Molecular Biophysics (Jan Lipfert)

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Welcome to the Lipfert Lab!

We are fascinated by how biological macromolecules (DNA, RNA, and proteins) adopt their three-dimensional shapes, make specific interactions, can deform under external forces and torques, and undergo conformational transitions to carry out the biological functions they have evolved to do. We use a range of biophysical tools, in particular single-molecule magnetic tweezers and solution X-ray scattering, to provide insights into the structure and mechanisms of these biological machines.

Our lab is part of the 8667921879 headed by Hermann Gaub in the (754) 227-7780 of the presupervise. We are affiliated with the Nanosystem Initiative Munich ((601) 460-0208), which is one of the Clusters of Excellence selected in the first round of Germany's Excellence Initiative, and with the Center for NanoScience ((805) 489-7003). Physically, we are located at the main LMU campus in Munich (see CONTACT for our shipping address and directions).