage.


When I was sick, she didn't come to visit me.

Can you get it repaired?

Sundar drives a black car, right?


James comes here once in a while.

If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there.

I need some butter. Do you have any?

Sometimes the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is death.

Where is your older brother right now?

Evan tuned on the desk lamp and started working.

I saw her clean the room.

I know what killed Kyle.

Don't be afraid, Hsuan. There's no need to worry.

This scenery carries me back to my old native town.

There is an urgent need for a new approach to dealing with this problem.

Tell him you'd like to help.

Why didst thou not bring thy wife along with thee?

He also saw it.

If you let me, I can help you.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his right femur in a cycling accident Sunday in France.

My front tooth fell out.

I must have a haircut at the barber's today.

I know absolutely nothing.

I've never needed it.

The police tried to separate the two hostile gangs.

Peter is English. Is Susan English, too?


I've got one for you.


I don't know why Gregor wanted me to be here today.

For me, humanity is a shape that matter takes.

It is a holiday tomorrow.

Ronnie James Dio's death made me very sad.

There is a presumption that any group, anywhere, should be able to reach any overseas location with the new technologies.

I need them.

I'm going to wax my car tomorrow afternoon.

Peter may need a new diaper.

A three-person team is undertaking a 40,000-kilometre motorcycle journey from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the southern tip of South America.


Are we doing anything wrong?

Notaries are involved in the drawing up of notarial deeds and sealed envelope deeds.

The two books are equivalent in value.

Richard was looking forward to seeing Franklin again.

You look lovely.

Andre told me that he doesn't have any brothers or sisters.

No was irresponsible.


I heard him play the piano only once.

I'll never forget the look on Pablo's face when I told him he had gotten into Harvard.

The Netherlands is called "Nederland" in Dutch.

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You've done remarkable things here, Pratt.

Joshua was the only one who knew where Isabelle was.

That child wanted to try on that blue shirt.

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That's the right attitude.

I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.

One regularly bumps into more beautiful women in the street.

What was the last really difficult thing you had to do?

Mah is now attending a conference in Boston.


It was a pleasant surprise.

I think it's clearing up.

After that, he went home.

I'll miss him, too.

There's no doubt about that.

You'll need it.

The house had its roof ripped off by the storm.

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I'll pray for her.

Conrad took control of the situation.

Pratap is a fur trader.

Charlie tried to forget his love sorrow by playing the piano.

Let's see if Pierette has changed.


I thought perhaps no one else would agree with me.

Catherine is really busy right now.

The stranger was too surprised to speak.


They're undamaged.

The youth in Malaysia really like Korean and Japanese celebrities.

Nanda doesn't want to see you.

I could use some help.

Sachiko is more popular than Judy.

Takao's driving made Joanne nervous.

I need you in Boston.


She came round to watching TV.

I'm so proud of her.

You have seen Tokyo Tower, haven't you?


You are looking at me oddly.

I think you're ruining your life.

I admit that, without him, those ten years of my life would have been empty and without goals.

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Alan and Mikey are both very kind and will help anybody who asks.

This book is really boring.

Take your seats.


It took Eugene a long time to change the tire.

Give him a minute.

It's just so early.


Consider it done.


Businesses should pay a fair wage to their employees.

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Thank you very much! It's beautiful.

Briggs met with Lucius to discuss the current financial crisis at the company.

Do you mind if I join you?

Dan was upset that he didn't figure in Linda's plans.

Hamilton hasn't prepared the parcel yet.


I dream to go and live in Lithuania.