It wasn't until I left school that I realized the importance of study.

I have to go now. Bye!


Old thinks his job is pointless.

He is the tallest in his class.

Did you get my messages?


Only death cures all pain.

Because of the bad weather, he couldn't come.

The game of chess requires much concentration and expertise.

Is there a hospital around here?

Let's go for a ride in your new car.

You and Sally used to eat a lot.

It is said that his mother is gravely ill.

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I think it strange that Alice should keep silence for such a long time.

On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.

And the tea isn't good either.

That's what I'd tell Eddie.

He succeeded, not because he made efforts, but because he happened to be lucky.


I have a package here for a Mr. Smith.

I asked some questions.

I had to wait for Marco wake up.

An architect occupies that office.

They make a perfect couple.

I need you to drive.

Good morning, my love.


Hal told Julie she couldn't quit on such short notice.

Two specialists are quite enough.

He found me a good place.


What you're doing makes me nervous.


This must encourage you.

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And I want to study many languages because I want to understand the world. Currently, I'm working on my degree in Classical Greek.

This is a nice place, don't you think?

Deal with it!

Please sit according to your number.

Bruno poured Vladislav a glass of red wine and then one for himself.

He lives just across the road.

Kees is usually very efficient, isn't he?

Scientists seem to have known the truth.

The ground started shaking.

She's reading.

Boyd told us.

The world is full of smartasses.

The brothers had a hot dispute on her marriage.

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You're so cute.

It is rumoured that the prime-minister will resign next month.

I think Po is literate.


No, we don't have a map.

Asked to marry him, I was at a loss for words.

He was all alone in the room.

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If I cut badly, than I cut badly!

Betty likes classical music.

Where is Pierette buried?


Just a minute. I'll see if I can find it in this book.

What am I going to say to him?

He has atrocious table manners.

We felt the earth tremble.

He did nothing bad.

Dan and Linda were high school sweethearts.

Shannon agreed with me.

He unknowingly slept with his sister.

He didn't jump high enough to win a prize.

I would like to have this car repaired as soon as possible.

Someone's in the house.


I'll tell him, if I don't forget.

Having slept well last night, I feel very fine this morning.

I'd get a soup plate and then slide the glass very carefully over to the edge of the table, and let the water run into the soup plate - it doesn't have to run onto the floor.

Dick looks as though he's got a plan.

Shari can do it if he tries.

I'll see him tomorrow at school.

I almost always play baseball after school.

I came here of my own free will.

Tatoeba should be more important than anything else.

Of course, dear, I shall respect you in the morning. What did you say your name is?

Brandon was punctual.

I've asked Pria not to do that.

We study English, and that subject is important today.

She keeps secrets.

Woody is the one who recommended this book.

Gene and I ate dinner together last night.

We're not interested.

Please forgive me for not answering your letter.

Are you sure this is the right train?

Moore nodded to me.

France is a republic.

How long have you and Lui been married?

She became a police officer.


A healthy person is a poorly examined sick person.


It would be better if you didn't climb such a high mountain in the winter.

She was very beautiful in her youth.

The convention voted on the issue sixty times.

We volunteered.

Here is the book you are looking for.

Chip was a no-show for the third week in a row.

Raman always hums while working.

James is pretty good at computer programming.

Cherries are red.

She took her dog to the park before breakfast.

The witch resurrected the monster.

I enjoy watching children play.

Depression is common among young adults who have Asperger syndrome.


I'm sure you're busy, Noam.

My hours of study are from 8 to 11 p.m.

You are making a big mistake.

Damon has known Charleen for years.

Dan didn't even call the police.

The desire to survive and the fear of death are artistic sentiments.

Those books look as if they're going to topple over any minute.


Murat loves talking to people.

I took his temperature.

I was at my wit's end.

When did you stop smoking?

I just wanted clarification.

I went into the library; where I happened to meet Ann.

Don't make such a noise here.

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Sedat will eat onions if they've been cooked, but he doesn't eat raw onions.

Drop your weapons!

I haven't seen you all day.

I said not now.

Mexico is a neighbor of the United States.

I was awful to you.

They refused to join the army.

I can't hear very well.

Didn't you feel like going?


Jess wondered if Gerald knew who his father was.

I have a knife and a fork.

Jelske often walks to school.

Cristopher has some good news.

I could never forgive myself if I did that.

Do you really want to drop out of high school?

I doubt that Sharan will be able to seal the deal.


It's not as simple as it seems.

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We like snow.

I worked in Boston for three years.

I sell clothing online.

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I know Piotr will read it.


Sea turtles are magnificent creatures.

I want to learn how to use my new digital camera right away.

We got it done.

I'm tired of everything.

This idiot of Hotta should have guessed that the last word in this sentence would of course be for Guido.


We have a lot more milk in the refrigerator.

I know what you want to talk about.

Mahmoud won't be able to finish that in an hour.

You're joking!

Can we do this again?

Dewey was suddenly a hero.

We are giving Jurevis a party on his birthday.

We had our photo taken by him.

You may act however you wish.


I've never been here before.


Lots of campers were parked all over the hill-side.

This high humidity makes me feel tired.

Eh? When did it start raining? I didn't notice at all.

That was the amazing part.

Speaking of films, why not go to the cinema tonight?


On the way to the airport they stopped at a gas station.


I don't know what to do about her.


Canada produces good wheat.

Very small amounts of mass may be converted into a very large amount of energy and vice versa.

Can you please write that down?

It is always the case with him.

I helped him walk across the street.

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He complained to the chef.

Is it safe for dogs to eat fish?

Darren reached into her bag.


Buy canned fish at the store.

Is that what you told them?

I have to deal with this alone.

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You needn't go too early, need you?