Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.

Tell Ronald we want to know the truth.

He would be the last to deceive you.

Take things as they are.

Her behavior is worthy of reverence.

I have something that might interest you.

It is crazy of you to put your life at risk.

Do you remember them?

Bless you!


I had my picture taken.


There is little, if any, hope of his recovery.

The couple paid a lot of money for their furniture.

You of all people should understand how Rajendra feels.

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We're talking about a contagious disease.

Hochiminh City is the largest city in Vietnam.

We've finally reached the summit.

It could be a big problem.

This is no time to be stubborn.

What if Susumu doesn't want to talk to me?

The pontoons are detachable.


I tried my best, but I still lost the race.

I want to learn how to speak French.

I will have been to Paris five times when I go there again.

I've got to talk to Seymour.

Reinhard is obsessed with this song.


I missed the bus.

The cherry blossom is to Japan what the rose is to England.

It gradually dawned on me that I had taken the wrong train.


Shane doesn't start a fight.

Trey thinks he has invented a perpetual motion machine.

The shop won't be open for clients tomorrow.


Have you ever wiped the table?

I have not given them anything.

I can't let you in there.

No one has a perfect body.

My grandpa is under the delusion that we're still at war.

Shall I close it?

Francisco was never happy.

There's something you do not know about Christina.

We were made to practice three hours a day by the manager.

It belonged to my father.

Brandy has the same birthday as me.

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Well, he is pretty preoccupied these days.

If you don't have good ingredients, you can't make good food.

Let's tell the truth.

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Has he lived here for two years?

It's not very durable.

Phil hasn't been here since last October.

I cannot tell you everything that happened to me yesterday.

I had some bad breaks.


My father seldom smokes.

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I was just talking to your mother.

I have a sharp pain in my chest.

This doesn't make sense.


I want to go back to my quarters.

The sun baked the ground dry.

Meeks always forgets Rajendra's birthday.

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It was not long before the news came.

You had better not take such a hopeless view of life.

There is not even a semblance of proof.

The meeting is to be held next Thursday.

Janos is freaky.

Holly is the strongest.

It's up to us to do it.


Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

According to the fortune teller, I was supposedly a prince in another life.

People who make no noise are dangerous.

It's unlikely that Jussi will ever learn to play the mandolin.

I have to deal with this myself.


When we looked down, we saw many buildings.


I'm pretty sure Jackye's bilingual.

Does one of you know where Saul went?

Leslie is a fashion designer.

That was absolutely awesome!

When are your parents coming home?


Natraj sabotaged Elizabeth's car to prevent her from leaving the farm.


He should be in charge.


What you're proposing is ridiculous.

The water will soon drain away.

Tibetan rug weavers use traditional designs and knotting. Hence their rugs have a simple, natural look.

Herbert has been studying French for years.

I'm pretty excited.

I can't stand this noise any longer.

Hitoshi gets paid a lot.

His meeting began at five in the afternoon.

Olaf didn't know who Clark's father was.

I wish I could take back all those terrible things I said about you last night.

I've lost my car key.

She may have argued with him, but I don't think she could have hit him.

Don't brush me off.

Who owns this food?

Ravi is frying an egg.

He is friendly to us and wants our help.

I'll go no matter what.


I need to know what happened.

I had to work.

I'm too short to reach the top shelf.

I destroyed everything.

I didn't shoot anything.

What am I being charged with?

Melanie is busy right now

Judge called Naren and had her pick him up at the station.

They call you Sue.


Why is he sitting there for so long?

At least you had fun.

It's a good dream.

Flawless precision is required in the measurements.

Can you tell me the way to the nearest post office?

I never stay anywhere long enough to make friends.

I earned it.

She shrugged her shoulders.

How do we begin?

Hsuan used to be tough.

Not so fast!

Griff made this same mistake before.

I saw them on TV.

Do you want to be near her?

Everyone knows me.

Kate's father is near the house.

The news can't be true.


This city is in the USA.

Vick is quite stubborn, isn't he?

We're not really worried about that.

Happy Birthday, Cecilia.

They approached each other.

Now he tells me the truth.

What is your field of study, your domain of inquiry, your major interest?

Last night I began to nod off in front of the TV.

Will ate the whole apple.

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We should try to help them.


What will you do with this camera?

We created a freely available English-Japanese bilingual corpus.

You're not invited.

It's time you two talked.

You all know what you have to do.

At last, he made up his mind to marry again, feeling that a wife would bring peace and order to his household and take care of the children.

Maybe Suyog would be happier somewhere else.


Slice the quartered lettuce into broad slices.

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Usually, the second generation has never been to India.

It's nearly midnight. I'm ready for bed.

Not even Huashi could've done this by himself.

No one cared.

Bjorne said it was all like a dream.

I remember Theo telling me about the time he and Rainer had climbed Mt. Fuji.

You have only to sweep the floor.


Cecilia just called.

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I admit her superiority to others.


My husband comes home at about eight.

If you want something done right, sometimes you've just gotta do it yourself.

The express train from Paris arrives at ten o'clock.

You need to lower your standards.

I told him I didn't want to go.

Put the question in writing.

I don't have to say anything to Evan.


That'd be impossible.

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The trash can was empty.


I wanted to be a bus driver when I was five.

We've prepared well.

The desk is too small for Meg.

I can hope for a miracle, can't I?

I'm a big fan of your work.

They were hanging on her words.

Optical illusion makes the second object look larger than the first.

I used to be able to speak French better than I do now.

When I return I want everything to be prepared.

Do you really think that'll help?

They need us now.