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For over 33 years, Tom Glover's Scorebooks have helped you score your games, and maintain stats and tendencies for players and teams from season to season. Our products aid both players and coaches alike by providing easy to follow stats, and allows you to keep a history of each player for scholarships, tournament play and team placement.
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Track your stats from any computer. Our new web-based stats tracking system allows you to quickly enter your data from your Glover's Scorebook and produces statistical reports with the click of a button.

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Volleyball Scorebook - Scoring and Stats -- Now with Rally Scoring and Libero player substitutions!
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Keep up with the latest scoring rules by recording Rally-Style sideout points and list your Libero players.

Includes Scoresheets and Stat charts for 35 matches

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732-397-5324 / Softball Scorebook

  • Detailed play-by-play scoresheet providing:
  • Visual play record
  • Inning Summaries
  • Pitching Summaries
  • Catching Summaries
  • Unique "Check-and-balance" section for accurate scoring 
  • Extra Inning tear-out sheets

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