That's dead normal.

I'm here to protect him.

Were you promoted?

Must I finish this work?


I think Gypsy knows.

There is no other country in the world where earthquakes are as frequent as in Japan.

Young men such as you are needed for this work.

Why would Toerless attack me?

Robin Hood loves Marian.

Russians are able to name as brothers the very people whose country they're devastating and who they are slaughtering.

You could have told me.

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I've got a criminal record.

Kee isn't cheating.

I want to try to be fair.

I hope to return soon.

How hard they work!


It's time for Lana to understand how we want things done.

I'll ask him how the accident happened.

That's a very naive question.


We never stood a chance.

The scores are low because the task is cognitively demanding.

We often associate black with death.

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I told you I'm the best.


Guillermo and Teri have a teenage daughter.

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I cannot dig a hole in the middle of the street.

I dare not even think what happened to them.

We're running out of ammo.

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We sat up all night talking.

I quarrelled with my sister because she's too kind.

Hans tried to stab me.

We set out traps for catching cockroaches.

In a frenzy of despair...


Let's leave tomorrow morning.


I can't fly.

Carole and I'll be at the hospital visiting Denis.

I told her I'd help her.


Divers or frog people have an air container on their backs.

Life is fun.

The room has been empty for a long time.


If it weren't for you, God knows when we'd find out about their mistake.


Would you mind if I left a little early?

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You should come, too.

But where is this compass?

I do not program their integrated circuits.

To turn cold water hot, one needs to heat it.

Love conquers all.

Jack picked up some food for dinner.

Exceptions prove the rule.

Television sets began to appear house by house at that time.

Please listen to me carefully.

I saw Phil in the hallway.

Only human beings are capable of speech.

My wife is leaving town for a few days.

Do you really want to lead this kind of life?

Is that a bat?

My mother is seriously ill.

The opposition was divided.

He usually drops in at my place.

I'm not going to move out.

Many of today's young adults are drowning in credit card debt which most of them will never be able to pay off.

What do you want me to explain?

The tigers escaped from the zoo.


Chill out!

These senseless killings will not go unpunished.

I have no idea what I should do.

Did you choose those songs yourself?

I really wish to see you today.

He is fond of adventure.

You don't listen, do you?

You can spend your time in any way you want; it's your time, after all.

Drive on.

He is living outside the city.

Lex says he knows how difficult it'll be to do that.

For many years, the abbey was turned into a fortress, happily joining in itself martial and religious architecture.

Be sure to pay for getting me to show you this video on your way out.

Of course, I can't tell her.

She makes her own clothes.

Piercarlo didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

You can't just pretend that nothing happened.

We'll have to find another option.

John is interested in golf.


We tried to cheer Rogue up.

Don't let Kris leave.

I'm not convinced that's justified.

Age does not make us childish, as they say. It only finds us true children still.

You are off the point.

As a child, Vicky particularly hated clowns and apes. To this day, in fact, that has not changed one bit.

You're the only person I know in Boston.

He made a hole big enough to put inside a chart-load of pebbles

We're mature.

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The house is warm.


Lin locked the door so only he and others with keys can get into the room.


The sky is above me.

I stopped to smoke.

He is endowed with a sense of humor.

After finishing eating, one must say, "Thanks for the food."

They had to build bridges over the many streams.

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It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.


Patricio has to speak French at work.

They danced in the fire.

I thought I'd challenge Vladimir to a game of chess.


Tim's motorbike is far more expensive than mine is.

There's so much I want to tell you.

Now is the time for Esperanto, because communication has become vastly more important in the world.

An optimist believes we are living in the best of all possible world; a pessimist tends to agree with him.

I always speak French with him.

Cockfighting is illegal in many countries.

Jitendra sets the table on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Ima sets the table on the other days.


Laurent doesn't like being treated like a child.

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You know you can count on me.


That college student is studying engineering.

I taught myself how to play the guitar.

That can diagnose anything, quicker and cheaper than a doctor.


I'm hoping that Karen will volunteer to help us.


How do you know so much about Sonja?

I hate to see you so miserable.

I need your car keys.

I found the love of my life.

I'm not denying it happened, but one example can't be called proof.


Adrian liked the idea.

Vaughn's girlfriend saw him with another girl.

Marcel Kittel has won the first stage of the Tour de France.

Do you have proof?

Prakash confronted Krzysztof.

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Not everybody knows about my plan.

What's this chair doing here?

Mahesh deserves it.

He didn't get on well in his new job.

You look like a lawyer.


They're in math class.

"What exactly are they doing in there?" "That's a good question."

"I hear Juliane and Judge are getting a divorce." "That's the rumor."


The union has a dominant influence on the conservative party.

Could you do that for me?

I cannot conceive why she has done such a thing.


I'm sick of French.


The Space Needle is in Seattle.

I don't really know her at all.

Gigi is being punished.

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"Why does Urumqi have such cold weather?" "Naturally, because it's north of the Tian Shan."

I had my brother clean my room.

Rest assured that I will do my best.

I've never said such a stupid thing.

What Harris really wanted was a rest.


Could we stay at your place for a few nights? I hope I'm not inconveniencing you. I won't take up any more of your time, I promise. I won't trouble you any further.

I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.

They want to tell you their story.


I told you the interview would be a breeze.

Ken shot Earnie.

You're the last person I expected to see here.


Avery finally managed to pry Alastair's real opinion from her.

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Have a nice summer vacation.

Rephrasing the well-known principle of Shaw in conformity with Tatoeba, one can say: "Make up a sentence that even a fool can translate, and only a fool would like to translate it."

Moore knew that he was dying.

I'm not sure what Stanislaw means.

I don't care how much it itches. Don't scratch it.

The child cried for a toy car.

You aren't perfect.

Why do you see within?

Do you find me unattractive?

Nothing is easier than finding fault with others.

You haven't called, have you?