I have to agree with Spock.

I seldom go to a library.

Pope meets pedophile priest victims in London.

We've kept it a secret from Pandora.

You can tell me the truth.

Hunter knows that he'll be punished.

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He looks like a completely different person to what he was before.

I was thinking about it.

He spent a few months in Scotland.

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We fell asleep.

We met last night.

Being poor is expensive.


You can fix all this.

Now the fact is official.

Elizabeth laughs like a girl.


I'm pretty conservative.

The man sold his soul to the devil.

Everyone's looking at you.

I'd have figured it out eventually.

None of this was a surprise.


He went.

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I've been trying to remember what his name is.

He is the greatest man in the world.

I didn't read any books yesterday.

They were vacant apartments or homes.

That idea was a springboard for further discussions about sex.

Someone will see us!

The politician claimed to oppose the conclusion.

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The walkers set out from Boston and reached San Francisco six months later.

Linder does nothing but watch TV all day.

Now that I have finished this assignment I want to go to sleep, but I have to go to school.


Ann kept a pet python in his apartment.

Beverly wanted to protect himself.

Guess what? Malloy and Curtis broke up.

I went to bed late at night.

It's going to be close.

I don't want to make the same mistake Miek made.

What are we having today?

She doesn't say certain things.

Canadian wheat prices are forecast to decrease.


You're on your own.

What choices do I have left?

Everyone in the office knows about his problems.


Somebody saw you.


Whoa! I'm going to be a father!

When did you retire?

We were at the movie theater yesterday.

Who says change is good?

He lives in England.

Margot won't be staying much longer.

How old is your grandfather?


This class will be over in ten minutes.

What are my choices?

What you say is quite different from what I heard from him.

Elisabeth ran as fast as possible.

What Casper said made Joubert cry.

They didn't swim because it was cold.

I have a cough and a little fever.

It's true that he said that.

She has married nobody.


Dozens of cars are parked in the parking lot.

Orville looked nervously at the doctor.

Srivatsan looked sad and disappointed.

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I was no longer myself and had severe depression.


He walked around to see the town.

I met him in a bar.

I'm going to run fifteen kilometers today!

In most cases, people, even the most vicious, are much more naive and simple-minded than we assume them to be. And this is true of ourselves too.

Go and help them, Bud.

Say what you want.

I don't think there was any harm done.

Ritchey and I are Facebook friends.

You said that they could help us.

Nobody's going to hurt you.

Her voice was cold.

We're introverted.

This done, we had lunch.

I also recommend to visit at least one city which is usually not visited by tourists.

The moon came out from behind the cloud.

My house is smaller.

Could you rephrase that?

The two players in the lead earned the same number of points, so the competition will go into a tiebreaker.

His death was owing to his reckless driving.

Wealth in the modern world does not come merely from individual effort; it results from a combination of individual effort and of the manifold uses to which the community puts that effort.

Radek scared us.

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Sandy heard Seenu screaming.

He flew into a rage.

There is a post office in front of my house.


That makes me happy.

We have homework.

Radek doesn't seem to be interested in doing anything.


She is charming as well as diligent.


Carl broke his leg in a ski race.

I didn't give it to her.

Roxanne lives alone in a small house near the river.

You don't seem too sure.

Sick people tend to be pessimistic.

I asked them to fix my car.

I never actually met him.

It's up to each one of us to understand that subspecies is a biological concept, lacking in the species Homo sapiens sapiens.

She sneaked up behind me.

Trent walked with his shoulder into the wind.

I'm very busy.


An opinion is shocking only if it is a conviction.

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When Brent looked at his watch, he was surprised to see how late it was.

In the corner sat a pile of old ironwork.

The money is gone.

I'm going to be talking to her.

Bush only wants to civilize the world.


Sal was in a hurry.

I've become friends with Jane.

I just don't feel satisfied.

I don't want him to see it.

Kolkka was awarded a lucrative contract.

Could you just turn around for a second?

We need your signature.

Did you ever meet Lila?

He ruined his clothes.

You had better go in person.

Ken just saw Tovah.

I believe he is an intelligent person.

I'm engaged.


In the summer I sweat a lot, and my armpits get smelly.

People around here just don't understand the orange shirts.

I need her in my life.

Sign your name there.

Ramneek doesn't have to come here tomorrow.

I knew something like this would happen.

I'll never manage that.

Elijah doesn't like gambling.

This amulet brings me luck.

The man I was talking to is my English teacher.

I don't have the time to do that right now.

Have you ever made your wife and children happy?

The Indians had difficulty finding food.

Calvin saw nothing.

The Pilgrims came to America, fleeing religious persecution.

Rajiv is a photographer.

I want my food dead. Not sick, not dying, dead.


Jack is pretty unusual.

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The best way to learn a foreign language is to go to the country where it is spoken.

Mosur was in the right place at the right time.

Did you feel an earthquake last night?

We contracted to build a railway.

The heroic deed is an act of the man frightened to death.

Don't sneak up on me like that.

She was on the point of laughing at the clown's actions.

Maybe after easter, spring will come.

They all got up to leave.


He was put out.


Well, I'll see you around.

In 1900 he left England, never to return.

Oh! I'm sorry to hear that.


Her eyes shone with tears.


Show me the photo.

We need to change your bandage.

We made just one tiny little mistake.

We're in the middle of negotiations.

Why are people so greedy?


I have a large collection of stamps.

I get the impression that you are kidding me.

Yesterday the book was bought.

He hasn't been married long.

He's shit-faced drunk.


Sri is a sophisticated lady.

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It is fortunate that you have such parents.

Carole boarded a train bound for Tokyo.

She used to be rather shy but since she went to University she has really blossomed.