Don't forget to open the window in your room.

Can you really blame us?

Where's this place?

Alexander told Naim the whole truth.

He worships the ground she treads on.

Ian doesn't think that will ever happen.

We should have done that.

You have an English test tomorrow, so don't get bogged down in your math homework tonight.


Jaime can't do that.

Lum was in that building.

I was just talking about Syd.

She cannot distinguish right from wrong.

Jimmy is easy for me to get along with.

Don't eat the yellow snow.

I can't decide whether to join that club.

In the end, she moved back to England.

I need to drop these useless perceptions to take full throttle over my life.


The river rose by degrees.

I can die happy now.

Is Caleb unconscious?

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Dick is sometimes late for school.


It is very convenient to have a convenience store next to one's house.

Your letter has just arrived.

Kay ate some ice cream.

The whole country is talking about it.

Even though it was very cold, we went out.

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I am fixing a meal.

Leonard is a menace.

Dan saw blood on the kitchen floor.

Pete is going to lose his job if he keeps showing up late for work.

Would you rub some lotion on my back?

That better be good enough.

It's the first time I scream in presence of the manager. I saw a big cockroach on the table!


Kate grabbed Marian's fishing pole to help her pull in the fish.

Why don't you all come with me?

How much food do we have left?

Milk is a good beverage.

Irwin didn't win the race, ruining his perfect record.

He is a Cicero in eloquence.

Mosur might be willing to donate some money.

We dated on a semi regular basis until she moved to Australia.

Why do you suppose all this is happening to you?

I need your support.

I was dog tired when I got home last night.

Heather has confidence in Susanne's ability to win the race.

Wait till I call.


Make yourself useful.

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I've heard that Merat is planning to move to Boston.

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The men looked at Jessie in silence.


I don't understand French at all.


We want to donate money.

Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

I believe this concern to be exaggerated.

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It's my stomach that's bothering me.

It must be terribly difficult, running her household on her own after divorcing.

Why don't you guys head on home?


All three of them were in love with the same girl.

I just found Butler. She's dead.

When the person is old enough, he can get circumcised.

I ran around the field.

They are living it up in Honolulu.


I want you back in one piece.


It's unusual.

It looks really good on you.

I'd be delighted to sing for you.

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This year is a new challenge for me.

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This chair is uncomfortable.

Let's escape together.

You had better make sure that he is at home before you call on him.


Were I in your place I would do the same thing.

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Why are you telling me that Joe has a girlfriend?

The roses are red.

We were attacked by zombies.

Mickey can't speak French without making a lot of mistakes.

Bucky got the day off.

Hal just got back from his lunch break.

Tell them it's urgent.


How might that change?

I can understand written Spanish just a little but spoken Spanish is Greek to me.

"What were you doing staring at her boobs?" "What are you talking about?"

I was walking around the school.

Tor died three weeks ago in Boston.

You're too stupid to live.

These plums are ripe.

If you like it, you can keep it!

Whose ever bread one eats, his language one speaks.


Please let me try it again.

I thought we should quit.

You don't know him, do you?

It resembles a wedding.

She said that she had met him three months before.


The office held a memorial for him.

He was not at all surprised at her ability.

They're quite disagreeable, aren't they?

I don't think Laura has too many friends.

It's nice to have you back.

Drink a lot of milk, because that is healthy.

I heard of his involvement in crime.


You are free to leave when you don't like this anymore.

I really like the word "credible".

Naresh wanted to live in Boston with his grandparents.


Sooner or later, I'll probably get tired of doing this.

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Their whereabouts are unknown.

The Second World War broke out in 1939.

They won't wait long.

I'll pack.

I'll certainly be sad if he dies.

And so does my brother.

Everybody's upstairs.


I can't make Spy do anything.


The government banned cigarette advertising on television.


Are you still in Florida?

I got nothing to ask.

Your homework is one important part of the learning experience.

You've got no authority to do that.

Glenn can do all sorts of things quite well.

He plays bagpipes and wears a kilt.

Butter is sold by the pound in the USA.


I cannot speak English, much less Spanish.


Well... actually, I'm sick.

They want to take land, but there are men on that land. They want to get rid of them, so they call them the 'savage'. Once called the 'savage', these men are not considered as humans anymore. So it's permitted to kill them off to the last one. And this is how somebody's land becomes somebody else's land.

You fooled and insulted me.

No one was prepared for what happened next.

I doubt whether he is honest.

Let's get in the car.

Suck my dick.

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What can they do to us?

He'll come before lunch if he comes at all.

Can you deliver this?

The candle flickered a few times and then went out.

May I introduce my friend to you?

My car got stuck in the mud.

The dress is of silk.

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The horse, the lion, the dog and the sheep are animals.

I was born in the year 1977.

Tell him to hurry back.


If I were rich, I would travel a lot.

We can't function like this.

I gave him as much food as he wanted.

Avery burst into the kitchen.

Roderick and Kristen were the only ones that were left.


Is she your only daughter?

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He is no more than a dreamer.

Rodney didn't seem to understand what was going on.

His older sister is older than my oldest brother.


Could you send it by email?

Juha didn't get a chance to even try.

He fell in love with her, but didn't even know her name.

There's Bud's car.

I knew Alberto was going to wait for Malcolm.

They believe their country is secure against foreign enemies.

His sin will find him out.

Life is but an empty dream.

We think you're doing very well here.


Each package contains a score of cigarettes.


You must not cast a spell upon someone inside the school.


He couldn't find any refuge.


Why are there differences between the male and the female?

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The street is somewhere along here.