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Bright Solutions. Bright Schools.

Connecting Students to Opportunity

Through Technology and Leadership.



Lumen Touch is proud to bring a true all-in-one, integrated system designed to increase productivity, security, and efficiency for all users. Our Bright SUITE includes an extensive Student Information System, a compliance driven Special Education System, FERPA and HIPPA approved Health System with Medicaid Billing, Curriculum and Learning Management, Student ePortfolio and Mentor Program, Communication and Collaboration Platform to Engage All Audiences,  Professional Development, Interactive Data Dashboarding, Financial Management and MUCH MORE. We are determined to provide White Glove Customer Service and be sure all learners are connected to opportunities through technology and leadership!


Connecting students to opportunity through technology and leadership.  Lumen Touch is not just a technology company, but a partner in education.  It’s for this reason that we have developed the Lumen8.  Based on the Malcolm Baldrige Program of Excellence, the Lumen8 Leadership program is designed to move districts, schools, classrooms, or groups to be the most efficient and excellent organizations they can be.  Through a series of assessments, processes, and learning sessions, groups will be taken on a journey of understanding the purpose of their organization, setting a clear vision, and developing processes to reach the goals that align with the organization’s vision. Technology is quickly changing the educational landscape, but true transformation of education can not take place until leadership decides to make a shift.


From school transformation, Project Based Learning, to efficient processes and technology audits, Lumen Touch’s team of educational experts can help meet your organization’s needs. As an educational partner, we are always teaming up with leaders in their field to help shift the educational paradigm and bring them to our customers.  Social Emotional Learning, Anti-Bullying Education, and Phenomenon Based Learning are just a few new additions to our Bright Consulting Team topics.

Professional Development

Lumen Touch has worked hard to improve standard training processes for technology and leadership to become true professional development.  No longer are learners just sitting through presentations, but actively engaging in the learning process for all opportunities provided.  Outside of professional development for Bright SUITE modules, Lumen Touch also provides professional development for leadership through the Lumen8 program, and many other areas that benefit all types of educators, leaders, and community members.


Connecting Through Technology

From our Bright SUITE all-in-one solution to providing devices to students in remote locations around the world, Lumen Touch is determined to connect ALL students to opportunities through technology.

Connecting Through Leadership

Shift doesn’t happen with out the leadership.  Lumen Touch is excited to connect all of those in the educational landscape to leadership opportunities in and out of their district.

Make Your Schools BRIGHT

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