Wait List Apps Streamline the Wait

JTECH’s Restaurant App Suite – HostConcepts™ – includes our remarkable iPad Wait List App, Table Management, Reservations and more.  Our Text Messaging Apps are also available for healthcare, retail and church applications.  Text or page, you choose! JTECH’s  iPad Wait List Apps for Restaurants, Healthcare, Retail and Churches, let you decide how to connect with your guests, patients and patrons.

At JTECH we are more than restaurant pagers. Our amazing apps for restaurants, healthcare, retail and a host of other industries, are powerful, affordable and intuitive. Our high tech tools combine text messaging and paging so you and your customers have a choice.

iPad Wait List_Table Management_SMS Text Messaging App

Extensive Suite of Text Messaging Apps, Pagers and Paging Systems

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Our on-site paging systems and wait list apps solve communication problems for diverse industries including restaurants, medical facilities, hospitals, retailers, stadiums & arenas, manufacturing facilities and a host of others.  Our full line of wireless tools include: iPad wait list apps, table management and text messaging apps, restaurant pagers, server pagers, patient pagers, retail pagers, church nursery pagers, wireless call buttons and alphanumeric text pagers.  Our wireless paging and messaging systems allow you to choose the application that best meets your needs, budget and company objectives.

Medical Facilities Benefit from Improved Patient Flow and Patient Satisfaction

We design and develop our wireless apps and devices.  Patient pagers, patient & family wait list apps with text messaging, medical staff messaging and wireless call buttons for exam rooms streamline the communication process. Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Groups, Doctor’s Offices, Nursing Homes and others depend on our innovative, user friendly technology to improve patient flow, increase staff efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction.

Superior Value and Exceptional Performance

JTECH wireless paging systems, text messaging solutions and cloud based apps are designed and manufactured to our specifications. JTECH provides the most reliable selection of restaurant pagers, customer and staff pagers to meet your unique application requirements. Pager styles range from rechargeable to alkaline models so that you can choose the pager that will best suit your application. Our GuestPass™ restaurant pagers, QuikCall™ server and staff pagers, QuikText™ top mount alpha text pagers, MediPass™ medical pagers, and ShopperPass™ retail pagers are all rechargeable with field replaceable batteries, providing years of useful life and designed to save you time and money.

Unlimited Pager Expansion and Integration to Diverse Systems

JTECH’s wireless paging systems are designed to work with all JTECH restaurant pagers, healthcare patient pagers, and retail pagers. We make it easy to add more pagers. We manage your pager numbers, so you don’t have to.

Restaurant Pagers, Retail Pagers, Healthcare Patient and Family Pagers, Church Nursery Pagers, Wait List apps with Paging and Text Messaging, Table Management, Wireless Call Buttons and more…