She's seventeen.

Tell them I won't allow Gunnar to leave the country.

Sharon is a lot shorter than Cynthia is.

The people got excited at the news.

Pigs cannot run the nations.

What a beautiful couple!


As a proud new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.

Happily the crops were not harmed by the typhoon.

My knowledge about Japanese is not that good yet.

We may as well begin without him.

Why don't we think about this for another week or so?

He studies in the hope of becoming a doctor.

The investment firm tricked customers into buying worthless stock.

The last Tasmanian wolf died in 1936.

If sitcoms float your boat, then you should watch this one.

His face was disfigured by horror.

The skier suffered a head trauma.

How much wine should I buy?

I have to go tell them.

Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.

His sarcasm galls me.


I get the impression that Ji is in love with you.

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The students applauded.

Those impossible suggestions just annoy me.

I speak French with my teachers.

Patience and hard work will conquer all.

The policeman blew his whistle for the car to stop.

I'm not heating your house.

Who was this picture painted by?

I don't want it that badly.

I know her since ten years ago.

Why is Petr sleeping?

In fact, there is a joke about passport photos: If you really look like the picture in your passport, you certainly need a vacation!

I am sure I met him somewhere, but I do not remember who he is.

Berries are high in minerals such as potassium.


Do you miss her?

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Piete is an extraordinary person.


We got a break.

Would you like to go inside and look?

Evelyn should be with family.

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This sentence ends with an exclamation mark!


When did Mr. Suzuki leave Japan?

A satellite was launched into orbit to monitor melting glaciers.

Don't you think elementary schoolers are taller these days?

What's made you think that I'd want to kiss you?

It's barely noon.

Nguyen isn't as fat as Michiel.

Hwa has only been here a week.

Soohong hasn't been heard from.

I have an Egyptian neighbor.

I'll do anything that Bryan asks.

What's your favorite dessert with bananas?


I came out here to enjoy nature.

I wish I had the courage to do what Craig did.

Subra was the last to enter.

Her dress was a cheap affair.

Travis has done a good job.

She shuddered at the sight of the one-eyed cat.

Time flew.

I just spoke with him.

She is probably over forty.

Jason did not want to admit it.

Dad is a hard worker.

My wife is so happy!

The interpreter provides his personal interpretation.

When he broke his leg, he had to use crutches for 3 months.

I do a lot of business with Kazuhiro.


There one would learn much self-control.


You shouldn't have called me.

She asked him questions.

Thousands of foreigners visit Japan each year.

That tape recorder recorded his voice.

We used very little kerosene last month.

Urs is very lucky.

I've already made arrangements.

Alberto needed some fresh supplies.

People tend to have troubles figuring out when to write a semicolon.

There's no life without hardships.

The radio was plugged in.

Vince deserves to be captain.

Micah didn't swim because it was too cold.

Get ready in advance.

Can I get a little help?

Next Monday and Tuesday are consecutive holidays.

Grow up and act your age!

I believe that he knows it.

I was sick, so I stayed home from school.


He wrote a story just now.

Anatoly hates Shuvra's cooking.

Vivek will do that.

Wendi has less money than his brother does.

He's not the kind of person who finds fault with others.

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Carsten wrestled with Tammy.

They're washing dishes.

That's exactly what I used to tell myself.

Bottles of beer are made of glass.

Charlene's question took her by surprise.

Uranus has 27 named moons. Some of these moons are less than 100 kilometers wide and black as coal.

Izzy might not be able to swim.

We just arrived at the station.

We may as well all go.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle.

Since Japan is the second greatest economic power in the world, many nations want to learn from her.

I ate Chinese steamed pork dumplings for lunch.

It sounds like you have a plan.

I'm angry with you.

The door is opening now.

Don't worry. I'll look after your dog for you.

You're needed here.

She loved me, as I loved her.

Do you know where Eliot works?

How can I sell myself?

You deceived me.

A good idea came across my mind.

We made a bargain that we wouldn't forsake each other.

I was driving to Boston at that time.

Today is a good day to die.

Stop pretending you don't know the answer.

I am proud to be weird.

My love, if the food isn't ready by seven o'clock, I'm going to go to the restaurant.

Wooden chairs are expensive.


The young man put out his hand and I shook it.

The men looked at Jessie in silence.

We won't go out if it doesn't stop raining.


I've had some concerns.

At the age of sixty, he retired.

He hesitated for a while.

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I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.

Have Skeeter meet us here at 2:30.

He can't see nor hear.


We didn't look very long.


My heart aches for those starving children.

I gave him another chance.

I'm so glad you decided to come.

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Peter is not in now.


To understand someone is to love someone.

You need not take off your shoes.

What do you want from me? Are you out to get me or what?

I never told Sanand.

I have not heard a word from him as yet.

Who made this box?

This is the least interesting.

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I think it's time for me to ask for her help.

I am busy.

It's been busy lately.

The peace treaty will be signed tomorrow.

There are seven of us.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Not in the least."

Where did the other girls go?

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I can't make out these figures.

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What's Cindy's problem with me?

Yvonne had an ultrasound to find out the sex of her and Raja's unborn baby.

My children refuse to eat fish.

Academic fraud is more common than you think.

We've been far too lenient with Kathy.

I made my dog lie down.

He cannot have gone against his parents.

I wasn't the one who hired her.

He received an honorable discharge from the army.

It says in the title.

The news that he was still alive reached us.

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Let's go talk to Dimetry.

It appears my mail on January 10 did not reach you.

Saint Patrick lived and preached this kind of love among a pagan, barbaric generation of Irishmen around the year 432 AD.

He's likely to be late.

Vincent has a job as a taxi driver.

I haven't eaten dinner yet this evening.

The boy carved his name into the tree.

The current situation of the country isn't good.

The battery is flat.


They went on board a liner.

She is in low spirits today.

I'll come if you want me to.


Didn't you see the man?