A bus got in the way.

Nicolette tricked Konstantinos into paying for his ticket.

All I want is to be with my family.

When you buy a house, read the documents carefully.

The workers are hired not by the company itself, but by a temp agency, so they have no rights and get lower pay.

The half of the earth facing away from the sun is always dark.


Alright! They're all mopped up!


She is no less charming than her older sister.

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I'm glad we were there.

I used to love to play jazz.

You said Izchak would let me win.

Polyphemus, the son of Neptune, had one eye in his forehead.

I have taken food.

What's the situation at the factory now?

I'm trying to memorize my speech.

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Delight is the opposite of sorrow.


I don't like to call it "the tricolor". I prefer the "French flag."

I don't have a landline.

Neal noticed something on the ground.


You look like your mother.

You should've paid your bills on time.

Please lay down your coat.


This is the hardest question.

Before I start doing small talk, I'd rather not talk at all.

I want you to tell Curt to go home.

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I'm happy with that.

The girl in a blue coat is my daughter.

What a fatty you are, Marla.


They sang in chorus.

Carl is the tallest man alive.

Daydreaming is the moonlight of thought.


Please don't call me that.

Thank you for your letters.

They're not going to stop him.

Those were some seriously smooth moves out there on the dance floor!

Gale is well paid for the work he does.

I was very impressed by his good behavior.

We must start at once.

Safe journey.

Assia Djebar is an Algerian author.

Joyce deserves the best.

We pay her well.

This is the window he broke.

He can understand everything I'm saying.

She is in the habit of taking exercise before breakfast.

Alvin got into the car with Cynthia and they drove away.

That's what I was hoping you could tell me.

He's not my type.


What I told you about him also holds good for his brother.

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You didn't have to dress.

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We went to Boston last month to visit Andrew.

Fritz rolled up his sleeve, exposing a hideous scar.

Sofoklis tried to act cool.

Can we at least hug goodbye?

I forgot Sundar was the one who taught you how to play the guitar.

How can this be accomplished?

The teacher pushed him for an answer.

Patty has no hair on his chest.

I have small change with me.

I wish she could have come.

I have a large collection of stamps.


I'm willing to quit if you want me to.

Marnix explained the system to Jeanne.

What are we after?

Don't let him do it alone.

I still think we should've said yes.

I have taken out a life-policy.

He has the social skills of a wet mop.


CPR is a fundamental rescue technique in an emergency situation with another person.

Stop being a fan of Miley Cyrus!

I saw a spider walking on the ceiling.


A captain is in charge of his ship and its crew.

Helen didn't seem to care that nobody seemed to like him.

It's really difficult to survive in a big city like Tokyo without endebting oneself.

I want you to be quiet now.

You're too drunk.

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The priest tried to improve the people's morals.

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I saw my friend to the station.

He fashioned a walking stick from a fallen branch.

We have better weapons than the enemy does.

Is it too little?

Take over, will you?

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Not all books are good books.


At last, we got rid of him.

He was meditating on his future life.

I doubt these generalizations.

What a fool I am!

A child needs love.

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I gave the book to my friend.

Get moving.

Claudio hit the nail right on the head.

Michelle slammed the door as he left the room.

Linda will be here.

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Most of the clothes that Americans wear are made outside of America.


If I use the more expensive shampoo, my hair will be more "silky" than if I just use the normal one.

That's what I like about him.

The French and Indian War had begun.

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Stop torturing me. What did she say?


Could you show us around?

Once you do it, you see that it's not as hard as it sounds.

I'm your new roommate.

I'd really love a cold glass of milk.

Let me know if something is missing.


I am not accustomed to making a speech in public.

My dog goes everywhere with me.

This is my bag.

Spit it out!

Everything is possible.

Could you give me some change for this ten dollar bill?

Discover the world!

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Gregg felt a little uneasy as he walked down the deserted street in the middle of the night.

At first, Meg was homesick.

Hail, milord.

I felt my heartaches, I was afraid of following you.

School breaks up in June.


Let Alf help you.


This shop uses only recycled paper.

Manjeri has always stuck by me.

We've got no alternative.

What are you unhappy about?

Why don't you just tell her?

I love you more than anybody else ever did.

Hold them down.

Do you have hard evidence?

When was the last time you caught a fish?

Something caught Steve's eye.

He denied that fact.

That's what it is all about.

He danced while naked.

Such conduct is beneath your dignity.

There is a strong wind blowing outside.

Her name slipped my mind.

Maybe this'll cheer you up.


I remember it!

The criminal didn't let the hostages go.

Her voice sounds better than yours.

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Shai was gone when I got home.

I'm first.

We must give it time.

I don't think she usually tells lies.

What killed her?

Please, help my daughter.

You deserve everything you get.

He tried to save something from his travel expenses.

Who wants to talk to me?

What have you heard?

They just want to make money. They don't care about anything else.

Gregory would rather take a bath than a shower.

What are you going to do tonight?

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No algorithm that can solve this problem in polynomial time has been found yet.

Walter seemed willing to help.

Particles of dust float in the atmosphere.

Don't run around the classrooms.

Travis twisted his ankle.

How sophisticated are they?

Practice is the best way to improve your English.


Leaves fall in the autumn.

You look lovely.

You'll call me if anything happens, right?

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Tharen knows all about it.


Was his name Johann or John?

My wife has had it in for me since I forgot her birthday.

How can I deactivate my account on this site?

He hasn't changed a bit since I saw him.

Should it be fine, I will go.