I must talk with you.

Molly seldom asks questions.

I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

Spam used to be questionable food in a can. Now questionable sentences on a computer are called "Spam".

Why should I lend you any money?

Like I said, no problem.

The game was slow, and it was also boring.

You should wash fruit before you eat it.


Hey, John, look at this.


The doctor told Dan that Linda had passed away.

It could've been worse. You could've died.

Would you like me to proofread this?

There's nothing out there.

Collective rules are not set straightaway but progressively win recognition.

As of now I'll be able to sleep peacefully.

I actually liked it a lot.

Varda is an intellectual.

He's a foodie.

A lot of children live from hand to mouth in this country.

How much do you pay your gardener?

I have to ask him a question.

We strive to improve our products, services, content, and advertising.


I missed you so much.

I'll be ready to go in ten minutes.

Trevor, this is Darrell's brother John.

Teriann told Sarah that they needed to be careful not to wear out their welcome.

I'm afraid going into their yard will put me in jeopardy.

Keep them safe.

Just give me what you owe me and I'll leave.


Everyone is an entrepreneur.

I hope it's good.

Mechael has been depressed recently.


I'm not teasing their neighbors.

What will I do? The strap on one of my geta has come undone.

We're the only ones who're still here.

Roderick named his hamster Cookie.

You treat me as if I didn't exist.

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I told him I was fine.

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He gives the dog some meat.


Come inside because it's cold outside.

He is a mass of faults.

I can do nothing about that.

"How many questions did you get right?" "Zilch."

You should call her.

My apprehensions turned out to be justified.

Saify won't call this evening.

My house needs major repairs.

Don't you wish to make a flight in a hot air balloon?

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Stefan went without lunch because he didn't have enough time to eat.

She knows where we live.

How big is Massachusetts ?

How sexy she is!

Most of the war damage was there.

Elsa didn't know that Danielle was going to be here.

He put the room in order.

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When I looked at her, she looked down.

"Can you come over this afternoon?" "Yes, I suppose I could."

Left-wing communism is an infantile disorder.


She hired a private detective.

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I no longer need it.

The grief-stricken family had to wait more than a decade to see their son's killer brought to justice.

I'm glad to see you, but there's nothing you can do here.

Conversion to the metric system was opposed by tool manufacturers.

She looks very much afraid.

I read the Bible in order to learn Esperanto.

You're the only one here who can speak French.

Ask her to lend me a little bit of money.

Who's going to tell me?

Is something going on that I need to know about?

The view of the ocean was wonderful.

Please tell them what they need to do.

However, when listening to an unknown foreign language, our ability to discern different words is lost, and we recognize speech as being a stream of sounds without many pauses.

I'm not from around here.

"Welcome!" "Yo." "Oh, what, it's only Keita?"


Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?

It won't be long before Pascal gets here.

Our dogs were poisoned.

Joachim is a smart man.

I love to eat scallops.

I'll get in touch with you as soon as I arrive.

I struck Micah in self-defense.


Herman couldn't convince Amy to buy his car.

I don't know if she will go there with me.

They are having breakfast now.

I sacked him.

He is the eldest in his class.

Who's Price's girlfriend?

It is uncertain whether he is coming or not.

I don't recommend that at all.

Let me tell you a secret about how things work around here.

We gather together every Friday.

I hate flying.

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They are running now.

I like that type of stuff.

Have you ever received letters from Marika?

Did I understand that correctly?

The boy was clever enough to solve the puzzle.

He is being Nelson tonight.

Last night was really awesome.

Vassos says he likes it.

Danny's remark was insensitive.

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It looks like you've got a green thumb.


The town church has been completely redone.

A small stream ran down among the rocks.

Welcome back, Masanobu.

At this distance we cannot hope to know the truth.

Why don't you sit and have a drink with me?

Let's hope Jiri was right.

You never should've let Kevan go to Boston with Suresh.

If he were here, what would he say?

This cartographer is famous for the precision in her maps.

I've lived here for three years.

Terrence put me in command.

Spacious apartments in Tokyo are hard to come by.

Terrence really should've finished doing that by now.


Alastair runs 10 kilometers every day.

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The sentence rings a bell with me. Where have I read it before?

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Will you please tell us where Ragnar is?

I was under the impression you wouldn't be at the meeting.

What's London really like?

They're so funny.

His heart bounded with expectation.

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I wasn't feeling very well.


Please turn the car around.

Did you warn Darin?

He puts his money in the bag.

Conrad had something he wanted to say. However, he couldn't fit a word in edgewise.

They never found out the truth.


I know what's wrong with him.

When you turn to the left, you'll see a white building.

I would rather be poor than be rich by taking advantage of others.

The boy succeeded in his quest, guided by the spirit of a squirrel.

I owe Loukas a great deal.

Did Clara oversleep?

Thousands of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year.


I'm glad to see you're happy.


USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

You should have known better than to trust him.

I can write what I want in my diary.

The city has been blasted to smithereens.

Did you eat breakfast?

Let me explain.

What are you worried about, anyway?

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

Ten people died, a woman among them.


I'll convince him not to go.


Please send details of these courses.

Is the bird alive or dead?

He's a man of his word.

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I understand things. I have a mouth and I can speak.

Aren't you supposed to be at school today?

As more and more houses were built around the lake, the lake became more and more polluted.

I hope your mother will regain her health soon.

The fisherman's story is fishy.


You have to make a choice.

You saw what happened, didn't you?

She took a painkiller.

Hold your tongue! You talk too much!

She still has much to learn.


Thanks for the sandwich.

Do you think your car will make it?

They spent a good deal of money on the project.

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For many years, Pluto was considered to be the ninth planet in our solar system.

Don't understand a thing.

Japanese is my mother tongue.

Natraj is intelligent and kind.

Yesterday, they went to the movies.


Pat stripped off his clothes and dived in.