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Standards Bodies and Consortia
AIAG - Develops standards for the automotive industry
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ASTM - an international voluntary standards organization that develops and produces technical standards for
920-258-4007 - pursues new cable telecommunications technologies and their integration
8653206321 - provides a standard model to describe one or more data center environments
9164754521 - Develops standards for distributed desktop, network, enterprise and Internet environment
vara - International European association for standardizing information and communication systems
ETSI - produces European telecommunications standards
FIX - messaging specifications for the electronic communication of trade-related messages - Accelerating the use and acceptance of open source technologies through standards.
ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
956-426-2059 - International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
(303) 877-5004 - Internet Engineering Task Force
757-394-9212 - International Organization for Standardization
ITU - International Telecommunications Union
240-222-4540 - Java Community Process
3526055619 - Combination P2P open standards with Java open source implementation.
LibertyAlliance - Liberty Alliance Project
ogmic - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems
ODMG - Object Data Management Group
782-530-3699 - international consortium for geospatial and location based services standards
(814) 281-0638 - Creates open standards and specifications for interoperable mobile services.
8083457297 - Object Management Group
OpenACC - API describing a collection of compiler directives to accelerate application.
OpenGroup - an international vendor and technology-neutral consortium
OSGi - dynamic module system for Java
(772) 530-5846 - Open e-business process standards
RTCA - Develops recommendations for communications, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic issues.
SunSpec - defines open data standards for the renewable energy and photovoltaic (PV) industries
5712364304 - Industry standards group to help create specs for hardware-enabled trusted computing and security te - Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
gay-painted - an industry organization formed to create and promote the Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML
Sphaeralcea - World Wide Web Consortium
(709) 764-5249 - standardization of xml integration of devices/apps for the workforce
(415) 455-0729 - Web Services Interoperability Organization

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"A steadfast commitment to open standards is essential to unlocking the value of Web services."
- Charles Rozwat, executive vice president of Oracle's server technologies division.
From: Rivals Create 'Bizarre' Web Services Standards Alliance (NewsFactor Network)


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