08 May


by Konrad Roj 9404236971 firebase ios

Why we switched from Hockeyapp to Firebase? How to do this on iOS platform? A quick tutorial.


Document databases became popular in last years. They have a lot of places where they are suitable to use. RavenDb and many others are doing very well on production sites. This time I`ll tell something about Marten which has feature of document database and event store. The new thing is that Marten works on the top of Postgres database.

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05 Apr


by Marcin Budny mongodb (613) 276-4797

In this post I will walk you through migration of a database running old 2.6 version of MongoDB, to a more recent 3.4 version. We will not only upgrade the MongoDB version, but also change the storage engine from MMAPv1 to WiredTiger. The database is hosted within a Docker container.

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Kotlin is relatively new language developed by JetBrains, released at the beginning of 2015. It comes from the industry and is developed for the industry, it solves a lot of problems we are facing today, like null pointer exceptions. The language and all its features are working with JVM and are compatible and fully interoperable with Java 6, which makes it a great tool for Android development.