What exactly did you see?

You should enrich your mind when young.

When our parents aren't there, my younger brother takes on a completely different manner.

To take part in religious ceremonies is an attack against the common morality. Protestants must be dealt with more severely than Catholics and the liberal more severely than the conservative. The closer Christianity is to science, the more criminal it is. A philosopher is therefore the very worst of criminals.

Look! They are leaving the house.

Ed was aware that the job would be difficult.

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I feel honored to have known you.


He made an important discovery.

I've always wanted to meet them.

The Bank of Tokyo amalgamated with the Mitsubishi Bank.

We've got to be quiet.

This is the kind of music that Denis likes to listen to.

Why don't you want this?

Your behavior is in conflict with your principles.

Where do you intend to spend your vacation?

Johnnie says he's spotted something out of the ordinary.

I just wanted to talk to Kelly.

Jacob is probably not hungry.

Is there any hope whatsoever?

Tandy asked Marek to drive him to the airport.

Please accompany me.

Maybe I fooled them.

Lukas stole some alcohol from his parents and thought that they wouldn't notice.

Roger works from morning till night.

We hear the mice squeaking.

Horst had a problem opening the front door.

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Hy greeted Lui with a smile.

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The bridge is thirty meters in width.


Annard stinks at chemistry.

I know Frederick is excited.

Invention is the truth inside the lie.

Mother Nature is generous.

The water stopped running because the hose has a kink in it.

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Stewart stopped and stared at Douglas.

You aren't really going to get rid of your classic car, are you?

Nathan looks a bit shaken.

Don't argue with me.

You're never here.

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My dog bit Herve.

Marvin poked Beckie in the ribs.

I don't have a headache.

You must live your life the best you can.

She insisted on my paying the bill for the dinner.

The place is deep in broken glass.

One hutong connects with another, siheyuans connect with other siheyuans to form a block, and blocks join with other blocks to form the whole city.

I apologize for the delay in sending the agenda.

Clarence came home Monday afternoon at 2:30.

With a big man it's hard for the blood to get up to the brain.

Time will pass quite quickly when you read something.

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Is it mere coincidence that "banality", when anagrammed, reads "Ban Italy"?

How many visitors does Tatoeba have?

We are not likely to accept another offer any time soon.

It's minus six outside and the heating's on the blink.

I found out a huge sealed box when I opened my house's door.

I'm really worried about Graham.

There was blood on Hartmann's pillow.

You've earned this, Roxanne.

I'm sure Brandy will think we shouldn't do that.

You might be able to help Tomas.

The Democrats bought space on commercial television for the campaign.

Virgilius was fond of books, and pored over them all day long.

Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him?


That was a good one.

I didn't understand.

Vicki is going to be OK, right?

They enjoy the highest standing.

Large, isn't it?


We didn't need to pay anything.

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He's already spoken with the president.

What is she so curious about?

Janos hopes to meet Juri again in the near future.

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It is evident that no one can restrain himself from reading the ballade "Chavayn" by Olyk Ipay.

All right, listen carefully.

Do you need a visa to go to Australia if you have a British passport?


Do you regret the fact that you married me?

Bret was thirty when he died.

Dad, are you still upset with me?

She takes pride in her sons' success.

Danielle was exhausted after his trip and it took him at least a week to recover from it.

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A plate of pilaf with some kebabs is heaven on earth.

We do the best we can.

"How much did you pay for this?" "Like 20 euros." "That's crazy cheap! Are you serious?"


You two must be happy.

I don't want to name names.

Ramsey doesn't mind getting up at dawn.


Do you have plans for tonight?

If Teri goes, I won't go.

It was a beautiful wedding.

It just seemed to be the right thing to do.

I think you should be careful.

When you leave the room, please make sure you turn off the lights.

The hours are terrible.

I'm not Nici's slave.

Hold on a sec.

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I thought you said you were going to be in Boston this week.


He has set out for Canada.

He didn't understand me.

Jean-Pierre is in his room sleeping.

It's best to let her handle it.

He kept calm in the face of the danger.

I've heard that name somewhere before.

Don't worry, I'll translate that for you.

Watch out for that man.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

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In the summer, people go to the seaside.

We should approach this problem from different angles.

I wish Johann could go to Boston with me.

Rahul would never agree to such a thing.

Your answer is anything but satisfactory to us.

Should you go to Scotland, would you please bring me back a wild haggis? Thank you.

The man that I see is very tall.


Thanks for letting me know.

He takes everything lightly.

The man at the door wouldn't tell me his name.

You should write a book.

I tried to write him.

It being Sunday, there was no school.

My little sister can read books well now.


That ought to be fun.

I prefer cookies and candies to alcohol, but I do drink.

He must have lost his marbles.

For God's sake, Danielle, what the hell is it?

Why don't we get going?

I'm pretty sure Marvin has left town by now.

He didn't have time to read.

Cindy bent down.

"Since when have you been in London, Isidore?" "I've been here since June."

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The truth is that I can't speak French at all.


He lives in an apartment.

I couldn't let Marcel go.

A name indicating something far away or in distant memory.

Should I see a specialist?

I've heard of you.


It'd be better to avoid her now, because she's violent.

Dan headed to a local nightclub.

Tell her that I am writing a letter.

You're just on time.

We should always try to help others.

Gordon and Doug went out to dinner.

Shouldn't we try and help them?

Sjouke wouldn't let The quit.

Kris earned a merit badge.

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This is Ramneek Jackson, my personal assistant.


He gives her everything she asks for.


I'll buy him a beer.


He asked to speak to me privately.

It should be like this.

We went all out to finish the work before dark.

Jack has been out of town since last Saturday.

I don't have much belief in his abilities.

Did you know that Pim was living in Boston?

Novorolsky asked Magnus to quiet down.

Why don't you mind your own business?

I'm not sure it's a mistake to tell Ira.

We all found a good place to eat.

It's not dessert time yet.

Philip and Isabelle are related to each other.

What time will you get to Tokyo?

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Laurie has likely gone out.


Morris has already eaten dinner.

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Cathryn's was the only phone number Erwin had.

It's unclear how long Knapper wants us to stay.

It is because he is honest that I like him.

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What do you think they were doing all morning?


But, I don't eat even a little bit of meat.

Should it rain tomorrow, the picnic would be canceled.

Your hair is cute. I like it that way.