There is only one tiny difference.

Our resident squirrel eats all our camellias.

We're good at it.

Karl trusts him.

I need to find someone who can drive a truck.

You'll get lost.

I can now die happily.


I get back on the 22.30 (train) to Bologna.


I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Foods you eat which you don't like will not digest well.

I am assumed to go to London.


Doctors receiving kickbacks from drug companies to prescribe their products is a growing problem.

Let me have the list.

It's likely to rain soon.

She looked like she was going to start crying again.

Don't talk to your mother like that!

What's your purpose in studying English?

I can't possibly stay.

I wait here until she comes.

He's only twelve, but he plays chess with the best of them.

You can always count on Lui in any emergency.

I don't want to tell my girlfriend that.

He is taking an advanced course in Esperanto.

We trusted each other.

He works hard so as to succeed.

I, too, have a question.

I can't believe that Page is a grandfather.

Magnus doesn't study as hard as he used to.

The guilty fear the law, the innocent fortune.

Since I was tired, I took a nap.

It's about time for lunch.

I want to be alone for a while.

I will sue you.

I got it for nothing.

Guy says he can get you what you need.

Is there a reward?


Isabelle doesn't need to tell me. I already know.

We went to dinner and had a few drinks after the show.

Stacy is a great romantic.

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It's a movie we've never seen before.

The peace negotiations will start this week.

I'm at home right now.

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Bob gets overemotional at times like these.

I'd already thought of that.

The focal point of the magnifying glass was only two inches from the object.

Margot died in 2013 of cancer.

What time did they leave?


Where exactly did you go?


What atrocities do we not perpetrate in the name of culture and refinement!

I regret not having heard that conversation.

I don't want to sit next to them.

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Monday's protests were mostly peaceful.

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Amanda was smart.

He'll be seventeen in February.

There should be a celebration.

This conversation never happened.

You can't leave a baby alone.

He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.

Do you have any idea what happened to Charleen?

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What are we going to tell her?

Korean food is generally very spicy.

Why are you pretending you can't understand French?

They didn't settle the bill.

In order to get a cheap ticket, you need to buy it way in advance.

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I met Mattias in Spain.

She fell in love with her friend's younger brother.

Miriamne's parents are dead.


In another six months you will be able to speak German fluently.


Would you hand me the suitcase, please?

I hope you'll enjoy the concert.

Now you know how I feel.

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Seth is ashamed of me.

Congratulations! You won a free cruise!

The man in the doorway was not an easy customer, the kind of guy all the waitresses hoped that someone else would serve.

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I don't think Brandy can speak any French.

You need some cough syrup and aspirin.

He said his name was Brodie.

Could I just talk with you?

The bridge must be built in six months.

You are afraid that Latinate languages exude sexuality, to which you are not accustomed.

Alastair wants to talk to me again.


I performed your task.

Bradford has denied any wrongdoing.

But in many ways, the bird called Alex is unusual, for it has shown the kind of mental abilities that scientists once thought only humans had.

I didn't tell Stefan that.

That's how we want it written.


Those two departments are sometimes at odds with each other.

We want to protect this world we have.

There is no hurry about returning the book to me.


Global warming will change the patterns of the weather world-wide.


Take that.


Skeeter was lying helpless on the floor.

Here's the first gray hair on my head.

Marie did an amazing thing.

We're a team, not individuals! We need to work as a team.

Are they friends or are they dating?


I can't tell you how glad that makes me.


Jeanette is a really good cook.


I shouldn't have tricked him.

Do whatever you please!

They'll come looking for you.

We shouldn't have gotten up so early.

What languages do they speak in Canada?

I'm not bitter at all.

They worked hard in order to develop a new machine.


Put away your toys.

I wish Roy would stop yelling at me.

Do you want to have fun?


Steven is extremely tolerant.

Stephan told me a secret.

Pack your gear.

Do you like Japanese food?

Oysters are in season now.


Matter changes its form according to temperature.

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We look forward to getting back home.


Excessive drinking is destructive of our health.

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Do you bake every day?

We still have more time.

Can this wait?


In order to keep our feet warm we had to shift from one foot to another and keep moving.

We talked in low voices so we wouldn't wake the baby.

I always feel good after I do my good deed for the day.

The poor child was on the verge of starvation.

Can you tell us what you're doing?

He will pay 20 dollars at most.

Pete doesn't like looking in the mirror.


I have seen nothing of him recently.

Gilles never found out the truth about Ralph and John.

We are breakfasting at seven, if you would like to join us.

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Those who work hard will succeed.

I thought Moe was a musician.

Did you also invite your friends?

It takes only a short time to learn how to explain things to students. It takes much longer to learn when not to.

They all did it.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

The biologist is proud of his historic discovery.

I've seen it a million times.

Don't you see what's happening here?

She sometimes goes into a mood of depression.

I wish I had my camera.

I'm not used to being yelled at.

I knew you wouldn't forget her.

To work in medicine, you should have a vocation on it.

Nancy gave me his word.


Take good care of what you eat and drink every day.

Do you have any drinks?

Winning isn't the only thing that matters.

How am I still alive?

Pierce told me that he thought it would rain all day.

That has no bearing on our plan.

She's being legit.

I am sure that we will be very happy here.

You can't win.


Jim, you're flattering me.

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I asked you first.


Kusum is lying about more than that.

Evan plans to return to Boston by bus.

That is why he wasn't present at the meeting.

I woke up in a cold sweat.

In Japan the school year begins in April.

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What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?