What we do

We embody your business ideas into the real life web projects: reliable, performance efficient and well designed

Project Management

Implement one more level of control into your project. Our project management will take care of all the internal organizational and coordination routines, planning and reporting activities and provide simple and convenient interface for you to control the overall state. Order our PM services, simplify your life.

Technical and Functional design

We provide both functional and technical design services. Designs we do are always thoroughly thought-out and well covering the area but it is you who choose the required detail level and the way you want it to be expressed (FDD/TDD documents may contain verbal descriptions or UML diagrams or even DSL/pseudo code/Ruby code listings). Needless to say we are able to work with the existing designs of any format.

Graphic design

Discuss your ideas with our designer and she will provide multiple mockups. Have none? Not a problem, her imagination will populate a couple for you!


Development in our understanding is something really different from just putting together the blocks of code. We provide high-quality development services which are well planned, functional and technical design driven and fulfilled in terms of our own agile-based development methodology.

QA and Support

Add reliability to your project, order our testing and support services:

  • continuous testing during all the project stages and integral system testing before go-live;
  • bug and issue tracking;
  • free of charge warranty period for support in case of large projects;
  • chargeable support services;

* Term is a subject to discuss

Project success components

These are the key elements that will contribute into the total success of your project with us


Analyzing functional requirements, creating the best fitting technical design, reviewing and approving it with you


Implementation according to the approved functional and technical designs. Continuous bugfixing and rework as per test results


Reporting the intermediate status to the customer, discussing the functional issues/bottlenecks discovered during the project stages, discussing new features and change requests


Results verification during the intermediate project stages. Integral testing after the development is finished

Technologies we use

Stack of technologies which our developers use

Our team

This people will do their best to make your project successful

Project Manager
UI/UX Design
This could be you

Why choosing us

The key principal and philosophy of our team is “Development VS Coding”. We have our own time-tested methodology that is a sub-species of agile development and allows us having well controlled, standardized and predictable development process which is at the same time bureaucracy free, purified from the destructive formalism and hence money and time efficient for you.

Please find some of the reasons for choosing us below:

  • We are really client oriented
    One of the highest values of our team is client satisfaction. Not only we declare this but we actually do everything for you to end up with the sound nervous system and great mood as a pleasant bonus to the great product.
  • We are good at what we do
    We have rich practical experience in all the services we provide. This expertise helped us to successfully complete numerous client and internal projects and will do the same for yours. You may also be interested in the (773) 752-4436 and our technologies stack.
  • We are reliable
    Regardless of any issues complexity we’ll not burry our heads in the sand. You’ll never feel yourself left alone face to face with the problems after the development is finished. We’ll guide you and support you. For relatively large projects we additionally provide free of charge warranty period exact term of which is a subject to discuss.
  • We are flexible
    Flexible in financial conditions; flexible in communication; flexible in design detail level and technologies applied.
    In fact, we are flexible in everything in our work other than quality and responsibility.
  • We are easy and comfortable to communicate with
    We build our communication with you exactly the way you like it. You may also be interested in our communication standards.
  • Great value for money, excellent quality/speed ratio
    We are fast but we never compromise quality. We are not cheap, we are affordable and reasonable choice to make.

Communication standards

As any descent service provider on the market we are highly interested in our customers’ satisfaction.

And from our experience comfortable, apropos and regular communication at all the project stages is really what makes client happy and confident in the successful future of the undertaking.

With us communication doesn’t end after the project’s sign off. We never ignore your e-mails. We never miss agreed meetings or calls, never reject participation in them under any excuse. And that’s how you always keep abreast of what’s going on.

Even when some issues exist we will not bury our heads in the sand but report them to you timely and will do our best to find the way out that will satisfy you.

These are the 4 major principals in communication we have defined:

  • English speaking
    All of our team members have worthy level of spoken and written English.
  • Comfortable and flexible
    We are flexible in everything starting from picking the tool that suits you best (be it a messenger or meeting program) and up to right amount of communication you require and time zone which Is most comfortable for you.
  • Client time-zone friendly
    We realize that our customers may be and most usually are located in different time zone than we are. This is neither a problem nor even a challenge for us to adjust our communication or working schedule to your preferences.
  • Relevant and timely
    Outbound communication that we initiate is always relevant (we hate to bother you about trifles) and timely (we report our progress and issues in time).

Contact us

Ping us directly via stablekeeper or 2488839336. We will write you back ASAP