Plastic paused briefly.

Saify wishes he was a better swimmer.


See to it that you estimate the losses by Friday at the latest.

Our solar system is elliptical in shape. That means it is shaped like an egg.

We are not fond of pets.

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Mwa offered to feed my cat while I was out of town.

I don't know what happened.

Love is the miracle of civilization.


Pia taught me how to do this.

I got in a fight with Edward last night.

I'm short of cash at the moment.


Lar was able to handle it.


Why are you accusing my son?

You're such a pack rat.

Do people ever accuse you of being obsessive?

The Cold War continued.

I admire the culture and the politeness of the Germans.

Piotr hasn't opened his book yet.

You deserve better.

The gates were closed.

The two countries negotiated a treaty.

You don't fool us.

Though he is young, he is equal to the task.

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Daniel looks like an Uyghur.

I left home early because I didn't want to miss the train.

The good old days have gone, never to return.

They were left behind.

I don't have a sister.

Rabin says he's snuggled with his girlfriend, but they haven't yet kissed.

How often does Ed see Hartmann?


I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

Inside the prism, violet light slows down more than red light.

I would like to make an offering.

The problem isn't him.

I don't think it was a mistake.


This is, even now, an unrealized dream.


This time, the exam was not just difficult, but also, the questions were ambiguous.

Torture is wrong.

Where would you like me to put your suitcases?

It's a town of three thousand souls.

You must be doing wonderfully in everything.

Make sure we haven't overlooked anything.

Do I have to fix up to go to their house?


I watched the 4th season of X-files.

I'm still very undecided.

The TickDisplay function has to be called every frame in order to play the animation.

You're not buying me out.

I'm very busy this week.

Let's go on in.

He opened the cage and set the birds free.

This isn't unlike what happened to me.

Are you coming to dinner?

Piotr used to eat a lot of junk food.

Here's a copy.

Try as you may, you can't do it in a day.

Never have I seen such a beautiful picture.


What's your favorite podcast?

The summit of the mountain is covered with fresh snow.

This is an extremely good deal for students or business people who travel and want a light laptop.

Are you going to eat that toast?

You'd better take his words with a grain of salt.

Sadly, many Japanese people died.

Casper does that to hide his insecurity.

She is a very cheerful and gragarious person.

Did you get what you went for?

I didn't know where to go, or what to do.

I tried a piece of cake and it was delicious.

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Shall I report a truce or war?

Sorry, but I've already won.

It's on every Friday at 6.

Could you come up here?

I'll talk to them tomorrow.


Bruno likes lacrosse.

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The weapons were concealed in the bottom of his baggage.

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You have lots of phones.

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Let's sit in the back.

I'd better stay out of that debate as I don't want any trouble.

He visited the grand temple every day.

Have a great weekend!

We've had a few casualties.

Hy was very angry at Harv.

"Tracy, I'm shot real bad. I can't carry on much longer if the bleeding doesn't stop."

We had better tell her beforehand, so we can calm her down.

For years the picture passed as a genuine Rembrandt.

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The union is pressing for a ten-percent pay hike.

My brother is really tall, about 1.8m.

If we hadn't lost our way, we would have been here sooner.

That's a very complicated problem.

I haven't heard that song in a long time.

Casey made good use of his time.

Have you seen the paper?

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Nigel claimed that he was innocent.

There is no doubt in my mind that Izchak didn't commit suicide.

That house belongs to us.

Bahrain became a kingdom in 2002.

I want to meet him.

I told Joe not to tell anyone.

He made up his mind to try again.

I'm taking her home with me.

Are there any souvenir shops here?

How much longer do you think it'll be?

I was surprised when Dale bought a round of drinks for everyone at the bar.

Do not mention the accident before the children.

I know some dirty jokes, but I never tell them.


It was her that told me.


She wears the same kind of clothes as her sister wears.

He has hardly any money, but he gets by.

If you have faith in God,You can control all five senses and live a peaceful longlife

I want you to search high and low for a writer who's just right for this project. Leave no stone unturned.

I can't take that risk.


I'm not sure how I got a shilling in my change from the cashier.

The level of the school is high.

Clifford can't help wondering whether he would have been better off if he had gone to college.

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A middle-aged woman with a knapsack on her back seemed to be looking for a place to sit down.

Tell her it was all your fault.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

My boss was very strict.

Kirby's quintessentially Japanese cuteness is almost incomprehensible to his American audience, who satirize him as a dark and gloomy character constantly, almost as a reflex.

Is there a tracking number for the package?

Thanks for your cooperation.

I sometimes make mistakes.

He may well get scolded for doing that.

I'm skinny.

And like that it's correct?


Aren't you afraid of catching a virus?

I'll be back soon. I have to run to the post office.

Think about your brother!

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Roger stepped out for a minute.

I'll have to wing it.

Gerard fed the pigs.

Do you ever talk to Gail?

Therefore, we try to persuade people not to have cash, to have money electronically transferred.


All right, let's just do this.

Elwood is getting a little tipsy.

There's a coffee shop in front of the station.

I feel as though there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We have snow on the mountain all the year round.

He doesn't realize that he doesn't have time for these things.

Can you take this stuff with you?

Children understand everything.

Trying has no money.

You like tigers.

Do you have any sales experience?


The police are after me.

My work is worth many times more.

All four of Jan's grandparents were teachers.

This data was compiled by Juan.

Olof got hurt in an accident at work.


Both Hy and Frances laughed.

Let's take small steps.

I feel for what you're going through.


There is a hole in his sock.

I'll call you every night.

I see him coming over the bridge.


Shakil may not have to go back to Boston.

The parents are listening.

Sergeant said he saw something scary.

Come visit Saint Petersburg in the autumn!

This cellphone is really expensive.

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I just got back from the post office.

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I flunked two of my tests.


The room hasn't been made up.

Adam was hard on Earnie.

This plant needs a lot of water.

We will stop that.

I hope you are safe.

Your bicycle is better than mine.

We can do nothing for him.