You need to set the record straight once and for all.


Clark Kent is Superman.

I said I liked it.

Marcia seems to be sad.

We just couldn't do it.

Why is that wrong?

The best is saved for last.

I have to sleep now.

Bobbie doesn't look convinced.

The straits were too narrow for the cruise ship.

The accident was entirely avoidable.

I think everybody already knows that.


Lui could think of no reason why he should stay.

Mitch won't have any trouble finding someone to help.

I have studied all day.

He will not abandon all hope.

Randolph didn't have to do that.


I will help him to the best of my ability.

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I think we should let Kolkka do what he wants.

Let's ignore that.

As far as I'm concerned, what you do in your free time is your own business, as long as it doesn't interfere with your work.

I didn't expect you.

Bernard was there with his girlfriend.

This is not a discovery, everybody knows it!

She denied having been there.

What time do you turn off the lights?

Part made the first move.

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You are more beautiful than you think.

A strong earthquake happened last night.

I didn't tell Nichael what happened.

It's hard not to like you.

Most matryoshkas are wooden.

She didn't quite understand my English.

I will do what I can for you.

Your need for intimacy may increase.

May's clothes were lying around the room.

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Malcolm and Lars live in a mid-century home.


The only thing that would have made it better is if it was cooked.

I thought you might actually do it.

I wish I had bought a concert ticket.

I frequently talk to her.

You're supposed to take your shoes off at the door.

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Did you go out last night?

Jose says he feels sorry for Steen.

She was wearing long boots.

Lars has more friends than Susan.

The car is brown.

Am I being too subtle?

There might be delays in language development.

He had returned to England forever.

Ramsey and I were born on the same day.

Can you really do it?

I assumed Colin would be here today.

In other words, she wants to refuse the proposal.

Am I going to need stitches?


Just tell them what you want.

I should've worn short sleeves.

The boy is totally dependent on his parents.

Jerry has naturally a very agreeable voice and utterance.

Kusum arrived three days ago.


We've been neighbours for more than 10 years.

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I felt naked.

Many people on Tinder are just looking for a short-term relationship.

This didn't have to happen.

Who was driving the hearse?

Is this typewriter yours?

The landscape of yellow, a mass of sunflowers flourishing beyond measure.

Spin the wheel around.

Could you tell me what this is used for?

The beautiful princess fell in love with the prince.


We used to go out every night.


I could get you arrested for that.

If I'm unemployed, I can't save up any money.

To all appearance it is true.

It's going to take some time to win back trust.

She tried to persuade him to buy her a pearl necklace.


Will you please show me the way?

Listen to me, I beg of you.

Why don't you care?


Debi wrote a note to Klaus.

Jelske made many mistakes.

I never actually saw it.

Sit on the sofa and feel at ease.

There is an oven to bake bread in the kitchen.

We won't see him again.

He got home at six.

This word is still in use.

Why do you always have to get so personal when we have an argument?


He runs to the station every morning.

Can you find out if Kieran speaks French?

I heard a young girl call for help.


Cowards run at the first sign of danger.

I need tranquility when I read.

You're confusing her.

Nicolas might be seriously ill.

I said get up!

He was wearing a gold necklace and a coat made of bird feathers.

Francois knows everyone here by name.

It wouldn't be too hard to design a new website for you.

Two is a pair.

Toerless is three years younger than me.

Well, what do you think of me?


Sorry, I'm late.

He amused the children by showing them some magic.

I never had bad intentions.


I don't need that.

What're you doing later?

Did you like the flowers that I sent you?

Apparently you are right.

Have you met everyone here?

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An elephant isn't as big as a whale.

Who do you agree with, Mr. Burns or Mr. Roland?

Let's just hope she won't evaluate the grammar.

I want your love.

She will lay the doll on her bed.


You are the only one.

That's not what I told him.

Birds have nests, spiders have webs, and humans have friendship.

I need more gold.

How I wish I could help you.

You're soaking.

Why couldn't you come yesterday?

Is that likely?

I don't know the end of the story.


The arrow glanced off the tree.

That helps all of us.

Pregnancy only happens if the ovum is fertilized.

I can't remember who arrived first.

I found an envelope for my letter.


I thought I smelled bacon.

The statue is dated 1920.

He studies in a night school for adults.

I wrote a book, but it wasn't very good.

Kamiya gave Hsi the signal to close the door.

It rains a lot during February here in Brazil.

She seemed surprised to hear her name called from behind.

He witnessed the accident on his way to school.

He cannot argue without losing his temper.


Exchange the old part for a new one.

Socorrito took a chance on me.

I bought some bread on the way home from work.

He hid his anguish with a smile.

Laurent didn't know Wilson had a boyfriend.

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My mother lives a lonely life in the country.


Ants have a well-organized society.


You take me for a sucker, don't you?

Maybe Russ should stay here with Spudboy.

Thanks for showing me around last week.

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Do you like carbonated water?

You need not do so.

You look bored.

I have something I want to show you.

The boy threw a stone.

It's sweet.

I saw some empty bottles lying on the ground.


I have nothing to complain of the conclusion.

I thought the key opened everything.

Mexico is a country in North America.


He must strive to find a solution.

They were anxious I would help them.

I allowed him to kiss me.

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We are test animals.

Ilya set his alarm for 2:30.

Ramon's injuries are superficial.

I didn't believe Brenda.

It's just blood.

Excuse me, where's the exit?

Where are Gideon's gloves?