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I'm going to be on the next bus.

We should substitute margarine for butter for our health.

I'm typing in a minimized document.


Let me kiss you.

Only yesterday did I see him.

I'll smack the living daylights out of you!

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Japan is poor in natural resources.

Why do you have to put me down all the time?

All the passengers are accounted for.

My dog follows me whenever I leave the room.

It is interesting to note that


That can happen sometimes.

The door isn't locked.

Hurry up, Vishal.

Junior, why don't we go into a group together?

Spanish inflects; Japanese conjugates; German declines.

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Arne is still in critical condition.

We intend to do better next year.

Why do you have to be like that?

When she saw her test score, she burst into tears.

One more person will be joining us later.

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Marlena worked his way through college.

Of course there were several hundred boats moving around on the water but not just any old one would do.

Leif never found out the truth about Nici and John.

Vivek called some friends for help.

Leslie knew what Margaret did for a living.


I'm sorry I broke your antique lamp.


The policeman got the suspect.

I couldn't stand a life without pleasures!

For example, what would you do if you had ten thousand dollars?

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For one thing, I am poor; for another, I am busy.

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Why do you believe that I went?


I think you're going to like this movie.

I don't like this shirt. Show me another one.

Tahsin is small, but strong.


He left the room without even saying goodbye.

She was only too glad to help us.

Eleanor though the daughter of a king and brought up in the greatest luxury determined to share misfortune with her husband.

This is a mosque.

What am I supposed to think?


That was Bud's only fault.

Maybe you ought to do what Susumu told you to do.

There won't be any need for that.

Carter doesn't know the reason.

Can anyone pronounce this word?

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The police caught the thief.

Wilson says he doesn't know what Ira wants to do.

Now, it's time to celebrate.


That's a big fish.


Phillip is my half-brother.

Vaporise the solvent from the liquid. What's left is the perfume component and a lump of vegetable wax.

The faster we rub our hands together, the warmer they get.

Deirdre likes playing with cars.

Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

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The reason is pretty obvious.

Are you with someone?

The trains were jammed with commuters.

No matter what you may do, you must do your best.

Jeffrey kept the stolen jewels for himself.


You'd better be right.

Let me tell you about him.

I'm not going alone.


Wolfgang couldn't be bothered making the effort to get on with Krzysztof's mother.

A book has pages.

I can't imagine what Jenine sees in Anthony.

Tim said nothing wrong.

I said I didn't remember.


Could you explain it to me?

Marek is just doing his job.

The job is interesting, but not always easy.

Who does the gun belong to?

I got your letter.

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I know how you guys work.


Noemi doesn't need to work.

I know that Tammy likes classical music.

He was elected a member of parliament.


How about getting the special of the day?

Beware of jellyfish.

Deirdre doesn't seem to want to study today.

Nici learned how to swim when he was very young.

It is very important to master English in short time.

What position do you play?

Walt is a skydiving instructor.

The class was divided into four groups.

The time may come when people will have used up all the oil.

I could lose my license.

What's the cause?

We need a response.

Why do you laugh so hard at his jokes? They're not even funny.

She put lots of sugar in the coffee.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Seenu and Rod had two daughters: Paula and Joanna.

We kept together for safety.

We shook on it.

Overseas food exports are one of the mainstays of agribusiness.

In June, it rains a lot in Sendai.

I hate you all.

He spared no effort for success.

Even a chief detective like Teruyuki fails in doing his job, without the huge help of colleagues and associates.

You'll find the people here very kind.

I've got nothing against waiting, but after two hours I'm feeling understandably a bit impatient.

It happened yesterday.

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Due to Triton's retrograde orbit, its density, and its composition, astronomers theorize that Triton was not originally a satellite of Neptune, but was captured by Neptune's gravitational pull, forcing it into an orbit around the planet.


We are well aware of the fact that he is a specialist in that language, nevertheless he is not allowed to adopt any sentence written in it, since that isn't his mother tongue.


If anyone has a better idea, I'd like to hear it.

She simply wept a river of tears before her father's grave.

I'm sure Kimmo wouldn't mind it if you used his umbrella.

We're birds of a feather.

This is the hut in which he lived.

I have a tip that will make every cake successful.

Stagger tried to pry the door open.

Honesty is not always the best policy.

Did you ever catch Claudia?

Does truth begin in lies?

Is this his umbrella?

The government plans to scrap some of the older planes.

Arne poured a bucket of ice-cold water on himself.


In order to improve your language skills, try to find books written in the language you are learning.

Tell me what to write and I'll write it for you.

Jimmy is more famous than I am.

Everything went well.

Would you mind if I had a smoke?

Take out your homework.

I'm not the one who yelled at your mother.


You're completely right.

Mitch killed Ernest because he found out she had started the fire that had killed his family.

That really intrigues me.


I don't feel lucky.

Grant publicly denounced the war.

What had kept him from coming to the party?

All my advice was lost on her.

Poor me.


This apple is rotten.


She went into the room and lay on the bed.

You must've known.

I caught it.

I am planning to book my flights to Berlin soon after.

Everything was fine.

The pond is 100 meters in diameter.

My watchdog is alert to the slightest sound and movement.

We ran out of money.

In another six months you will be able to speak German fluently.


I did that all by myself.


Maybe you're not as stupid as you look.

He's good.

Kiki drank a lot last night.

Do you speak Bulgarian?

Theo wouldn't tell me anything about what happened that night.

Jeanne's surprised.

It took me two hours to get to Yokohama.


Have you ever heard such a story?


I felt very awkward.

Go along this street and turn right at the bank.

Hey, why don't you take a break?


Maybe we should ask Lyndon if he wants this old piano.


It did not teach her to speak.

We've met on occasion.

This ring is very expensive.

I thought we had a problem.

He is a careful player.

What color do you want to dye your hair?

Gigi seems scared about something.