Advancing Healthcare Through Data Analysis


The Florence A. Rothman Institute (FARI) is hyper-collegial. A formal “mind-share” conference occurs at least weekly, but frequently 1 v 1 or small group sessions spontaneously occur in a corridor, office doorway, office, or via video conference. At FARI synergy is palpable.

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What FARI means to me, by Duncan Finlay, CEO

What FARI means to me by Duncan Finlay, CEO You don’t get many, if any, chances to make a difference that will positively impact the lives of millions of people. That chance came to me in 2005 when Steven and Barbara Rothman appeared in my office with an idea that...

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What’s Wrong with the Electronic Health Record?

What’s Wrong with the Electronic Health Record? “It ain’t the arrow, it’s the Indian,” means don’t blame your golf clubs if you hit a poor shot –it’s the user, not the tool. In contrast, in today’s medical practice, it’s the “arrow,” not the physician that’s the...

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What were we trying to do?

What were we trying to do? In his book, “The Digital Doctor”, Bob Wachter describes speaking to a group of medical students thusly: “You folks need to be prepared for a career that will be massively different from mine. You will be under relentless pressure to deliver...

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