As far as I can tell, Sanity's French is pretty good.

You're an odd one.

Clem was sharp.

I just missed them.

I just read about that in the newspaper.

I have no more than ten books.

Steve is my bodyguard.

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I'll go with her.

I want you to hold Tommy's hand.

I don't like rich people.


How does one get to the bus stop?


It is plain that you are to blame.


That music is grating on my nerves.


This might be all a sham.


Keith closed his diary after writing about that day's events.

Are all the passengers aboard?

We'll take care of Robert.

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That doesn't seem very heroic.

That concludes our business.

Twice a year he sends his car in for extensive detailing.

I want some more.

I made something for you.


The meal will be ready in a half hour.


I didn't know you felt so bad.


I think it's time for us to leave.

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser's.

Now give me the book.

Keep Seth entertained.

What's so special about Collin?

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Neither entrance, nor exit.

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Wilmer said he saw Honzo in the park.

My father was satisfied with the result.

He helps us.

I don't remember a single joke.

You can't help but like Judith.

We went to the library together.

Vistlik travels less than Kerry does.

Lindsey says he's almost ready to leave.

Piet asked Corey not to discuss the matter with anyone else.

I'm not really worried about it.

The two neighbouring countries differ from each other in all respects.

You should've told me Nanda wasn't planning to go with us.

That's a very good car.

This yogurt tastes strange.

Why wasn't Cathrin allowed to go?

It's good that there are places like this.

Send it to human resources and to the head of finance.

I would like a cup of coffee.

Prices vary with each store, so do your shopping wisely.


Guillermo made her own wedding dress.

I have questions to all your answers.

It will be dark soon.

What must one keep in mind during a kiss, above all else? The singer Max Raabe answers this important question.

The moon circles the earth.

I'm getting very little cooperation from Miki.

"Did you work yesterday?" "I wish yesterday had been a holiday."

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She showed no interest in the photos.

I often make mistakes when speaking in French.

They left Dion behind.

He is doing business on a large scale.

We've got one more stop to make.

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Was Alexis here when you arrived?


He was forced to resign.

Are you feeling okay today?

Don't believe people who knows everything.

The university that we attend usually begins its classes on the first of April.

Mr. Johnson's room was a large one.


Keep away from her.

I don't think we've got much time.

He is too slow.


I'm probably OK.


The lemonade is too sweet.

Let's get this job done.

The TV telephone will come into popular use soon.

The thief-taker arrested many thieves at the same time.

Japan needed contact with the Western countries.

The police are searching for an escaped prisoner.

Are you absolutely sure?

I'll see her around.

Marvin gave Dannie's hand a squeeze.

Luckily nobody was seriously injured.

A woman was kind enough to show me the way.

People massed along the streets to watch the parade.

If you decide to work for us, we will pay you twice as much.

Carlos climbed the mountain.

She helped the old man across.

How are they doing this?

There was silence as the judge pronounced sentence.


How many years of education does someone need?


You aren't listening to what I'm saying.

I wonder how it would be to have wings!

I don't regret quitting my job.

Rhonda did it for the sake of his country.

Liliana is a girl's name and its diminutive is usually Lili, but sometimes Iana is used, Iana being the last part of the name.


Howard didn't say we weren't allowed to do this.

Where in Canada are you from?

I gave my weapons away.

I can't understand why you don't want to eat with Rayan.

We're still too far away.

Whose letter is this?

I beg you to let me live.


I can't talk about it right now.

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He bowed out as engineer.

Are you enjoying it?

Excuse me. Do you speak English?

She stirred her coffee with a teaspoon.

Dad rarely gets back home before midnight.

I think that thirty dollars is too high a price to pay for this.

There's so much I want to show you.

There is no person to do it.

That politician claimed that he only ate local farm products.


I'm glad you got to meet him.

The doctors say the dying man should have kicked the bucket hours ago, were he an ordinary man, but he is still defying death.

What makes you think I want to do that?

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

I'm going to change clothes. Please look the other way for a minute.

You know that in the city of Paris, 28 bastards are registered for every 100 births.

I'm sorry for my terrible French. I'm still a beginner.


Keep it quiet.

It will not be long before you accommodate yourself to the new circumstances.

Bring it over soon.


I think Ginny is thin.

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One must live each day fully.

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Sorry, you were saying?

They aren't doing anything wrong.

This was a stupid idea from the very start.

It will not be long before he recovers from his illness.

At most 40 percent of students go on to university.

Do you feel okay today?

I'd like to send a telegram.

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I expected that he would come.

It's no use.

When did you start learning French?

My German is very limited.

Presley made this for Sanand.


The shit has hit the fan.

Be careful not to blame the wrong person.

I feel a chill seeing the blizzard outside.


You can verify your balance in the bank's site.

That really is bad.

My mother woke me up saying "It's a quarter past seven".

This coffee is too hot for me to drink.

Don't try to manipulate me.

What is the price of that book?

Let's walk a little faster.

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The committee decided to call off the strike.

I heard everything you just said.

We closed the discussion.

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It's warm today, isn't it?

How old were you when you went to the movies for the first time?

There appears to have been an accident.

I tried to save Jelske.

We have a lot of traffic in this area.

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How expensive!

I thought my eyes deceived me.

Humour has justly been regarded as the finest perfection of poetic genius.

She had the boys paint the house.

I've never told anyone.


Darren was brought up by his grandparents.


I feel alone. That's why I have so many friends on Facebook.

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I am pleased with this vivid portrait in particular.