We import a lot of things from Australia.

I have the impression that she has fallen in love with me. What should I do?

Your cat is hiding from me.

I decided to study all night long.

I don't want to hear your theories.

Physicians are usually distinguished from surgeons.

You're my age.


I think you're quite right.


I'll do whatever I can to help you.

I'll take a trip to Kyoto next month.

Hold the line. I'll see if he is in.


My ass!

I cannot express how happy I was at the news.

This aquarium has a closed loop water circulation system.


She seems interested in him.

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What happened here?

Are you going to vote in the upcoming election?

I've never met her.

I accused her of having stolen the bike.

The man speaks English with a German accent.

I have been to the barber's.

She is as wise as fair.

Field hockey is not very popular in China.

As soon as I went out, it began to rain.

Giles needs us to help him.

Summarize the text with your own words.

She is not only beautiful but also kind to everybody.

It would be wiser of you not to see him again.

The sound of the stream lulled me to sleep.

He is always cool.


There are many guesses about how language began, but the fact is that no one really knows.


What kind of lame power is heart, anyways?


Time passes quickly when we are doing something we like.

Denis says he's never seen anything like this before.

She was determined to make the marriage work.

Darren doesn't use steroids.

Ji is not at fault here.

I will employ the girl, because she can speak French.

I love you in spite of your many, but so many, infinite mental problems.


You can't buy that at the local convenience store.

I'm sorry, but I don't speak French very well.

I was going out.

They erected a statue in memory of Gandhi.

How will it work?

Brodie should mind his own business and look after his kids.

What do you think caused this?

You must look to your manners.

She smiled in response to his affectionate glance.


I'm running out of energy.

My uncle is staying with us this week.

He bought land for the purpose of building a house.

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If I had enough time, I would go to New York City every year.


I'm not hungry anyway.

Edgar has gone to Boston.

Jupiter has four inner satellies: Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea, and Thebe. Their orbits are very close to the planet.

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This sentence has seven words in it.

I haven't eaten for a couple of days.

The classical periodization of history studies in Ancient times, the Middle Ages and Modern Era is based on a Eurocentrist world view.

We can't protect Oliver indefinitely.

He's afraid of that dog.

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When will Kevyn get back home?


You should probably speak a little bit slower.


Martin tried to reason with Loukas.


Did you invite them to the party?


How do I know if he likes me?


It's going to be OK now, Margot, don't worry.

The adopted child lived a happy life with her new family.

Gilles is always trying to make everybody think he's cool.

Perhaps I was wrong.

I'm not scared! This is fun!

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I can't open the pressure cooker.


Here's a treat for you.

Are you furious?

I did what Amy needed me to do.

Does he speak? He sings, rather! Since I seasoned it, we can no longer stop it.

You can't just leave your car parked in front of the fire hydrant.


Does he have an alibi?

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Hey. Where are you going?


That was the wrong thing to say.

Drunk people often do stupid things.

If you should see Celia, give her my best wishes.


It's been difficult.

Has Lucy called already?

There are a lot to choose from.

They can't all be bad.

"Do you promise?" "Yes."

My legs hurt because I walked a lot today.

The sun caressed her body.

You know the one I'm talking about, right?

The boss'll have my head.

I gave them no choice.

Damn, my wheat pillow is sprouting.

Just what is it you want from me?

Run for cover.

Casper realized George was right.

He broke his promise.

We actually didn't see the accident.

I started working here today.

Where did you get your degree?

Do you want to join the special forces?


Beware of pickpockets.

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I hear that there are people in Japan who keep penguins as pets.

Joking aside, how are things going?

I'm working on it.

I don't want to talk to you.

Alf grabbed the opportunity with both hands.


There's nothing happening.

Why should I want to do that?

Are you acquainted with Visual Basic?

Don't get sidetracked.

Why don't you shut your mouth?

Don't take this personally.

Is Clayton your first or last name?

This film is really boring - the best bit is when it finishes.

Tahsin found a fossil.

She began to gain weight.

Mr Brown is her father.

He intended to reexamine the case from the beginning.

Your hands are filthy.

I have many unused cross stitch patterns at home.

I still need to eat breakfast.

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She was hurt to find that nobody took any notice of her.

She asked me to dance.

They did not enter.


The wrestler has a formidable grip.

Did you manage to get a hold of Konrad?

He thinks he is something of a painter.

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I doubled up with a stranger that night.

I'm beginning to get sleepy.

I'm here now.

Kolkka failed twice.

Lynn's appearance has changed.

I feel ready for the challenge.

Have you found him?

I need a key to open a box.

I haven't seen this for a while.

Your cake is delicious.

It's all a misunderstanding.

I saw him coming with his briefcase under his arm.

We went to Boston by car.

Your name isn't Erwin, is it?

Malus untied the ribbon.

That's better.

Really, you are so mean!

We cannot offer a further price reduction under the current circumstances.

Do you want to go sky diving?

They were lost.

Claude couldn't believe what had happened.

We'll come home in two hours.

This one is all yours.


Should I write that down?


He visited her house the other day.

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It's treatable.

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Krzysztof says he did not mean to kill her.


Do you really expect me to answer that?

A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.

Can we talk a second?

A wine bar just opened in the area. Let's try it.

Russia should give Kuril islands back to Japan.

Twice a week, the gardener would come to mow the lawn, so I could never lie down in the tall grass.

That's a pretty girl.

Every time they meet, they quarrel.

I can't take that chance.